1. Is this a way to tell me about my car insurance?

  2. Ridley: Wait I thought that’s not legal

  3. It’s a matter of life and death

  4. Opposing defenses make a lot of big plays

  5. And the potential for a lot of not big plays

  6. Mom said I get to post this next

  7. Look top 5 is clearly Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, & Dylan

  8. So deflating footballs is about half as bad as serial sexual assault.

  9. And gambling on one game is worse than all of it

  10. Should come back with 6-8 years

  11. Revenge is a dish best served cold

  12. Tight as a butthole super tight 👌

  13. Not discrediting what watson did at all but gambling is a game integrity issue and every single league has the same policy basically

  14. Still shouldn’t be a harsher punishment than the assault of one woman let alone 30+

  15. The penalties for gambling are well defined. The penalties for being a sexual predator are assigned on a case by case basis.

  16. Sounds like they need to be well defined too

  17. Let me mediate and check Fourteen million, six hundred and five possibilities

  18. Jared Goff : How many did we win a Super Bowl? Me : ...One.

  19. You know how your employer doesn’t want you to talk about salaries? This is why.

  20. They help his tiny hands hold that big ol ball


  22. The NFL punishes Watson with a permanent suspension and the Browns by making them eat his entire cap hit this year. They trade Watson, Chubb, and all their morally good players to Houston, who wins the Super Bowl

  23. You couldn't live with your own failure. Where did that bring you, back to me

  24. Man my coworker whose an Eagles fan is adamant tha Watson has not done anything wrong and all these women are lying. It’s pretty gross.

  25. Very gross. Makes you question their sensibilities

  26. Really does, he’s bout to have a daughter too and he’s completely unable to see it from a female perspective. Says that the massage therapist either wanted it or were prostitutes.

  27. Watching the pats come back from 28-3 was pretty crazy

  28. Sorry, at least y’all got to make it there

  29. I jumped in a Golden Corral with Kelvin Benjamin two weeks ago

  30. The Browns “spent a tremendous amount of time exploring and investigating” the cases. They also “did a tremendous amount of background” and had a “candid conversation” with Watson, who "seemed sincere."

  31. They did as much research as an anti-vaxer

  32. Those who live in stones shouldn't throw glass houses

  33. Something you would never hear given that you probably cannot afford it.

  34. I hear it often enough to know it’s the longest thing on your resume

  35. They’re just making safe abortions illegal. So many women will die because of this

  36. This was inevitable. I was told on numerous occasions in 2015/2016 that there was effectively no difference between the candidates.

  37. He doesn’t like having things forced on him, go figure

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