1. In my opinion, the most scary thing is that T1 produces this type of players under their own academy. Besides Keria, It's not like they have spent tons of money to build this team.

  2. I mean,all of those players got picked up by T1 because they did really well in solo queue and got noticed by T1 scouts.Its not like T1 is picking up some random diamond players and turning them into best players in the world.Players like Humans,Zeus and others already had insane stats,winrates in solo queue before they got picked up by T1

  3. are you dumb? Khan was in China for 2016, 2017 he was good but no where near the best top in the world like prime nuguri was, 2018 korea as a whole sucked ass, none of their players looked like the best player of any role

  4. 2017 I would say he was best top laner,or maybe 2nd after Cuvee. 2018Spring i would say he was the best top laner in LCK.I remember people wanted to see him play vs the shy.

  5. Since when is T1 Gen.G's Nemesis? If anything Ruler has denied Faker plenty of times, Summer 2020 Gen.G denied worlds to T1, they took the higher seed over them in 2021 both splits aswell, SSG 2017

  6. Gauntlet doesn't count, Gen in gauntlet are unbeatable. But T1 is their kryptonite not in mechanicically better/but rather they have mental block vs them.

  7. Kalista Renata is my least favorite botlane to see right now, it does nothing in like 95% of games (and the 5% is always Renata) yet it's being picked as an "answer" to gigabroken shit like Senna Seraphine that beats them early mid and late game lol.

  8. Bard, probably doesn't fit, but Bard is my favorite champion and I will take any skin for him. Besides every single skin on him has been stellar.

  9. EDG look so underwhelming so far... looks like that spark is just gone after winning worlds

  10. I think it's mostly that other teams improved/different meta. It's natural, they can still rebound and by no means doomed.

  11. Yeeah what happened to Peter?? I swear he was playing well aand then they fielded him for whatever reason, and we never saw him again?

  12. Well,Peter had some bad games and got benched in spring,then COVID hit,and now idk why they are not trying him again.

  13. Doran making Cuvee proud with that gnar performance especially at the last two fights.

  14. Game 3 was good draft, problem with T1 is that if early game doesn't go their way,which is their strongest part,they are a bit clueless.Happened in the MSI final as well,RNG beat them Early game and steamrolled them

  15. Where did I say that?Those numbers are still in the upper limit ,but they are not the highest ones and not as accurate as OP said.

  16. Try playing Kalista into Senna, GP, Seraphine, Swain, the entire enemy team comp shits on Kalista, champ is trash and has so many counters.

  17. Champ is not trash, she is pretty good , just not blind picking... Kalista/Renata Glasc has been a very strong lane into some match ups.

  18. Kalista is honestly not a weak champ. Kalista/Renata are pretty strong, just not blind pick into anything. Problem was T1 didn't get any meaninful leads early like they normally do, and KDF successfully twarted all their attempts in mid game to get kills. Still KDF was so indescivive around baron/drakes. At least their vision finally improved this game a bit.

  19. Why does no better LCK team want Prince?

  20. Well all top teams already have pretty good adc, Guma for T1, Ruler for Gen G, Deokdam for DK, Deft for Drx, Teddy for KDF and NS has Ghost, that doesn't leave much for him, only Bro,HLE,Sandbox.

  21. I see your point but in S5 this is exactly what happened to Faker for like half the games and series...

  22. Well, Easyhoon did replace Faker for most of Summer, cause he was much better on Azir than anyone else, and it was one of the strongest meta champs, so...

  23. It depends on your build.Mpst bard players build shurelya or locket,which doesn't scale at all,so obviously Senna will outscale them.But there are options that will allow you to outscale her completely if you go other paths.

  24. No there really aren’t. Bards scaling is timelocked and you have to go out your way to scale. Senna can scale off two autos and being in lane. She also gets way better scaling ratios. Bard simply doesn’t scale as well as senna full stop.

