1. Thanks for the spoilers and swatches! I bought two of the mystery duos bag sets, and I should be receiving two red bags (plus one each of the green and white), so I'm excited that the red bag has items I'll use or brands I haven't tried yet.

  2. Any time! Hope you like everything in your bags! Mystery bags are such a hit or miss, I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

  3. I am loving the Palette, the lippie set is not for me as I do not like reds, and I have received the glow milk too many times and I am not a fan of it.....I am hoping the lip set will have variations, and I am curious as too what the other 2 to 3 items will be.

  4. I love the beauty crop glow milk. There is a huge outrage about it when it came in a fab fit fun box and I don't know what everyone was mad about because I loved my bottle and used it very quickly, just mixing it with a little bit of lotion and using it on my body. Also I've never heard of that pallet brand, but the design on the palette is pretty bad in my opinion... Not sure what marketing team approved of that.

  5. Unfortunately I have oily acne prone skin really bad and it has the comedogenic/acnegenic ingredients - Isopropyl Palmitate (Palm Oil), and Parkii Butter Shea Butter. The Isopropyl P. cause those little white pimple bumbs.

  6. Oh wow, didn’t realize that. My skin is oily (not as bad in the winter though) and I get whiteheads. I’ve been using the Kat Burki a few times a week at night and it hasn’t seemed to cause any breakouts for me so far, but maybe it’s because I don’t use it every day/night. I definitely would not be able to use it in the summer with how rich it is.

  7. Happy with Ipsy’s picks for me. My choices for category 3 kinda sucked, but I’m not going to complain about more heat protector for my hair. I did get pretty much everything I wanted from the spoilers. And there were some surprisingly good add-ons.

  8. I’m personally excited by the December choice spoilers! I want the Shades by Shan blush palette and the Alterna CC cream for hair. I also wouldn’t mind trying the Wander Beauty mascara. Not so excited about the add-ons, but that’s good for my wallet 😅.

  9. There's only a couple things in add on spoilers I know I want but lord fucking knows how I am...impulse buyer of things I have too much of and don't REALLY need🤣

  10. Saaaame 😓. I’ve made two purchases from Ipsy within the past couple of days. I need to be good though with Christmas coming up.

  11. My skin is pretty light, but Milk’s shade Werk looks really good on me! It blends very nicely. Definitely give it a chance.

  12. I love them. I put the pink pepper one in our bathroom at work and keep the sea kissed one in my purse. However, they aren’t rich enough for me to use them alone in the winter. My hands get super dry and eczema-prone in the winter.

  13. Agree, they are not good for my always dry/cracked hands from washing them way too often ( no matter of the season, here is mostly Summer and only Curel ultra healing lotion helps with that ), but the Ahava smell soooo good, that I'm addicted to them now. 😃 Which one you like better?

  14. I think sea kissed is nicer for the spring/summer and the pink pepper is better for the fall/winter. But my favorite is sea kissed!

  15. Looks like GBP has gained me back, for December at least. I truly hate Ciate shadows, the last palette I got from them was an absolute disaster. However that's the only item I dislike.

  16. I would have never thought to try it on my underarms! I do love using it on my neck and chest.

  17. I still want it! It does suck how Ipsy’s pictures can’t be trusted to know the true shades though 🥲.

  18. That Lunar Beauty palette is my favorite ever! Blends so well, no fall-out, beautiful colors. I also like that ND cheek palette. Looks like a great box.

  19. I get Ipsy GBP and GBX regularly. I switch it up between Ipsy base, Boxy, Allure, and Eyescream too depending on the spoilers or how I feel. Never all at the same time though 😅.

  20. not Sephora, but Davines Nou Nou conditioner (and everything i’ve tried from them) is an incredible product

  21. I love Davine’s! I like the Renaissance Circle mask and the Heart of Glass line.

  22. I broke it out of my stash last week! It’s a richer cream than I’d usually go for, but I like it. I can make it work in the fall/winter, but definitely not summer.

  23. I was surprised at how tiny the Gloss Moderne is! I’m not sure if I like it yet.

  24. Perfume oil is more concentrated than edp so the size doesn’t faze me, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. I wore it today and I liked it at first but idk if I like how it wears. My skin chemistry is weird though so it’s prob just me.

  25. You’re right! It just caught me off guard. They didn’t misrepresent the size or anything, I just pictured something bigger in my head.

  26. I have 10 free bags (two separate accounts) to give out! DM me a name and email.

  27. I’d take my UBeauty Resurfacing Compound. It does it all, pretty much. Antioxidants, retinol, Vit C, Vit E, hyaluronic acid, AHAs.

  28. That cleanser is honestly pretty decent, but nowhere near good enough to be worth $110 😅.

  29. Happy with Ipsy’s picks for me (First Aid Beauty moisturizer and Purlisse mask). I’m so excited for the Elemis night cream and Gloss Moderne perfume. Wasn’t sure what to pick for the third choice, and ended on the Ace palette.

  30. I felt the same about the last choice, and also chose the Ace Beaute palette. I don’t NEED any more bronzer but I like Ace Beaute eyeshadows, so I’m assuming the bronzer will be good. As

  31. Thanks for this! Now I’m really happy that I took a chance and chose this.

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