1. Do they really think that their defense will be able to put up that many points per game. I mean, I know, they put up a lot last year, but this is really asking quite a bit of them.

  2. But why did black hang his rook in the first place? That move makes no sense, Now, white wins both the queen and the rook.

  3. Yes that was a blunder from black. I don’t know why they did that, we were both around 500 rated and usually even at 500 you don’t see blunders like this.

  4. Yeah, gotta love 500 players (I'm one myself). Normally games seem normal, and every once in a while, you see moves like that. Even if he didn't see he moved into the bishop range, it still doesn't make sense to move that rook, lol.

  5. Brian Ferentz gets quite an inordinate amount of hate. I for one quite enjoy watching Iowa's offense. It is a very unique way of scoring.

  6. Lol imagine being such a pussy that when you're called out on your bullshit you dig your heels in instead of accepting you were wrong.

  7. An unflaired calls someone a pussy for digging further into their beliefs when being called out, but then encourages people to keep calling them out (through downvotes), and digs further into their beliefs.

  8. Omg it does! Why, why is that piece of shit that ruined germany in this picture?!

  9. Because he killed the guy who murdered millions of jews, slavs, gypsies, etc. Do people not know their history?

  10. How does veritas employees befriend these people so fast, to the point where they would literally tell you their most most protected secrets. Like do they hypnotise them or what

  11. Congrats husker fans you hired a coach who couldn't cut it in the NFL, oh wait you tried that before, how did that work out LMFAO

  12. Oh no, a college coach failed in the NFL. Whatevery will we do. No failed NFL coach has ever succeeded in CFB, just ask Nick Saban.

  13. I’ve always said this, but then I heard the argument that women wouldn’t be able to practice at a local gym with the traditional court/hoops, or the gym would have to create a whole new section for the women, which would be rarely used. Putting it in that perspective makes more sense on why they refuse to change it than the women just wanting to preserve their pride.

  14. That, and the fact that it would screw over any current shooters. Moving the rim by even an inch can mess up some shooters, they'd almost have to completely relearn the sport if it was lowered to 9 feet or something.

  15. Our game with Colorado next year is gonna be the most hype matchup between two teams with a combined record of 5-19 the previous year.

  16. Greatest 5-19 matchup of all time. We here at Nebraska just keep setting those records. First greatest 3-9 team of all time, now this. Always ahead of the curve.

  17. This is just being used to collect data, not to push an agenda... How many politically charged Google Forms have you filled out?

  18. Adrian Monk be like that all the time.

  19. Monk would have been like a toddler on Christmas morning with a sugar rush when all the mask/sanitization/lockdowns occured in 2020 spring.

  20. I've heard the argument that leftism is inherently more authoritarian put this way: Cities almost always elect democrat leaders. Cities generally need more rules and authoritarianism to keep their society running, so they put in place more authoritarian leaders (not really a bad thing, just a necessary evil). The authoritarian leaders happen to be leftists. Correlation isn't causation, but this is a pretty strong indication that leftism is closely associated with authoritarianism.

  21. This is a great retro bowl, TREMENDOUS retro bowl, many are saying GYNA cheated to get there, not me, but many are saying that

  22. Just like an old high school wrestling team in my area that used to be (actually) the Horndogs.

  23. What is the origin for this meme format? I have yet to see a good meme using this format.

  24. It's weird how this video was circulating several months ago, stopped, and then randomly has started a couple weeks ago.

  25. took me a second to realize what CP meant... I was thinking Cerebral palsy then googled it and first hit was Canadian Pacific Railway. Had to add more context to realize it meant child porn.

  26. Mark Helfrich making Oregon go for two after every touchdown against Nebraska a few years back.

  27. Wow, I am almost more scared that I have close to 1,000 comments. Excuse me while I go and touch some grass.

  28. You mods actually suck. Like, you really must have no lives if you feel the need to go in and take down a satirical sub and force everyone who doesn't see perfectly eye to eye to you to leave. This sub was fun. You are among the lowest form of humanity on this website, and that's saying a lot.

  29. I hate this meme format. I hate it so much. I can't explain exactly why, but I don't think I've ever seen a good meme with it. It's always, "LoL OthER Side ThInKs tHis ThINg sCawy, evEn ThoUGh iT iSn'T".

  30. Seriously? Damn, I really thought this was rare. Sorry for contributing to the overabundance of these clips lol

  31. It's rare enough that it's never happened to me despite playing close to 200 seasons, but it's common enough that it's been posted a few times before.

  32. Are we being invaded by dankchristianmemes? I came to this place to avoid this crap.

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