  25. Disagree, because if you play ap Bard , even at 20 minutes mark, you outscale her harder than she does, given you farmed/have items. Maybe if the RNG was good to Senna and she farmed souls like crazy, she will have slight edge in terms of damage and way better range, but Bard has tools that can deal with that and they don't even depend on scaling or items. As someone who plays Bard top occasionally and who usually goes ap, I have countless memories of me just taking almost 50% of Senna's health in 1 auto. She is very squishy, immobile and the only part she excels in is her range and damage from souls. Otherwise, a good Bard player will always have more impact than her.

  26. Deft is by far the Korean ADC GOAT and there's really nothing that any current player can do to change that. Ruler was just never ever as good as Deft was during his peak, with Guma's current level I'd probably be willing to bet my life on the fact that he'll never reach that level either. Him and Uzi are just kind of untouchable when it comes to the GOAT ADC category.

  27. Huh? While I like Deft and he has been one of the best adc in LCK/World for years, but saying that "Ruler was just never ever as good as Deft is such a bias take". Ruler has by far had the highest highs of all korean adcs throughout his careeer. At the end, both are amazing adc and have amazing career.

  28. I know, i was spamming for gen g chovy last year, hope they can win this split and have a good showing at worlds, but until i see them do it, i m always prepared to be let down in play off.

  29. Yep, so many times they do well in regular season and then come playoff and the curse continues. Until I witness with my own eyes, I won't have any high hopes, no matter how good Gen G are in regular split.

  30. Viper,Gala,JKL,Hope,Photic,Light. I think only Ruler and Deft could contend for top spot with those guys

  31. I would say Deokdam/Teddy would also be good ,but that all depends on the team.

  32. No argument there, Zeus consistently shat on every top during MSI including Bin

  33. Not really,I remember how he got solo killed vs Bin Gwen and 2 vs 1,finals he was worse than Bin

  34. The more we see Beryll pop off at DRX, the more we question why DK got rid of him

  35. I remember I saw on Reddit that it was Beryl himself who wanted to leave.

  36. I still find it so funny how Doran replaced Rascal from Gen.G and then went on to get solokilled 5 times (not hyperbole) by him

  37. I mean there is no shame in that,Rascal is one of the best top laners in LCK and is known for solo killing enemies.But yeah,I think Doran this year hasn't been as good as his last year.

  38. I honestly dont know what a perfectly played GP doesnt counter

  39. I think Riven is really good into him. I remember I was watching high elo gp mains back few years ago and they all universally hated Riven and said it's their hardest match up. That was back in like 2017, so a lot of new champs appeared, but yeah Riven used to be their bane.

  40. Not the full game. I saw him choke the goo fling on xayah yuumi getting himself killed when there was no need to fling xayah.

  41. "That's the point of the champ" according to you. And if you watched the whole game, you would see how Lehends did that, made clutch catches with the goo and flip and utilized his spellbook perfectly.

  42. If you go to past threads where his team loses,you will see a lot downvoted comments saying all he does is C's,but nothing else,he just plays pve and sucks,etc.Tgankfully, those comments get downvoted pretty quickly,so majority of people still realize how good he is.

  43. Her e though? Costs mana and gives a heal that's probably not gonna be useful, has a bigger CD, gives no mana but costs mana

  44. They said they are going to improve her mana issue if she will have any once she gets released on PBE

  45. Yikes,this just goes to show that you don't have a lot of knowledge on this topic if you didn't know that some people do inject cannabis... Anyways,might I suggest you to educate yourselves next time before speaking about topic you don't really know...

  46. Ugh,because they can help you if you are OD or if you have trouble breathing for example?A lot of tch containing products been getting altered by people who add God knows what making it very potent and harmful.Also what about users who inject cannabis?They should absolutely be encouraged to do it at those medical sites.

  47. Several reasons: people in lower ELO don't know what to do when playing from behind,some get easily tilted,others don't understand win conditions.I do find it absurd when someone dies in the first 5 minutes and type of,open mid.Those people will never climb if they give up/ get tilted so easily.

  48. I always play with disabled chat, no point talking with lol community.

  49. For me it's opposite:I disabled my chat for 2 months and went from gold to diamond,but I really like chatting and talking to other players,so I was getting very bored.Turned on chat back,now I am stuck in gold 4,but I have more fun tbh.I actually feel like I am playing with other humans.

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