1. I mean if she has a rape kit and his dna, he’s literally done.

  2. We need an Ohio team. Maybe Columbus, or put one in Canton?

  3. I met him at the Browns draft party last month. Great guy, really down to earth, seemed like he was really happy to be in Cleveland. Glad he is here now.

  4. I think the defense will be better than last year just because of the secondary improvements. Offense might sputter here and there, but I think just by having a new coach the offense will improve. Looking to see if Fields takes a big leap this year and actually starts winning games because of him.

  5. That’s really odd it is that late in the season.

  6. Screen protector and case. I used to just have a screen protector but I dropped my 8+ years ago and scuffed and dented the side of it that was not covered by the screen protector. Right now I have tempered glass screen protector and apple silicone case on my 13.

  7. I mean I don’t see the point in cutting him. Let him stay on the roster. One team will feel the pressure before the trade deadline and trade for him. If not, he’s a free agent next year and can do anything he wants.

  8. I really want this league to be successful. I put on the game every night they are on. It’s something to watch, and the quality of play is not bad.

  9. At least one of these later round OL have to work out correct? Lol

  10. It’s honestly good quality football. I still think if one of these leagues could be a developmental league, it would be great for the sport. I just hope this doesn’t fold in like 5 weeks.

  11. 1 football question to every 10 question about the lawsuit incoming 🤦‍♂️.

  12. