1. My water flosser has changed my life! Not too expensive and cuts down on waste

  2. piksters/floss scrub the gunk out. Flossers just rinse. My periodontist educated me on that thankfully. No more bleeding gums

  3. Fair enough, I myself have had lip injections and I always been open and honest about it, but still some people who I thought were friends would say snarky things like “At least I love myself enough to not change anything about my face” or “ugh I could never have anything fake in my body”

  4. exactly! I recently had a facelift and am while I'm happy to say I've had one, if asked, I won't take kindly to the inevitable snark.

  5. Honestly, looking back I really should have stood up for myself when people made those comments. We should be free to talk about whatever procedures we did!

  6. yeah I agree! Its like they instantly feel the need to go on the attack because they feel your doing/looking better than they are

  7. I haven't heard of realself. Is that just for the US? I have tried laser treatment but results were minimal and faded so quickly. I am thinking about a threadlift next...but a lot of people seem to be against it? Anyways thanks for the suggestions. I'll run through them and do some research.

  8. save your money & get a facelift in the future. Years of RF (thermage) i'm sure contributed to sagging (fat loss) for me. Filler just makes everything heavier. Threadlifts are dubious

  9. pretty sure iconic has a 'considered edit' range which is ethically based. I pretty much exclusively shop the iconic. some great brands, fast shipping & returns. Way better than Shein

  10. at 45 your face is still looking firm. IMO wait till mid fifties and re consider.

  11. I just had it for the first time on January 13th & I miss my smile lines!!! 😩 I seriously smile with my eyes & now those lines are gone. Is this what happened to you? Are you able to just get it in between your brows? If I do this again, I think I’ll avoid the crow’s feet area.

  12. yes, i started off just doing the frown area. The injector needs to still sprinkle a little strategically across the brow though

  13. This is sad…. But I’m certain I’ll face the same issues. I have always been content with my looks, but I am pretty on top of aging, skincare, treatments, and the like. I know I will get a facelift. I am 53 years old, and only started really looking truly middle aged about a year ago. I’m lucky that way, but I know after menopause it will change. I intend to be the best version of me- at my age- but I recall my 80-something mother telling me she “still felt 18 inside”… and did feel shock looking at herself (though she was absolutely stunning into her older years)

  14. i'm 55 and post facelift surgery 15 days. Menopause (peri at 37!) aged me greatly and I couldn't be happier with my surgery decision. My skin is perfect but I had lost a lot of my mid face plumpness descended into jowling and a sagging neck. More so IMO than other women my age

  15. what was your decant? I ordered tom ford oud wood and they smell horrible I thought this can't be the oud wood that I have smelled in david jones.

  16. Lol I hated them when they were hard so I always checked if they were like a soft chewy texture (not when they’d get stuck in ur teeth😩) by seeing if they’d easily break in half THEN I buy them lmao 🤣🤤

  17. lol yes. I had a scary moment when my teeth were literally glued shut with them

  18. Thank you for taking the time to respond but that doesn't answer my question. I have tried to have my husband go to the dentist but suffers from some extreme PTSD. I hope you have never experienced what my husband has and are able to just "go to the dentist!" when you need to. Love and light to you ❤️

  19. I'm realistic. Any infection in the mouth area has the potential to become threatening.

  20. Look, I'm an idiot, so proceed accordingly, but I have a dear friend who has a dear chicken, Braveheart. She is a rescue, and she lives alone. She has the run of the house and seems to be doing fine. I know this is the exception rather than the rule, but I thought I should mention it.

  21. Indoor chicken? Please say how you deal with the poop! They poop every twelve minutes, give or take.

  22. Thanks but it’s ok, I have learned to just move on and take how he treats me like a grain of salt.

  23. Actually it is common to reflect and wonder what you missed out on especially if you shied away from experiencing things due to lack of certain social skills, opportunity, or self-confidence.

  24. you asked this 25 days ago with great responses on the self improvement sub

  25. chocolate. I try to not buy it or I'll eat the whole block till my stomach cramps

  26. Yes! I've volunteered for years in residential aged care and the stories some of them tell me are so interesting! I feel really sad that much of society views the elderly as useless. They should be respected for their battles & advice to give

  27. your appreciation of your dad is heart warming. Favourite post on Reddit :)

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