1. I thought about upgrading the railroads or getting a new supply hub. However I have no idea what the best thing is to do.

  2. If you just draw a fallback line, moving back one tile for the top 3 tiles on the border, it'll get rid of all the supply issues. Sure you're giving up ground, but you're still in the mountains and have some more behind you just in case. I always naval invade to kill Italy if I survive that long anyway

  3. The Ukraine/Russian war is not imperialist. That said, Russia is acting aggressively, Russia is throwing bodies at Ukraine, and of course people should be opposed to Russia’s actions. The reason we must look at this differently from, say, the US war in Iraq/Afghanistan, for example, is that it lacks the imperialist context of those wars. Nation states have engaged in petty conflicts over territorial conquest since they’ve existed, and that’s what this is an example of.

  4. Googled the world. Imperialism - a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

  5. They are literally taking over Ukraine for imperial purposes, they're the ones who invaded another people group to expand their territory, that is by definition imperialistic.

  6. I mean , he’s kinda right , did he deserve to die? absolutely not , but there’s so many other people who were murdered by police officers who could have been used as a martyr.I think balds a cunt but he’s partially right on this.

  7. It's more about the fact he has to add the caveat as a sort of way to delegitimize what happened. It's adding an asterisk to a well known fact both to be a contrarian but also bc he probably has some bias and doesn't want the situation to be viewed how it is widely in society.

  8. He made some missteps for sure, he was by no means perfect. He was a human being like you or I after all, with very difficult decisions to make. His gamble on trusting lysenko was indeed a misstep. Something like a great purge was going to happen no matter who was in charge. The levels of paranoia that permeated the Bolshevik worldview would assure this. Due to there actually being enemies of the revolution everywhere internally and externally, and a whole lot of people got swept up in this, guilty or innocent. It took me a long time to come around on Stalin myself. But once I understood why he did much of what he did, I got it.

  9. While some of it was necessary, there is no denying that he was more paranoid than necessary, and killed many fellow socialists for simply not having the same view of him.

  10. Yeah the private entity that hopes for higher unemployment and a decrease of living standards to curb inflation really cares about labor rights

  11. As disturbing as it is, Mao and Stalin are very often praised in far left circles lol.

  12. Minimizing "woke" to mean all leftist politics is a braindead take on leftist politics. It generally refers to progressive social politics usually done by corporations in a pandering PR stunt.

  13. Woke ideology has totally infested and subjugated the Left, and the fact that you're unaware of this indicates you've been suckered by the Woke/Progressive propaganda machine and need to diversify your news intake.

  14. You're taking two correlated terms and assuming they mean the same thing. You should actually spend some time in leftist circles instead of whatever culture war circle jerk you spend your time in

  15. Apparently that elevation deprived you of oxygen as a child

  16. My half Japanese friend tells me the order of renting to foreigners is: Anyone with Japanese descent, other Asian countries excluding china and India, white people excluding Americans, black people (any country), Americans, Chinese then Indians.

  17. Do you know why Americans are further down than other white people? I thought they had a preference towards the US, I mean our government is probably the closest western country in terms of diplomacy and cultural and economic imports

  18. The US is essentially the fourth reich. I really wouldn't recommend being anywhere near the place.

  19. Wow that is a very ignorant reduction. Yeah there are some religious fanatics in very rural parts of the country but that only makes up a small fraction of the population in a country larger than europe. The deep south is VERY different than, say, the east or west coast.


  21. Alright so first of all, I'm assuming you're calling my country fascist, or like Nazis - not specifically a Reich, which is just a unified, usually imperical German state. It's not the same thing. I don't understand how the US could be the fourth Reich when half those things happened and mostly ended before the 2nd Reich was even formed, and certainly before any of us were born.

  22. Pretty much everything she did was to keep her family afloat. Obviously, the correct decision would've been to go to the authorities earlier, but I struggle to call any of what she did selfish given the situation she was in.

  23. She literally cheated, that is by definition selfless and against her family - even if it was morally justified in the context of the situation.

  24. Dawg, you made the claim. The burden of proof is on you. Prove your statement right.

  25. I think it's really cool. You should clean up that room tho lol

  26. You lied, he didn't embezzle 2 billion, why are you lying? Him being in the Panama papers is not in itself a crime, in fact given how corrupt Ukraine is it makes sense that he would have offshore accounts as he probably didn't want a corrupt state cleaning him out.

  27. "guys guys, the country I was democratically voted into has no rule of law, so I'm going to transfer 2 billion dollars of national assets into me and my friends own private accounts. I SWEAR I'll tackle corruption... Eventually"

  28. Still lying about two billion, you trolls are so bad, you're going to get shipped off to the front lines soon where you're soft skin will make you a favorite with the Kadyrovites.

  29. Jesus Christ I can criticize a world leader without being classified into your "good and evil" interpretation of this war. I live in the US, I am not pro Russia, and I'm glad Putin is getting kicked down a peg.

  30. So Andrew Rape told me that good times are when the alphas, like me, rise up and take control of society. They lead society and run it perfectly and create good times. Then it's the cuck beta liberals that come in afterward in the next generation that fucks it all up with their soy. That's where we're at right now, I can save us guys just give me control

  31. I rarely encounter a “younger” person (I’m Gen X) who holds an unpopular belief—one that would get them shunned at a cocktail party, for example. Would love to learn I am mistaken.

  32. That is the most vague thing you could have said, and I don't get how that relates to the earlier mentioned idea questioning authority. If anything, wouldn't having "unpopular opinions" - whatever that means - be challenging the status quo, and therefore questioning authority?


  34. Wow I loved the part where he advocated for jewish genocide!!!!! So cool!!!!

  35. You liberals just focus on the western propaganda. He was in the first line the two times real comrades tried to size the power to give it back to the masses again. He tried to expell both Gorbachev and Yeltsin, risking his own life and leading the few other brave comrades.

  36. No. Rule number one in handling a firearm, every gun is loaded.

  37. It's a movie set, everything there is literally supposed to be fake. Do you walk into a party city and handle all the toy swords carefully bc "you never know how sharp they are"?

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