[Post Game Thread] The Golden State Warriors defeat the Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 led by Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins to win their sixth NBA Championship

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  1. This isn’t a Ubisoft issue though, they’re just the first to be published in articles for doing it. Expect to see this a lot more in the future as now we’re starting to see games with online features grow old. No developer is going to want to spend money to upkeep online features for a dead game. Realistically there’s very few people playing the online or dlc for the old AC games anymore and up keeping it is just a bad business decision. I’m surprised Ubisoft is the first to get flak for this considering 2k ends their online service after only a few years of nba being released.

  2. My buddy was pretty distraught when the NBA 2k20 servers were taken offline this year and his 7 year career in be a pro was wiped. Couldn't even transfer the season into Be a gm mode (or whatever the offline season mode is).

  3. First of all, comparing Ray Allen to Robert Horry is strange. Even just saying “the Ray Allen’s of the world.” Like he is a 10x all star, 2x all-nba. That’s not even close to Robert Horry, who was never even close to an all star level player, who averaged 12/5/4 in his best season.

  4. I wonder if the The NBA hall of Fame is similar to the rock and roll hof, where they need to keep having an influx of members to have new exhibits, new draws, etc to keep people interested.

  5. And then his dream continued when Fergie's rendition was made into a children's book:

  6. 32 years of life and I'm ashamed I didn't know until now we were the land of the brie.

  7. I saw someone float the idea of getting Mikal Bridges if Phoenix was the other team, and that idea got me really excited. Not sure what we'd have to give up to pull that off, but I think he'd be a perfect fit.

  8. Mikal Bridges has been one of my favorite non-cavs players the last 3 years. If he became a cav, I think I would love koby Altman forever.

  9. I'm asking a question which you haven't answered because I don't understand why we would want a 38 year old guy who has been in pro ball for 20 years and who doesn't fit this teams style or chemistry. You got any rationale or did it get laughed off with your ass?

  10. The rationale is because last season he still finished 2nd in points, 25th in assists (right behind curry & Durant), 33rd in reb (same as mobley). He was also top 20 in true shooting %.

  11. In 2018, Phoenix thought it was getting Dillon Brooks from Memphis, but Memphis thought it was sending MarShon Brooks to Phoenix. Hilarity ensued.

  12. Oh dang I remember that! That was a wild couple of days. Stuff like that needs to happen more often.

  13. I’d actually prefer ‘New World Order’ just so we can enjoy watching certain people’s heads explode.

  14. I prefer 'New World Order' so we can set up a TLC match with some of the old members of WCW.

  15. Probably should’ve included more on the league. 14 man h2h with the usual scoring (hits, blocks ect) 4 pickups max a week, punishment for last place, 25$ buy in

  16. In my redraft league we did consolation bracket winner got to pick his draft spot down through consolation, and then reverse playoff standing (so the winner got stuck with the last unwanted spot).

  17. If he's anything like me he'd exercise his player option like I exercise my dog. Open the back door and tell it to go run around in the yard while I sit on the couch with a beer.

  18. What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

  19. Nothing. It's two different names for the same thing.

  20. The article the person you replied to is literally titled "Impact of Brexit on economy 'worse than Covid'"

  21. Yes and he's wrong isn't he? It's over half a year old and the inflation has been brutal, is looking worse than forecast too.

  22. The article doesn't list timelines, but the office of budget responsibility is saying that Brexit will have a long term effect of 4% reduction in GDP output while covid will add an additional 2% reduction.

  23. Texas passed a law that allows other civilians to sue people they suspect as having had an abortion.

  24. I believe the law in Texas, allows a citizen to sue someone who performed or aided another in getting an abortion.

  25. I watched the NHL draft for some reason last year, ESPN's first hockey coverage in a while, and it was pretty similar to this. The hosts didn't know the players/mispronounced names, had little to no insight, random pauses and bad transitions, etc.

  26. Indefinitely…….. fucking imagine that. Leave it to the browns to make the worst deal in nfl history. 250 million guaranteed with no guarantee the player will actually play.

  27. Indefinitely is what they used against Myles during the helmet incident to ensure he was out for the remainder of the year, including the (potential) playoffs.

  28. If im the Lakers i offer no more and no less than Westbrook. If i’m any of the other teams i stay away from this guy. The knicks probably wouldnt tho

  29. Thibs would have an aneurysm dealing with Kyrie.

  30. I now fully believe the trade wasn't 100% done and everyone is piecemealing it together after the fact. There is no other explanation how no one knows what picks belong to who now.

  31. Everyone is trying to be first to tweet so they're just tweeting whatever random shit they heard. I've noticed every individual piece on Reddit is a random tweet from someone else.

  32. I remember hearing a story on a podcast that was talking sports betting about a guy who moved betting lines in the US by placing a relatively large bet in Europe or China (since they're in the middle of the day there), causing their books to shift. That shift in the betting line there caused a shift in the lines on US books when they opened, and he was able to place a much larger bet on a more favorable line for his regular books.

  33. What is that based on exactly? Bridges improvements the last 2 years have been huge, he’s clearly still on an upward trajectory. He’s improved more than Ayton while playing a more valuable position and role, and they’re about the same age. Bad take.

  34. I would consider him young still, but his per 36 stats were almost identical this year compared to last. The only thing that changed was his minutes/usage and scoring.

  35. Do those other AI drafts also just pick BPA if the position is open, basically making the mock draft an order of that sites ranking?

  36. Sorry...I was trying to ask if fantasy pros and best ball have better AI picking than ESPN/Yahoo which mostly pick based on the respective sites ranking. For example, if ESPN puts out their ranking as curry, Luka, harden, jokic, the first 4 cpu teams will always pick in exactly that order if they have an open starter slot.

  37. I always have trouble with this moment too big stuff. I don’t think the moment was too big for him, the Warriors were. He’s playing against an elite defense whereas he’s mostly just a really good offensive player, not necessarily an elite one. He didn’t panic, he just has these weaknesses in his game that prevented him from playing as well. His touch has never been great, he’s improved now I believe, but he’s previously struggled as an isolation player and he was up against great man and help defense.

  38. I noticed during the season that Tatum seemed to really like driving to the hoop and shouldering into the defender's chest to create some separation (similar to Giannis' forearm push). He'd either push them back and stop short for an open short shot or draw a foul.

  39. You see him get this emotional cos this was earned and not as automatic as they felt with KD

  40. The end of game championship interview he did on the court after the 3rd ring felt like he was basically sleepwalking through. It was so expected he looked almost bored with winning.

  41. My man actually had his artist rip off the burger king logo for his fantasy NBA championship tattoo.

  42. Has a dynasty team ever legit been in contention for the worst team in the league in the middle of their dynasty before? I know it was due to crazy injuries but I mean that’s gotta be a first right?

  43. To be fair, I don't think a dynasty team has ever lost their top 3-5 players for an extended period before.

  44. Especially when your coach threw in the towel already

  45. That's why they've slowly come back into it. Horford, brown, and Williams are the only ones shooting efficiently

  46. He’s a fairly bad defender. Grant is a much better player (and teammate by some accounts). Wood has pretty much played on bad teams only which is part of why he has put up decent stats. I’d rather have Grant and I think most teams would. I think Wood has been on 4 teams in 4 years so that should also help explain things. Still a good move probably for the Mavs since they gave up next to nothing for him and kept last years team in tact.

  47. After your comment I looked up his profile, and he's actually been on 6 teams in 6 years. And that's with 2 seasons on the rockets.

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