1. Thank you, guys and girls, for taking the time answer my question!

  2. I' am a lot slower than you but I did a HIM training from June to the end of Oktober, were I raced the HIM, and three weeks after that I run a Marathon. Good idea? not sure.

  3. Run the Authentic Greek Marathon yesterday for a second time. Not an easy marathon route, with roughly 350 meters elevation (all within 21 klm) and it was HOT! First place finished at 2:23, roughly 9 min. slower than last year.

  4. Congrats, it was too hot, not a single cloud. What was you final time?

  5. I managed a 3:50. Last year was a 4:26. Thought it was good progress given my training!

  6. What I pay for mostly for being coached, is that I have someone very experienced that I trust and I can ask anything related to triathlons any time of the day.

  7. I asked my coach the same thing about the winter season training, to focus on running and biking.

  8. None. I'd rather see a person rot away for life in jail, knowing they will never get out in freedom again. Death is not a punishment. It's a relief. They'll suffer more the other way around.

  9. I don't want to pay anything to keep this thing alive

  10. I find it funny that the authentic marathon is not within the majors...

  11. The feeling of noticeable improvement is unbeatable

  12. Wow, thanks for the elaborate feedback! It's good to hear that it is that well organized! You speak about a 'block', I assume that means that there are multiple starting groups? Are the groups assigned based on the expected time/current pb that we had to put in when registering? (Apologies for the many questions)

  13. Ye blocks are rolling start. Your running block depends on past performance. You inform them at your web registration about it.

  14. How do you monitor interval changes during your run? Have tried do trainings like this get mixed up…

  15. you can create training interval programs on Garmin watch which notify you what to do and when

  16. About 2 sec / 100 meters with a bouyant wetsuit.

  17. I think that depends on how good your form already is

  18. Have been feeling kinda sick for almost 2 weeks now, with a spring triathlon in between.

  19. Sure, but as stated above studies show that VO2Max is pretty much just down to genetics. So with my very low starting point even my max potential is well below an average recreational rider. Or so the studies say anyways. It seems ridiculous, which is why I made this post, but science says so

  20. My expensive, top notch watch calculates my running VO2max @ 47.

  21. Oh I‘m not sure they are super accurate it‘s just that studies show that they supposedly get you in the right ball park. Your example shows that that’s not necessarily a given though. I wonder how accurate the reading on my watch is! Thanks for your input!

  22. Do you stop drinking alcohol before/in the lead up to a race?

  23. Is it 1- 2 beers or 8 - 9 beer? There is a difference. 1 - 2 beers no issue at all

  24. Another newby question. I started running +- 3 months ago. From smoking coach potato to quitting and running 3 times a week. I use the daily recommendation from my Garmin watch. I can use pace or HR as a goal metric. When I use pace I’m mostly in HR zone 4 and sometimes 5. When I use HR I have to go veeeery slow to stay in the green, sometimes even almost walking. The pace runs give me more gratification, but I’m afraid I might be overdoing it compared to my current fitness.

  25. Slower pace makes it possible to run / walk more since it is easier on the legs and on recovery by having the same aerobic benefit as zone 3. zone 4 and sometimes zone 5 is better for splits / VO2 max training. You first though "need" to build you aerobic base with a slower pace.

  26. Yes it helps, although it doesn't transfer 100% to running. If your focus is running better keep going with the run / walk.

  27. I actually have a hard time calculating marathon pace for my targeted marathon since there is 352m elevation within ~ 20klm.

  28. Wait. Rain makes it hard to practice swimming???

  29. When it is raining hard the don't let people swim (at my pool atleast).

  30. Hello everyone, I have been training for a H-IM (70.3) in the end of October and so far I am very happy with my progress, although 3 weeks after the 70.3 there is a marathon which I want to run. I run a marathon last year with minimal training (approximately 2,5 months) and was not satisficed with my time and hence I want to do better this year... a lot better.

  31. Honestly, I would consider deferring the marathon or refocusing your goal if you’re really looking for a strong performance/time. With your fitness from IM training I think you probably can finish the marathon despite the tight turnaround, but you really don’t have the mileage base to perform well. For a solid marathon finish, I’d like to see 40+ miles per week running at minimum with a decent number of 16-20 mile long runs.

  32. I hear you and that is what I thought and made be skeptical, but I'm running it. If my goal is unattainable I'll will just run it easer and have more fun with it.

  33. Serious question: how long should you keep a pair of running shoes before you get new ones? I'm just starting and got my first good pair of running shoes.

  34. depends on alot of factos. I'm 85klg and run on road. I start to "feel" my legs itching, not so much as hurting, at aprox. 450 klm. Thats when I buy new shoes and use the old ones for easy small runs.

  35. Seeing a lot of intervals and hills in this thread.

  36. Well watch VO2 max isn't accurate. Maybe for some people, but definitely not for me.

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