1. It’s a good gamble tbh. We know he’s capable of being a PPG player; Trotz’ system may have held back his point production for a few years. If he’s putting up 80 a year at $9.15 million, any team in the league would be happy with that contract.

  2. His system also made the team a cup contender whereas under Doug Weight they were horrid.

  3. If ZSJ can take working with Makabe and Ishii, you can fucking take working Andrade.

  4. If Ryan Pace would have drafted Patrick Mahomes, then Matt Nagy would have won a super bowl in 2018

  5. Ah yes because the Chicago bears, known QB factory with elite pedigree and John Fox/Matt Nagy would've gotten anywhere near what Andy Reid and sitting behind Alex Smith taught Mahomes about the position.

  6. The record means absolutely nothing.

  7. I have no idea how much of the 2017 Meltdown vs the Jags was him but they looked past their opponent as if theyd already won and got blasted.

  8. No, unless you want to hang a banner for almost going to the Superbowl

  9. What the fuck are the comments here… did this post somehow get cross posted by accident in some political sub? Begone, thots

  10. The Montreal series he 100% played better than everyone but Nylander.

  11. Marvin Lewis paid the guy a 20 afterwards for helping the Bengals win by giving the defense a breather.

  12. Didn’t pay a lot of attention to Zappe until yesterday with so much focus on Mac, went back today to watch a lot of Zappe’s preseason and College film. I think he has the realistic potential to be a Teddy Bridgwater, Gardner Minshew type QB.

  13. He's got a really quick release time and throwing motion, just clean out the flaws and he'll be at best Cousins-Tannehill tier. Which is extremely good for a 4th rounder.

  14. I'm not seeing it, whatsoever. The blatant disrespect guys like Cousins and Tannehill get is hilarious. Those guys are solid NFL starters.

  15. And Zappe has that as his ceiling. He's not fully developed as a QB yet.

  16. His second half is him back in his prime. It's almost absurd. He hasn't hit like this in 12 years.

  17. Without having the GOAT basketball player and the lightning in the bottle team of 2005, he would be considered be top 2 or 3 worst sports owner in America. We have had moments of hope for both teams (The DRose bulls years and the last couple White Sox seasons) but they are very few and far in between.

  18. Yeah they were completely shit without MJ, look how bad they were when he retired the first time. Scottie wasn't the answer which is why they paid Kukoc a better contract before he even played for the team.

  19. The year after the MJ retired for the first time, the Bulls finished third in the east with a .671 winning percentage. They lost to the Knicks in seven in the second round. (The Knicks would go on to lose to Olajuwon's Rockets in seven in the finals.)

  20. Has a team ever achieved the #1 offense and #32 defense in a season?

  21. Saints 3 years in a row with Brees. It was hilarious.

  22. great as always, but I would have killed for a little nod to the Dave Sims call because the words #"DOWNTHELINE" are burnt into my brain forever.

  23. You should, down the line has been a walkoff all time call for y'all since the 80s

  24. Retired, he'll be back to DC work next season. He's only a consultant this season.

  25. Saints Moment. Campbell took well from Sean Payton

  26. American TV commentators are selected for being incredibly boring.

  27. Gary Thorne at his peak was that, who can forget "OFF THE FLOOR! ON THE BOARD! PAUL KARIYA!"

  28. Belichick can be called a lot of things. One thing I never got from him, granted it was always limited access to him as a coach, was that he was reckless with his players. I always got a vibe that he knew when to take guys out and not risk things. He comes off as a mean old man that was always yelling at you to get off his lawn, but that same mean old man also always left food out for the stray cats and dogs so they had a place to eat and rest.

  29. He likely learned from his past mistakes with Ted Johnson.

  30. TO played on a broken leg for a ring. I understand keeping those starters in during a win or go home game with a title on the line.

  31. Watson will throw 2 picks and fumble 4 times. Goffense explodes for 40 points. Lions win.

  32. Eagles vs Bills, can Buffalo beat an NFC East team in the Super Bowl?

  33. Let's revisit the draft day talk on Bill having an embarrassingly bad draft. Seems to have hit on his top offensive and defensive picks.

  34. Zappe has been very promising to watch as a project QB. He's very raw and gets happy feet early in games with jitters and poor awareness, and calms down as he gets settled, quick release, throws hard line drive passes. His mental game should improve with more experience to where he can be a pretty good starter as his ceiling. I have faith in Bailey Zapper

  35. Jones was with a pick they got for trading down in the first iirc. So getting him has been a steal.

  36. Mayfield screwed himself by being so resistant to a QB coach.

  37. Does that stat factor in that our rookie 3rd string QB was making his NFL debut at Lambeau?

  38. Nope, surrender index doesn't by itself care about that. You can deem some scores to be misleading due to context, this is a case where you can overlook the Surrender Index.

  39. Yeah, Jon Bois had an abort button when he created it. This is time it would be pushed

  40. The abort button is to be used in which a cowardly decision isn't what was the motivation of the punt.

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