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  1. As you said, your former friend seems of the inclination to stalk people and understand their habits and patterns. She sounds like someone who would learn how to get around your husband being around and find you when you are most vulnerable.

  2. The Whiterun Guard once gave an entire speech with an arrow lodged in his knee. Some things are just a matter of duty.

  3. No, it is contradictory. Crazy people existing does not automatically grant legitimacy to a concept.

  4. I will try to answer this interesting thought exercise from my point of view as a leftist with experience as Union Representative.

  5. Committee of Intelligent Anarchists.

  6. I dont want to see the Dick Tracy version of Big Pussy.

  7. There's no need to balance anything, just water is fine.

  8. OC referenced Star Wars and the 2 sides to balance in that universe is the light side and dark side, light side being water and dark being what ever else.

  9. I got that, and still I wanted to make a point that there's no need to balance, just water is fine.

  10. They're already dead weak. If they get much weaker they'll stop being a player only challenge run and become a masochism simulator.

  11. And honestly it's fine if one is talking about realism, like this thread wants to discuss. The Entente still existing and having a shot is basically wish fulfillment for part of the fanbase rather than a plausibile setup.

  12. I've had this on many phones including the P5. Lint can get very compacted in there and you might need something like a pin or bent staple to really get at it and loosen it up. Toothpick may be too blunt. Obviously be careful, but this has always worked for me.

  13. Metal objects in general around electronic parts, like the charging pin within the port in this case, is not recommended. They can scratch the contacts and degrade charging or worse.

  14. Definitely a fair statement. That said it's the only working solution I've found so far to really get at the compacted lint effectively, when done with care. Seems like most others ITT are recommending similar methods. Hopefully will learn something new.

  15. Thank you, but I already knew it was effective to get the lint out, there is nothing truly new for me to learn.

  16. That's not the better position at all. Historically, before Mussolini came to power the majority of left/socialist support

  17. Just a light tank I made in sprocket. How do you think it would work out/fit in the Kaiserreich lore for New England?

  18. Designing and building tanks that work in sufficient numbers is highly complex and resource intensive, and there is not enough of a tradition or industrial base in New England for this. Therefore I can't see New England making their own tanks unless they take over a sizeable chunk of the Midwest, and even from there it would take at least an year before they churn out an original design, which likely will need to be improved over several further years.

  19. Anything can be a flag if you can hoist it on a pole.

  20. Like no one wants to watch you fucking move though. I don’t even enjoy doing it in real life, much less watching someone else do it

  21. Is it confirmed that season one is the entirety of TLoU part 1? Haven’t followed the news at all.

  22. Yes whole season 1, and I also recall one preview saying we will get to see "whole season 1 and something more". Which makes me wonder, what could that be?

  23. From a narrative perspective its possible they've going to add a scene with abby and her father in it to show the fireflies side of things but maybe keep abby a little nondescript but present doing it for season 2. Cus actually seeing abby for thr first time when she kills joel means that it takes a loooong while playing as her to be more sympatheric towards her. At least it was for me.

  24. I think it would make for a great shock reveal for season 2 if a noticeable but minor character in a scene of season 1 involving the fireflies shows up as the "big bad" in what would be the first episode of season 2.

  25. I’m British - had no idea dual citizenship wasn’t accepted by some countries!

  26. In Japan it isn't accepted either. You can skirt somehow if you are born to Japanese parents abroad and grow up with two passports. Normally you'd have to surrender one and pick your only nationality upon turning adult but most people don't do that and are rarely caught.

  27. You are now a clan of two, you must nurse the foundling to full health and return him to his kind.

  28. I think the foundling should choose whether he wants to return to his life as a tanuki or adopting the human culture. Possibly not during a spin-off series though.

  29. Electric blankets for the whole family. We use the type we put under the sheets. Since we can heat up the beds beforehand, we’ve stopped using the aircon to heat our bedrooms. Been about 6 years - game changer. The kids and I turn them off as soon as we get in bed but my wife keeps it on low all night. Wish we’d done it sooner.

  30. Alternatively, another idea is the 布団乾燥機.

  31. I am actually (of the club- it's the school dnd club) and we have rules about kicking people out

  32. Rules aren't a monolith. Convene a meeting and revise them, otherwise you are a shitty government doing it's constituents a disservice.

  33. I keep praying something changes. I pray that political opponents put their differences aside and focus on what we ALL want- safe, peaceful , affordable neighborhoods to raise our families in.

  34. Unfortunately for something to really change you have to step on issues that ruling parties will never agree with, let alone working together on them.

  35. It's not a competition on who's worse. Both states can be bad and "terrorist".

  36. fun fact, both marinara sauce and pepperoni AREN'T italian

  37. No, "sugo alla marinara" is definitely Italian. It's probably not common in Piedmont where you seem to be from, but you can find it in other regions. I just had risotto with that today.

  38. May be the case in some places. Maybe it's just because I work in trucking assembly that it's different for us, but we're often used for this kind of thing. Maybe our plant is a lot cleaner these days.

  39. Same. I work in a truck assembly plant in Japan, and our photos always involve people already at the line and no special preparations. Shop floors around here are usually clean and orderly regardless of photo ops.

  40. You perfectly summarized how I feel about miserable people like you.

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