1. I haven't seen any lately, but I can usually find them at Meijers. Most have a good produce section.

  2. is there a different moisturizer you recommend?

  3. Same. The tub is too thick for me, but I use the daily moisturizing lotion on my face everyday. Love it and no issues!

  4. Congrats, OP! Learning I had rosacea and then learning how to take care of my skin properly helped me make great improvements in my skin as well. My routine is so gentle and simple now and I love it!

  5. I think I would have enjoyed this place a lot more before Covid made me more squeamish about germs. Not just all the high-touch surfaces but being packed in so close to other people (it can get crowded).

  6. They have lots of hand sanitizer stations now all around the exhibits, especially in places where you're encouraged to touch things.

  7. I live near a two-lane residential street that is 25 mph. If you're going less than 30, people will just go around you and not give a fuck.

  8. Ohiopyle in western PA is about within that limit. Very pretty.

  9. This area is beautiful and it's close to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, if you're into that.

  10. I haven't compared the two, but I use The Ordinary's azelaic acid. I chose it because it's just AA and doesn't have other ingredients that irritate my skin. I have rosacea, so Paula's Choice salicylic acid combo is a no-go for me. And the price point is great! The small one ounce bottle will last me a long time, but I just use 2-3 times a week at night.

  11. Thank you! I am pretty sure I am going to go with TO. Is it safe to use as a part of my nightly routine or should it be limited to a few times a week? Do you use it with vitamin C and tret?

  12. Sure thing. A product's "safety" is dependent on the needs of the person using it. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I don't use a lot of product. Mostly just gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I like the AA a couple times a week because it keeps the pores clear and helps my rosacea.

  13. Looks like the Righteous Gemstones are moving into town.

  14. Maybe the Franklin Park Conservatory? It really depends on what your mom is into. Also, maybe check the CAPA website?

  15. I always take my mom to the Conservatory when she's in town. She loves it and they have a great gift shop!

  16. My wife asked me to pick up pizza from Plank’s and I got it from Parsons and not High. Big mistake. Way too sweet. No me gusta! I was closer to Parsons at the time and just assumed they both had the same pizza. I don’t understand how one location can have pizza so good. And the other location has pizza that is so terrible.

  17. The story I heard was that ages ago, there was one Planks run by two brothers. The brothers got in a fight, one left and started the other Planks on the other side of German Village!

  18. I didn’t know we had one here. New to Columbus.

  19. There is one across from Nationwide Children's Hospital here in town.

  20. I turn mine off. It's unfortunate, but I found that most of those alerts come through in the middle of the night when I'm asleep and will not be finding any missing children. I wish there was a way you could set hours to receive those messages and hours to silence them. I think most people just get annoyed with being woken up in the middle of the night for nothing and end up turning them off entirely.

  21. I just started playing at my local YMCA. The people there were very friendly, welcoming, and excited to teach me the game. It was a lot of fun! The whole time they were all talking about the next place they were going to play pickleball, so they're a great source of info as well. They'll tell you which places are good for beginners and which are more advanced.

  22. I saw some nice ones at Gramercy Bookstore in Bexley the other day.

  23. I feel your pain! I am pasty person who lived 5 degrees away from the equator during my PC service. In my experience, big hats and light, long sleeved clothing will be your friend. Keeping covered up keeps the sun off my skin and actually makes me feel cooler. Don't do the tanning bed thing. Those are just cancer beds. The fewer UV rays the better.

  24. I stopped wearing make-up. Even just "gentle tinted moisturizer" stuff. Quitting makeup and all the harsh cleansers you need to get rid of it has helped my skin tremendously.

  25. A lot of the stuff that goes into the bins does not get recycled, but there are a couple reasons for this. The first is that Rumpke has very limited facilities that just don't recycle a lot of things, especially plastics. The second is many folks in Columbus have no idea what can actually be recycled (mostly due to lack of education and outreach) and throw all kinds of crap in the bins that is just going straight to the landfill. The amount of "wishful recycling" in this city is staggering.

  26. There's a reason we called this place the Die-Nasty....

  27. It's great to see many women are registering to vote, but let's please not assume that all of them are pro-choice and anti-forced birth. Go out to the rural, conservative areas and have a conversation with these women. Many of them are just as dedicated to keeping women knocked up and subservient as their male counterparts. Articles like this make the Democrats lazy and offer a false sense of security.

  28. I used one for a trip to the Azores this year and totally regretted it. I usually plan everything myself, but this year I was just itching to go somewhere and didn't have a lot of time to plan so I went with a travel company. They just didn't pay attention to details (like timing between flights, vehicle transfers, etc.) an I ended up travelling for three days just to get there because of missed flights. Also, as a solo traveller, the cost of everything was increased. It was a complete waste of time and money and a huge disappointment. 10/10 will never do again!

  29. I'm a Parks & Rec fan, but I also enjoy crocheting with movies that I love and have seen 1,000 times running in the background. Love the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, etc.

  30. I cook baby back ribs ahead and freeze them. A few ribs is one good meal, so depending on how much you like to eat, portion accordingly. They help keep the cooler cold, too, as they’re frozen. I wrap them in plastic wrap and then AL foil; to reheat I take off the plastic first and rewrap in the foil and place over the cooler side of a fire. Corn on the cob, cooked in the husk is good too, roasted slowly on the cooler side of the fire. A whole potato partially microwaved at home and wrapped in foil can also be heated over the fire.

  31. Thanks! Those are some great ideas. I've never thought about microwaving a whole potato first. I don't usually bring them because they take so long to cook in the fire. That would really help to speed things up.

  32. I love bacon in the morning - the precooked stuff is shelf stable and doesnt put out as much grease. And it makes everyone else so jealous

  33. Absolutely not. Wear a rash guard with sun protection.

  34. I've had an older lady from a neighboring site ask if I was alone. She was so surprised that a woman would be camping alone and asked if I was afraid at all. It didn't feel intrusive, she was genuinely a little worried and was just being friendly.

  35. I get this from the older generations a lot regardless of what I'm doing. Eating alone (I'm so brave!), going for a hike, paddleboarding, etc. It's always kind of awkward, but also funny. Clearly, being seen alone in public is a mark of rebellion!

  36. I joined the water aerobics class at my local YMCA for a while pre-Covid, mostly just for something to do on my lunch breaks. omg, those little old ladies are so fun!! You can for sure get your heart rate up and our class had water dumb bells that were different resistances, which would make using them more or less difficult. It's not like running sprints or weightlifting or anything, but it's fun and gets you moving. You can choose your own intensity.

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