1. If they would lock my price once I submit an order, that would be great. missed the dip a bunch of times because they buy a few days later :(

  2. we've been in a very long sideways path for some time now too though

  3. I’d vote for this guy, js. We gotta get rid of these old outdated bought out politicians.

  4. Tbh his youthfulness is a plus. Very tired of septuagenarian politicians railroading progress. And now I am also wondering if he's been guerilla campaigning and further wondering if that matters and considering the benefits vs cons compared to him faced against an establishment politician

  5. Basically pandering to Apes for his own motives

  6. The dollar amount we've invested into gamestop is truly remarkable. Imagine post MOASS an ape-backed candidate with a Super PAC.

  7. she experienced a dislocation in her neck? i’ll take “things that never happened” for 5OO please.

  8. I got hit by a semi and rammed through my dashboard going 70+ on the interstate and am riddled with trauma arthritis and have lost ROM in some places.

  9. I have osteoarthritis (also called degenerative arthritis) since I was 15, now I'm almost 25.

  10. 100% and helloooo fellow janky bones! I have a herniated disc in my cervical spine and a partially dislocated disc in my lumbar spine (couple mm). So similar to what she's saying, but different. The way she talks about it and how fleeting her symptoms are just does not add up.

  11. If it was obvious there wouldn't be so many posts about it, but thank you!

  12. Did you coin brick & click? That's fucking beautiful to my synesthesia. Those sounds feel so good together. Fucking brick and click incredible. Feels like warm squarish clouds on my left along my arm. brick and click. so soft but should be sharp.

  13. seen them a few weeks ago at the houston rodeo, wasn’t right next to them but seen them standing at a food stand looking like lost puppies lol

  14. Foodie Beauty and Amberlynn Reid also eat flavor combinations that would be disgusting to others because their taste buds and dopamine receptors have fucked up responses to food.

  15. Sis peaked at 19. The realization will hit hard. She's trying to speed run life so she'll probably hit her quarter life crisis at 22.

  16. I got married at 18. We have been married for 22 years and counting

  17. Why is she posting her engagement story now? That was almost 2 years ago!

  18. She peaked at 19. It's the homeschool version of peaking in high school.

  19. Public school is an excellent way for a child to learn to accept and understand. I’m so grateful to have had an education where I learned alongside all types of students. My home life wasn’t the best, but school allowed me to see and learn a new world. I may get hate, but homeschooling only creates a barrier between home and experiencing learning actively. Socialization between children is just as critical as curriculum.

  20. I went to a small private school through 8th grade. 40 students in my grade divided between two classes. It was excellent in a lot of ways.

  21. Mom created the monster that is drue Emma ( even her name is cringy )

  22. little ones are children which, along with animals, must be protected at all costs.

  23. Once at Bonnaroo I was supposed to see them, but had dropped really strong dose and was toooo scared haaahaha

  24. As someone whose done it, just learn it without school, you could learn 10x more in 5 months on your own if you are disciplined. I like to come up w a small project I don’t quite know to make and google and google and read until I can get it to work and understand

  25. I've worked in IT for over a decade and lost my job during the pandemic. The degree is for job opportunities.

  26. Ohhhh, I like this one. Also it's the only one that is not a set of two...

  27. 🤣😂🤣😂 I'm sorry about that, first time posting on here and wasn't sure what was allowed or not allowed

  28. Heck no it was freaking hilarious! I love laughing at myself

  29. I'm so glad that you're feeling better! It's really wonderful to hear a perspective from someone who has experienced the healing process. Thank you so much for sharing your story

  30. The bear market is cornered, RC refuses to shoot it down, we've won but aren't proud

  31. That's great! It's similar to my story as well. My ADHD med stops that impulse - it's never hunger for me, just an impulse, or an excuse to get up and leave what I'm doing, or a distraction. My problem is that, being ADHD, I often forget to take my meds when I should (I get distracted from my morning routine very easily). ADHD sucks, the adderall shortage doesn't help.

  32. idk if this will help, but I keep my ADHD med in a 7 day pill holder next to the bed. I take one when I wake up and it helps me get out of bed. Because it's in a 7 day container I can always see I remembered to take it. Same place, never move it, then try and make it the routine of opening eyes and grabbing it. With ADHD a lot of managing those aspects is forcing a routine, which we are notoriously terrible with.

  33. Chantal's lunch lady didn't even ask if she likes it extra sloppy.

  34. Do husbands also find it sexy when grown women play with dolls like Moo does?

  35. I think the reason Robyn is Kody's favorite wife on Sister Wives is because she has all those precious moments figurines. It's truly the way to a Good Man's Heart 🙏🏻

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