The father who helped his son cross the finish line at the Olympics has died

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  1. Those are pretty low tier whiskies. Not bad but inexpensive. Whoever is charging those prices is making bank. Buy the tally ardbeg and auchentoshan, and find others at bars.

  2. That isn't very fiscally responsible. Especially with my 100+ open bottles already.

  3. Whisky on the rocks is just a saying, I figure.

  4. Benromach 10yr or Benromach Peat Smoke Sherry Cask Matured. Both are similar. The peat smoke sherry is basically the 10yr on steroids.

  5. They got store cameras. If only they were competent

  6. I did have a long talk with the manager. In fairness, the manager was A+. Not much he could do in practice given there was no longer security footage and the incident was at that point weeks prior. But I'll say he did all the right things for someone stuck in his position.

  7. Longrow goes great with some old cheddar

  8. Forest floor fireplace is a pretty good description of their smoke. It’s got a cedar’y deciduous’y salty pissy soot peat smoke about it. It’s my kind of piss.

  9. Benromach peat smoke sherry cask matured.

  10. 18 hours ago and it’s only topping headlines now?

  11. Because China bad and declaring war is bad so therefore China will declare war.

  12. He just loves to sabotage himself

  13. I just remember him for “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” and wish a better person had said those words.

  14. Not this time. This time it IS about her looks. We get to SEE how beautiful she is because she has the CHOICE to not wear the cover. Let's all rejoice at her beauty and talent! Freedom!

  15. Fill the walls with cellulite loose fill. It’s cheap soundproofing material.

  16. Ewww. So the standard triple barrel just doesn’t sell good enough? Maybe I’ll grab a bottle in case it gets dropped. I don’t see how or why they’d keep the original triple barrel and the 10 year as well. The age statement doesn’t mean much imo, and the abv is only 40%, compared to 43.4% on the one we currently have.

  17. I don't remember Lagavulin smoke having much in common with Laphroaig brine.

  18. Update: I agree that there are some medicinal notes to both, but to me the Lagavulin (admittedly not 16, don't have any) is primarily sweet smoke, whereas the QC is much more brine-forward. They taste very different to me.

  19. The finish on QC was surprisingly satisfyingly sweet to me. I’ve only had both twice in the same session.

  20. Simple in it’s complexity. That mocha sweet start kicks fucking ass! Yeah ok, white chocolate. More hazelnut imo. Mmm honey crueller?

  21. It’s first fill bourbon only. It’s definitely not a Longrow replica. But if I had a sample and was told it was a cask str variety of Longrow I’d believe it.

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