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  1. Hey could you tell me how to initiate Bluetooth pairing mode? Just got it off a garage sale but it didn't come with the USB.

  2. Can't remember off the top of my head, and can't access my manual at the moment. I'll try to get to it and message you if I can.

  3. That is rough. I've never played Pikmin, but if you're not just sick of trying have you considered watching a let's play? If a game has enough user choice (not just one perfect solution) sometimes that can feel a little less like giving up and/or turning it over to a guide, but still be helpful.

  4. If you're expected to run .gcode files on it yourself, determine the exact model and the material it's using, find good profiles for them, and slice your file more or less with default settings for the printer and material. You'll still need to be smart about supports and bed adhesion. Be aware of what the print bed is good at: Some need gluestick for certain filaments to stick, some need gluestick to prevent certain filaments from ripping off part of the bed when removed. Some need to cool down before they'll safely release the part but don't really need gluestick for anything. Unless it's a resin printer, then none of that applies and I can't help you.

  5. I'm looking at DIYing a hitbox, and leaning towards screw in buttons so I can swap things out and play around without risking a snap in button breaking.

  6. The theory sounds solid to me, I'd still be worried about the switches and the colors, though. In mixing and matching buttons, you are also mixing and matching switches, unless they are all the same brand. If the concern is especially pressing, there's nothing wrong with going the snap-in route. The snap-in tabs are a bit delicate, so being careful when dismounting them is paramount unless you don't mind snapped tabs. Button popouts make the whole job a lot easier. Going in, though, there is no issue. you just push them in. Perhaps you may want to consider Gamer Finger buttons.

  7. Thank you for the reply. What I was thinking of doing was combining buttons like the

  8. I love the idea, but I honestly don't understand the technology enough to read what is happening on the graph and apply it to what I'm hearing in the clips. Are there any examples you could give, or explanations you could point to, that could help someone coming into it fresh have a point of reference for the information being given?

  9. I hear you. I think the graphs make more sense once you can reference it to maybe a switch you own. Everything is relative. Something is loud only compared to what you would consider normal.

  10. Great pictures, that is tempting. I actually like the SPACE bar. it's a bit obnoxious but so is the "this is plastic" space bar, and I like that as well.

  11. "This is plastic" set is so obnoxious it's loveable. This is a fairly clean set with a couple of stupid modifiers.

  12. They've got a kind of rich pastel look, like buttermints or fondant. Is that just this photo, or the design? I like it.

  13. Oh hey, you're right. I focused on the color and completely missed the straight up watermelon silhouette. That's neat.

  14. That is nice! Muted without using soft outlines or pastel, I like it.

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