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  1. The worst thing about prison… was the dementors!

  2. A big part of the problem with s5 is that they leave the tower for such a long time, and we see too many new characters with little introduction. This makes it feel so disconnected.

  3. Christians judging the behavior of non-christians is the bigger issue. Divorce doesn’t get a pass. Read what Jesus says about it. Abortion isn’t mentioned nearly as much as marriage, but tbh this is a walk of faith: Many, many “Christians” see themselves as better than the sinful non-christians because they don’t behave that way. But that’s a prideful stance and they’re as guilty. No self proclaimed Christian should be judging another’s behavior, especially not the behavior of a non-Christian, unless specifically called by God to do so, and yes that gets twisted far too often. Whether a divorce or an abortion is the right choice in a situation is up to God, but a non-christian is unlikely to ask what He wants. And if they make the wrong choice, He doesn’t abandon them. He still loves and His grand plan is unaffected.

  4. They do still print $2 bills, or at least they have done so recently. The new ones aren’t worth any more than $2. Older ones are worth more, especially if they have a red seal. That’s all I know.

  5. When Sal does the puns in the music shop, Casey doing ba dum tss adds a lot of humor imo

  6. I was told you need one full serial number and more than 2/3 of the face for banks to replace. This bill seems to fit the bill.

  7. That we cherry pick what verses to believe in and follow

  8. This happened to me when I got my associates. I walked across stage and some people cheered, idk who they were, I didn’t have any close friends there. It’s a good feeling. 😊

  9. That doesnt seem fair, they could have colluded

  10. Shocked it wasn’t in FL. Sounds kinda scammy

  11. Because there’s usually nothing you can do to control fate, so don’t try so hard. If you have a dream, pursue it, but be open to possibilities, because you may never achieve exactly what you’re picturing. If you’re determined to get exactly what you want and nothing else you’re bound to face disappointment.

  12. If the answer is something other than "uno", you might be talking to an alien.

  13. Or Charles Boyle from the show Brooklyn nine nine. He got shot in the butt so he called the bullet holes his “butt holes” 😂

  14. My friends were getting gas at a gas station in a more rural area of Turkey. A worker(M) at the gas station gave me(F) change back or something where the appropriate response was “thank you.” I gracefully said “see you later” instead and received a very funny look. I didn’t realize my mistake until later in the car when I told my friends. They died with laughter at the mistake, especially because to them it sounded like I hit on the attendant. They proceeded to tell all of our neighbors during Bayram visits and every single group roared with laughter.

  15. Interesting. I work at a store in America and I don’t even notice if someone says see ya later instead of thank you.


  17. She does have great fight scenes but she has 3 elements and her enemies will have one and they be tearing her up Lolol. The bending is still unmatched but her opponent is better with their one element

  18. Having one element should make them a better fighter - only one element to focus on - and it takes 3x as long to master 3 elements.

  19. The white Lotus being just shitty guard basically. I loved the entire idea of a ‘secret old people club’ of skilled benders who share culture.

  20. They got more recognition after ATLA. That tends to go to people’s heads. Not everyone can be as humble as Iroh.

  21. What time period were buildings frequently designed this way? I need more images like this in my life!

  22. Yeah, I noticed. Put it on Instagram a couple weeks ago. He’s “looking to the future instead of the past” now or something like that ?

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