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  1. Ik it was the early 2000s but I hate the whole idea that as soon as you get fat you’re immediately unattractive and unworthy of love. Or that you definitely “eat your feelings.” So stereotypical

  2. i don’t see the tacky bit personally, we have some nice premade victorian furniture and makeup for roleplay people. it’s a win win

  3. Lmao, Either way I think it looks so cool imo and would love to have it on a plot🥲

  4. This is amazing! Also do you do commissions i have 2m+ and i can pay you as much money as you want.

  5. Amazing job things will be so much quicker and easier with the transform tool now :)

  6. yesss! so many more possibilities, also custom things can look much smoother

  7. There's some major transphobia in the sub despite the fact that the mods strictly forbid it in the rules.

  8. oh damn, thought people would be against the k’s values at least, since this is the snark sub

  9. a human* then. Don’t have a picture of any human being inside your bathroom.

  10. i love the amount of detail on the walls but there’s just 0 anything for the floors, and maybe try experimenting with more colours than just blue unless you like it. just my thoughts, it’s not bad!

  11. not very practical given the size of the room and how far everything is from it + it’s a bathroom

  12. wait you guys dont put a slight glitch in Ur pc on miner job?

  13. i have shows or movies on or i’ll scroll social media in split-screen while playing music

  14. Really??? There are clothes that make us look skinny asf and the new nurses outfits make us look thick with big butt included!!!! I have some old outfits with the very shapely hourglass shape and some jeans and dresses where I have no hips whatsoever. I have an old outfit (I forgot the name) that people used back in the days to roleplay a pregnancy or fatness lol. So yes!! All they have to do is to draw the clothes differently!!

  15. those items that reshape your body only do so because the model is shaped that way, slightly thicker/thinner than normal. it’s not easy to make those options for every single clothing item.

  16. I was once in a server where people were doing a “family roleplay”. But it was weird because the mom was forcing the son to act like a girl and was secretly giving “pills” to make him a girl.. also, the dad used to take the son to the basement for “playtime”...

  17. Yeah but .. it's Bloxburg.. and well, the noobs and trolls are gonna go crazy

  18. I'm not saying all of them. Just the homophobic ones I've met

  19. Giving me disney with club penguin vibes. I have a feeling they might animate everything, add no-use-for updates and make it free (It will then be filled with 12 year olds who can barley spell and get into argument and cant admit their wrong) i hope not, and really hope that the game can still be the same, though i dont think it will. I have a feeling they'll make where the rb battles thing is a full out obby (Like the same style as the high heels obby) and i do think they'll be more players when they do that, though it wont be good roleplayer players, good builders, probably will be younger players and that, I can see the game being renamed something like "OBBY! WELCOME TO BLOXBURG OBBY" lol, those are my thoughts and i really hope they keep the game tame enough to keep older players such as myself entertained and not just 12 year olds

  20. investing 100 million in a unique game just to turn it into an obby? not happening

  21. it’s good but curvy parts like the chest/buttocks/thighs are a bit blocky

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