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When my dad told me how much my 90 year old gpa spends on weed, I said there's NO WAY he can smoke that much. I watched him and he was puffing all the weed away before he took a hit. Took away his pipe and gave him 1 joint of shake. He's been like this for 4 hours now:

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  1. I fucking hate throwing rocks at rabbits, so I set up snares and just chug along farmin' bunnies.

  2. Gold. It looks great against my skin and hair, and it feels like stepping into power

  3. Being androgynous, even though I love it as a quality.

  4. The neighbors were shitheads. But the episode served the purpose of demonstrating yet another instance of Ross wanting to be right more than anything. He cannot stand to lose an argument, about anything. In many ways, it's his fatal flaw.

  5. Just wrote about this - I like being challenged by my day job, but moving up as a baker means you own your own bakery. And I'm sorry, I just don't want to.

  6. Bruh, this is the retirement I want. If my body is completely tanked, give me all the weed, put on movies, and I'll just blog about movies all day. Fuck yeah. There's a reason why they say in the Bible that wine is for the dying.

  7. "I'm not the organizing type. But maybe someone who is can organize that."

  8. Sorry, but what's a glowie? Feel like I'll need to know

  9. It wasn't in the constitution because A) it was considered women's business and B) the idea of it not happening/not being allowed was fucking weird. Granted, it was more a matter of drinking a certain tea and burying whatever came out because wolves might get it. But still. It wasn't not in the papers because oooooh, so evil.

  10. Ten years ago I was aiming towards lean, because on the path I was on, it was what was realistic. Life changed dramatically, and I really thought I would be aiming towards fat. I had a Plan. After I started playing the game that would aim me towards fat, I realized I hated everything about the direction I was headed. That level of ambition does not suit me, though it suits many of my friends. I adjusted my expectations towards normal fire, then burnt out.

  11. Re: the brass ring and being a "hater" as you put it. I think there's this pressure we feel to reassure ourselves that we are making the correct and best choice by putting down other people's choices. Like, I don't have kids (not really by choice) and when I feel torn up about it, sometimes I start wanting to revel in thinking how absolutely miserable many of my friends with young kids are, and then think of myself as being so carefree and DINKy -- to reassure myself that my situation is best.

  12. Edibles (as in pot). I now only buy small amounts of weed (like a gram) at a time and make it last. It's just not worth the price to use ratio.

  13. No! My first thought was of the classic limited edition Barbies. The sheen and the low back really sell it.

  14. Not the best. Want to change jobs, but we're buying a house so I'm stick

  15. Hopefully all my organs will be donated, so I'll die useful.

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