M/32/5’11” [320 lbs > 200 lbs = 120 lbs](4-5 years) From fake smile because I was depressed and hated myself to genuinely real smile because I’m much happier with who I am.

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  1. Lusters typically last me a week as opposed to 3-4 days for a cart.

  2. I used to think some must be using the wrong strain because they are always pissy, moody, I just realize cannabis has its limitations and can't fix everything.

  3. I agree. Last time I made any comment or suggestion I got downvotes…

  4. Currently have the concentrate. Bought 6 days ago. It's good.

  5. Oh good! I hope no one gets a bad batch at all. It really is such a lovely strain, seriously one of my favorites and it is has helped my colitis SO MUCH.

  6. That’s so strange and disappointing. I really have been pleased with brand so far, I’ll be bummed if can’t get it together.

  7. I’d take the extra 20 minutes and hit up Zen in Canton. It’s in a new location and a little easier to get to!

  8. Zen leaf canton never has any flower stock since they moved. I actually stopped going there due to lack of products.

  9. I hate the new location. I can’t understand why they even made the move…

  10. its worth it, at least my experience with a klutch jealousy X apricot live resin pod. i will add that they do seem a bit thinner in viscosity, hit them lighter than normal for a nice experience.

  11. I like it so far! I wasn’t expecting such a fruity taste so that surprised me! Seems a lot thinner in consistency like you said but one puff and I felt good and it knocked my nausea which is my main goal and objective💪🏼

  12. Working mom here, would love a late afternoon or weekend group. I have no mom friends.

  13. Same. Not easy to do those functions when I’m at work from 8-4. I’d love evening things to do with my gal.

  14. I messaged you because I have no idea how to add a photo here.

  15. Okay I will as soon as I can. Thank you! Bare with me:)

  16. I hope you did something beside taking photos and posting on Reddit…ya know, to actually help that poor baby

  17. My most favorite episode ever💞💞💞💞

  18. My girl is 3 and I still use it for her!

  19. If these are ever for sale please let us know. My brother would loooooove this.

  20. Three has knocked me straight on my ass. I swear she went from a cute sweet cuddly little angel to this feisty/stubborn/ mini me overnight. I can’t wait until 4. I hear 6-10 is super nice! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  21. Don’t do it. Some doctors may not make bank, but you know who do? OPHTHALMOLOGISTS. Especially ones doing lasik and cataract surgeries.

  22. O43 before dinner and a little Big Head for after🤌🏼

  23. My health anxiety disorder caused very similar issues.

  24. Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me…

  25. --"We have a kid now… weird thing is his hair smells like a combo of my own pillow smell, and her. Trippy."--

  26. Absolutely! My daughter smells like her dads natural scent when she sweats. It’s bananas.

  27. Another comment - how come you got downvotes? Is there something that they disagreed with

  28. Who knows in the world of Reddit? I just know how the practice I work for is run, and if you called us Monday we’d get ya in as soon as we could, even if it is just for reassurance.

  29. Any doctor worth their license will take care of optic neuritis. I’d see an ophthalmologist as opposed to an optom but even an OD will get you off in the right direction. Damage to the optic nerve can happen slowly and damages vision from the outside in which may be why you weren’t paying attention/noticing it. Get. Seen. Asap.

  30. LMAO this made me laugh out loud. But really OP. Put your damn glasses on, get some tears, rest your eyes and GO SEE THE EYE DOCTOR. There are eye diseases that left untreated/ignored can cause serious and irreversible damage.

  31. Maybe 2022 could be the year that everything changes for the better. Good to luck to all!

  32. Oh god I laughed out loud. I’m sorry mama, I envision this is my future. We’re 3 and still stuck on Frozen atm so all I have to be is ice or Anna for now.

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