1. I thought I was a SC first, then a DC, then a SD, but now I know I'm a TR. My height (5'5) was what made things difficult. People often said I couldnt be a TR, because of my moderate height. Selena Gomez' typing was what made me stop doubting myself tho :) A 5'5 TR just looks different from one that is smaller, but I still have to accomodate the same things

  2. I can see D: vertical and narrowness/sharpness. The high heels may exaggerate it tho. In some pictures she looks supertall in others less so, not sure if she need to accomodate petite tho... If not D then FG.

  3. Yes, but opposite can be too much. I think going to the type next to yours is enough, because it adds just that little extra yin or yang that makes it look edgy without looking super disharmonious. So a D dressing FN. Or a TR dressing SG.

  4. It means repeating those features/the lines of your body into your wardrobe. When you repeat your body's lines/features in your clothes, you will look harmonious

  5. I think the bangs might be a tad harsh on you

  6. I'm a TR and this dress' skirt would be too wide and long for me. It'd drown me. The top part is great tho!

  7. Unpopular opinion alert 🤪 From my experience pleated pants do not work for curve. They work for creating curve where there is none, tho. You can see it in the models most brands use for these types of pants: they are super straight, skinny and flat with almost no soft flesh anywhere, so the pants stay flat where theyre supposed to be flat and curve where the pleats go out. But if you have curve, the flat places are curved because of soft flesh and the space under the pleats is curved too, making the pleats curve even more, which results in poofyness, making tummy and legs look bigger than they are and it just looks weird, like the pants are too small or narrow (and thus fat legs and tummy). And theyre usually way too stiff too. I only own one pair of pleated pants and theyre made of a super thin wavy silky linen/viscose mix, so the pleats can't stand out too much and my curves are enveloped instead of strangled. There is movement instead of straight lines. But, I'm a TR, so curve is kinda my first priority and main feature, so maybe its different for a SN who is more yang 🤷

  8. I 100% agree with pleats not complementing curve. I've bought a few pleated trouser pairs in the past, only to not wear them because I felt self-conscious about my curves pushing the pleats out. The trousers were the right size but the shape was just not working for me. I'm a fleshier/R leaning SN btw!

  9. She's waaaay to sharp to be an R. SG is my guess

  10. So hot ❤️ would love a sequel

  11. Moderate vertical line TR imo. Remember everyone thinking Selena Gomez wasnt TR, because she looked too yang dominant. Same goes for her.

  12. I see mostly yin, but also defenitly sharpness. TR would be my guess :)

  13. Elle is FN, Dakota SC. Both with ingenue+gamine essence

  14. To be fair the observations made all point to a D type, they just drew the wrong the conclusion. But I agree, there are many people here who can't type/have limited kibbe knowledge ánd typing based on photos can be very tricky since photos can distort a lot

  15. These are mirror selfies that are way too up close and taken from a high angle. This distorts your bodylines, so its impossible for us to say what ID you are.

  16. I've always wondered if gamine (juxtaposition) could also be an undercurrent. So GN, GC, GR and GD. But maybe its too strong for it to be an undercurrent

  17. I love this idea! I haven’t been able to put it into words but totally agree. And maybe it has to do with personality as well.

  18. Everything personality sounds more like essence to me, but it defenitly influences style. It doesnt influence bonestructure tho haha.

  19. Could you explain your point of view? Just saying no doesnt help anyone

  20. Just go and read the Kibbe guidelines FFS. If you believe someone of 5’7 can be a TR or Gamine “if they look petite enough” it’s pretty clear you’ve not even researched the Kibbe system.

  21. Okay, no need to become rude. I asked you a civil question, so I expect civil replies or I am done replying to you. I know its the internet, and people usually dont talk like the person theyre talking to would be in the same room, but I hope you'd have to courtesy to try nevertheless.

  22. I see a double curve first (both your hips and ribcage is curved in a bit of a narrow way, thats pretty textbook TR as far as I know). I also see some elongation (yang) in your limbs. Your vertical line looks like something in between moderate and short (balance, but on the yin side, but also hard to see without a head). I see small hands and narrow feet (yin). I don't really see balance, other than your vertical line and I think your shoulders could be an answer C as well. But usually if the majority of answers isnt C, you count it as if it doesnt add to your yin yang balance.

  23. Thank you so much for this detailed write up! Honestly, this is what I've been thinking too, but most people have been saying pure SC.

  24. 1: yes! its narrow, the slit makes that its not too long for the vertical line + the drapes are great for a soft waist emphasis

  25. SG, she's too yang for TR. That leather dress looks awesome, that would be waaaaay too stiff and heavy on a TR. Not to mention she doesnt seem to have a double curve. You can see the lines at her armpits go outwards (a v on top of o = juxtaposition) instead of curving in (an 8 = romantic double curve).

  26. I think none of these are rocking this dress, actually 😅

  27. Even though winter is my favorite season I dread it because of my wardrobe. I have yet to find a sweater or hoodie that doesn’t make me look like a giant square, and jackets always seem off on me too.

  28. Oh yes, this exactly!! I've wished for so long to be a SG instead, because their lines are just so much more fun and practical than TRs with their one bombshell look. And winter. Tell me about it! Layering layering layering, because how else will we stay warm in lightweight materials? Sweaters and hoodies are awful. They make me boxy, hide my waist and make me look wider than I am, no exceptions. Thank god for vests and jackets (but make sure to find suede and cotton ones, cause blazers are too stiff as well ugh). Oh and jeans too btw. Idk about you, but most jeans are just way too stiff and the ones with stretch show every roll of fat everywhere, even ones I was not aware I had them. Not flattering at all... Thank god we have mild winters here, so I can wear lightweight pants more and still be warm enough. I have found jumpsuits are a blessing tho! They offer amazing waist emphasis and layering options as well!

  29. Thin flowy material and medium length, SC and SN I think. Probably every yin type if you style it right

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