1. I think the scene where Fiona is digging up Aunt Ginger while Steve’s dad removes bullets from Mickey’s ass and CPS visits takes the cake. Something about Ian saying, “I can explain,” to Fiona cracks me up every time.

  2. That’s the scene where Debbie runs in screaming about how she, “DROWNED A SLUT IN THE POOL” right? 😭😭😭

  3. Oh my God yes 😂 “You do NOT EFF with Debbie Gallagher!!!

  4. And this is why I really like Debbie, well, her character development at least - yeah she did terrible things, as most characters have, but her character development makes sense when you actually analyze it.

  5. I like the one with Fiona and Sierra when they say "did you miss last week's episode? That was the one we were all naked, having sex"

  6. He was irritating, but in a comedic kinda way and honestly enjoyed having him and seeing him rarely in the later seasons (but obviously he was not a good person)

  7. Honestly, The Middle is one of the few shows that never really had a “decline” as the show went on, so it makes it hard to choose which half of the show is better for me

  8. I would want a new show with all the same actors and the same atmosphere.

  9. Exactly this - we needed Sue In The City (I think that’s what her spinoff was going to be called), but unfortunately that was taken away from us

  10. I agree, the way I see it most everything Debbie did was either for survival or a desperate need to be loved…

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