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  1. She would love for Nigga like you to be in her life because you eat you raw honey you wouldn’t even make it the first week cuzz

  2. That was completely uncalled for. I was not coming at you I was just explaining that you should try to respect some people’s problems. Though I clearly offended you. You came at me. I don’t really care about what you say about me because after all, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. You don’t seem like a kind person and therefore I do not value your opinion. I do respect whatever you feel. I just want you to be a little more respectful to people

  3. I am so sorry it wasn’t my intention for this to escalate I was just frustrated :(

  4. Oh you have no reason to apologize. You were just expressing how you feel. If I didn’t want to get involved I wouldn’t have.

  5. Some of this stuff does sound like manipulation especially when he uses your emotions against you. Some of this stuff is kind of sibling stuff but in this scenario it’s a bit extreme. Though manipulation is absolutely an abusive tendency. If you are being emotionally manipulated often enough for it to be a really bad problem then your relationship with your brother is most likely abusive.

  6. Bruh. I was broken up with yesterday night. Reddit just keeps trying to make me cry today

  7. I understand how you feel. I felt like this for so long and I was just so confused until I found out that there’s a job that includes a ton of my hobbies. I’d have to get to know you a bit better if you wanted job suggestions but Ik that things are gonna work out. Try new things, meet new people and find out what you like doing and then knowing where to go in life should become a little easier. I believe in you and if you ever need any help feel free to message me

  8. Didn’t look too close and thought it was a sandwich at first. It’s a great landscape and a gorgeous sandwich

  9. Please don’t. Idk you but I’m sure that people care about you. Don’t you dare kys. Think of all the little things that bring you joy and live for those things. Please live

  10. Please don’t end it. I don’t know you so idk if I’ll be helpful but you seem like a cool person and Ik damn well that people care about you if you don’t think they do then fuck I care. I care if you end things. I’m quite sure that your girlfriend loves you and that there are more people than just me and her that care. Maybe idk you but I’d love to get to know you. If you wanna be friends just message me (I’m 13m) and I’ll let you know, as much as you need me to, that you matter. Find out the little things that make you happy. Even if those things are small and seem stupid to you, those little things are a reason to live. Remember the last time you genuinely smiled? Live for that moment in hopes that you’ll feel that way again.

  11. I have so many of those honestly just because my mother is a stylist and works with some pretty famous people. She’s never directly worked with Ariana grande but she once like very casually invited Ariana grande’s creative director to go night swimming at our house.

  12. Is that a metric ton? /s I actually just want to know how large an actual ton of bees is now.

  13. I was just using the word to mean a lot. Though it would be interesting to see an actual ton of bees

  14. time dilation. It’s so complicated and really hard to explain but I suggest looking into it because it’s incredibly interesting

  15. I was sexually assaulted when I was 11 or 12. I don’t like talking about it because I’m always scared that my experience wasn’t as bad as some other people’s so I always feel like it’s kind of invalid

  16. Foot Fetish - Totally not a part of the body I find arousing, but I get it. I am a leg man, and the feet are just below that.

  17. Actually foot fetishes are quite popular because yhe sensory receptor sites in the cerebral cortex that respond to feet and genitals sit right next to one another making it quite easy for those wires to essentially cross and create a foot fetish

  18. I’m curious. Are you willing to share what your aunt is lying about to a stranger?

  19. You gained a little of my respect and I’m disappointed in myself for respecting you

  20. (If dick pic) I think you have the wrong number but it was cool to find out that people actually keep mole rats as pets

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