Witness freaks out after police shoot an unarmed pregnant woman 5 times

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  1. Damn man level your frames, i know California has earthquakes but shit

  2. That might be a solution, have no idea how that would work with the meshtastic plugin. You’d have to pass through the Bluetooth connection of the device to the virtualized android system at the least.

  3. Would it need to be Bluetooth LE, or If it is a PC running WinTAK would connecting via USB solve that?

  4. One of the two I would imagine. But once again there is not currently a solution to this- you’d be building it yourself.

  5. Tragically building something like this is way over my head (for now)

  6. Oh man, cutting someone's clothes off in public while making them a spectacle for everyone else?

  7. It’s a flagrant violation of the 8th amendment, dude is gonna get a big civil rights lawsuit payment courtesy of the taxpayer

  8. He told us he was a radio operator that didn’t see combat. I found this photo while digging through my grandparents’ stuff. It seems to be some sort of swearing in? What’s not pictured is his Ranger tab and this was (I think) right before he made E-8.

  9. He has the nations 3rd highest award for heroism in combat and a bronze star with a “V”(valor, again denoting heroism during actual combat) and 2 Purple Hearts indicating he was wounded in combat on at least two separate occasions. He’s also got a combat infantryman badge (only earned in combat), and a shitload of parachute jumps denoted by the wreathed star over the silver wings

  10. I’m also getting downvoted for pointing this out. Yes, the only way to come about one of these is through federal crime. IZLIDs, GLARE MOUTs, and earlier predecessors are only sold to the DoD. Unlike BE Meyer’s Class 3 MAWLs or full power PEQ15/LA-5, they’ve never been sold to domestic law enforcement, so there’s no “grey market” for these specific units (FDA regulations on mW sale limitations m apply to manufacturers not commercial users, hence how people get full power PEQs legally through police auctions). There is only only customer for these lasers (the military), and they never re-sell them. The only way this got out was it “fell off a truck” or a supply guy forged a hand receipt. But the bottom line is OP could play stupid if he got caught with it and say he didn’t know it was stolen and it would probably just get seized, but if he ever tries to sell it ignorance to the law is not a defense for selling stolen US Government property and they’d crucify him. They’re illegal to possess not because of their power but because they’re stolen.

  11. I’d rather it be in this dudes hands than in the hands of enemy forces of some kind, which is where most of our stolen equipment ends up

  12. And if my truck got stolen I’d rather it be by heroin addicts than street gangs, what’s your point? Theft is theft.

  13. We also have to face it: the US is no longer a force that relies on artillery. It has been replaced by total air power. When the US needs something removed from the battlefield, a drone, bomber or cruise missle sends some convincing high explosive arguments it's way. The reliance on artillery systems is limited for the US. Ukraine cannot dominate the airspace, so artillery it is. They are trying to do the job an airforce would do solely with artillery.

  14. This is completely wrong. Our field artillery units fired millions of rounds in the past 20 years including more than 34,000 in the Iraqi invasion alone. Field artillery is the backbone of our armed forces and has been for 100 years; it is central to the doctrine of maneuver warfare and our strategy in the Middle East—make no mistake, our recent air superiority wouldn’t stand in a near-peer conflict.

  15. The US killed a Taliban commander’s son in a drone strike to lure him out from hiding, then subsequently killed the father by conducting a drone strike on the son’s funeral congregation—don’t think that video will ever see the light of day. One of the drone pilots late killed himself

  16. I can record video straight from the controller. Haven’t figured out how to record with the HUD overlaid on the video yet, had to use a screen recorder app for that which I found to decrease the video quality significantly.

  17. Yes I only deal with DJI stuff with State and some Local Govt. Trump signed Executive Order 13981 (Yeah I have to know the legal aspects of all of this) and basically EO13981 isn’t an outright ban, just that they want Fed entities to take inventory of any UAS from our adversaries and to be accountable while they decide a full on ban. Yes they are on the exempt list but their are Federal waivers if you absolutely need to use DJI in certain instances.

  18. The SAW is just not made for the field. Amazing on a flat range of you draw a well-maintained, newer one, but otherwise terrible for actual work.

  19. First time in the field with it and took a fat burst of brass+links down my sleeve, I still have the brass-shaped scars. It’s also not made for left handers

  20. I’m surprised to see departments are still driving around in the Crown Vics

  21. The more shit that comes out on the daily just keeps pissing me off I’ve ran at gunfire wearing 2A armor with just a side arm just hoping it’ll do it’s job now I hear these fucks had lvl 4 and I assume patrol rifles if all this is true they are all just cowards

  22. I’ve pooped while taking IDF and these cops don’t even have the quals to wipe my ass

  23. That honestly made me really sad after knowing what they went through in the clone wars. Poor guy.

  24. Wasn’t his armor the livery of the 501st, the same ones from the Jedi temple in the opening scene? I don’t feel as bad with that detail

  25. sadly this is part of the exact thing that drives mass shootings in the first place.

  26. This will get lost in all the comments but you just described not only a driver of school shootings but an aspect of the growing socioeconomic divide between “public” v “private” primary schools. It is for exactly the reason you stated many countries ban charging tuition for K-12 (if rich parents realize their kids get the same education as poor kids, they’re actually incentivized to invest in public schools)

  27. So they let this guy stay in a classroom full of kids for like 40 minutes and he slowly killed all of them? And 19 officers were out in the hall thinking he was trapped and just firing randomly? And kids inside the classroom were calling 911 and begging for help?

  28. They can’t roll in the National Guard because Abbott is too busy keeping them on the border to handle the imaginary migrant “invasion”

  29. Idk if it’s still the current practice but historically Cuban immigrants don’t actually get granted asylum in the US unless they actually make it to shore, so if the coast guard or border patrol intercepted them in the ocean they’d usually be deported back to Cuba. Especially if they were rescued in international waters

  30. I'm really curious to hear radio traffic from the different agencies because it makes no sense to me why Customs & Border Patrol were the ones breaching for a school shooting.

  31. CBP has a large presence in Uvalde and SW Texas—several agents had children who attended the school. The Border Patrol has a special tactics unit called BORTAC which are stationed throughout the region, including Uvalde. Their selection process, training, and equipment is comparable to US military special operations forces. They were the best equipped tactical team literally within hundreds of miles, the closest equivalent would be the FBI SWAT unit hours away in San Antonio.

  32. By almost all accounts, Patrushev (who is most likely to succeed) actually wants more commitment on the war, full mobilization etc.

  33. Patrushev also succeeded Putin as FSB director once Putin was appointed prime minister by Yeltsin, and approved the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with polonium

  34. Spent so much money on a rifle he couldn’t even afford iron sights

  35. I don't know if you know the answer or not but judging by the kids' reactions, can pepper spray actually permanently damage your eyes?

  36. If you are wearing contact lenses, yes. same with tear gas, it’s the same chemical compound

  37. What is the glowing circle on the front? I can't find it online.

  38. It is a passive infrared defeat system—essentially uses the IR spectrum to prematurely excite the molecules in a buried IED and cause it to detonate before the vehicle gets directly on top of it. The Apache camera is also in infrared, that’s why it looks like it is glowing

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