1. I forgot, why was Mike out of the way at that time?

  2. As it was suggested above, Protect would be affected by this too. If so I already imagine a near 100% percentage of usage in VGC lol

  3. Its abilities already look interesting. Cud Chew allows a double use of a berry and Armor Tail prevents priority moves from hitting it. Not to mention Normal/Psychic is still a pretty great defensive typing.

  4. Normal/Psychic is really bad you just have one resistance (to yourself) and one immunity

  5. It was revealed that Jimmy used to go through the drawer often looking for rare coins. I always assumed we were supposed to surmise that that was what Chuck meant by “couldn’t keep his hands out of the cash drawer” - he just assumed Jimmy was stealing and the real reason the business went under was bc his dad gave so much away. Maybe I’m wrong.

  6. He said to Kim both, that Jimmy stole a lot from the cash drawer and that his dad gave away to everybody

  7. Yeah and that was Chuck’s perspective. Did you even read my comment?

  8. Chuck know the difference between the things his dad gave and the money Jimmy took

  9. To the guy who ratted him out, destroyed his family and got his brother in law killed. Are we really blaming Walt for this? Jfc

  10. He ratted him because he poisoned his girlfriend's child bruh

  11. Right? There was that shootout in BB in Mexico that Gus orchestrated, he could have been written out there if nothing else. Lame exit for a great character but possible.

  12. I’m glad the plotlines are finally intersecting this season for a while it felt like I was watching 2 different shows edited together.

  13. I always saw the Jimmy/Mike/Nacho plotline as distinct

  14. They’re not bad. They’re great, actually. Gen 4 is considered one of the best.

  15. Online battles were so annoying in swsh. Abysmal win rate cause of stunts like that. When everyone has access to every legendary then people hack them further it’s just not fun.

  16. If you loose to noobs because they hack pokemon, that's on you

  17. I think Mike’s character is intended to illustrate that people who think they’re going to get in the game in a limited way ultimately are unable to do that.

  18. I wonder if Chuck was the biggest reason for Jimmy to really try the "good" road.

  19. That’s probably why Garchomp didn’t have any ground type moves, she wanted it to be tailor made to defeat that Charizard and assumed she’d be able to defeat Ash with her strategy.

  20. Chapters 1047-1057 make sense. Most volumes have 10 or 11 chapters and it would be akward to have a single chapter in a different volume when it works out that perfectly.

  21. Ash's Kalos team was the wackiest part of XY ngl.

  22. Probably would sweep all the other trainers until Gladion, and if Greninja was included he would also sweep Gladion

  23. It would go like this, his team his Pikachu (Could learn Z-Move if it is not XY Pikachu), Greninja (Can battle bond), Noivern, Hawlucha, Talonflame and Goodra. I think Battle Bond is allowed because it's not a Mega Evo and it could be fine. I won't be adding any new moves too because who knows what moves Ash might add.

  24. Talonflame still carrying even in an other region but you should give Goodra a win (or two)

  25. You can only be the bigger person so far.

  26. I wonder how Sableye is going to work as a support. I was imagining him as a slow all rounder or a tank (with his unite having him mega evolving and using his giant gem as a giant wall or smth). So excited tho!

  27. After so long without speedsters, and now we get 2 so close to each other. I'm getting emotional

  28. Still in the same sequence, Horace just isn't a past character like Galar ones (Marnie, Raihan and Hop)

  29. I think Skylar going to Walters funeral would be a terrible idea for her. Imagine being Marie and finding out that your sister is going to the funeral of the man that caused the murder of your husband. That’s relationship is threadbare at best after the events of the last few episodes, Skylar going to the funeral would be the final nail in the coffin.

  30. True but never underestimate Marie’s ability to make it all about herself

  31. Marie wzs sometimes the only one in the family to see the bigger picture

  32. Wow now i notice anime has been setting up Ash’s rival like this since before, how tobias only used his Darkrai and defeated all 6 pokemon before Ash and then defeated Ash And here how Alain only used his charizard for defeating 6 pokemon in semi finals and then defeated Ash And now how Leon has been doing the same with champions I am sensing a pattern here that suggests maybe Ash will lose because Leon is far too powerfully depicted

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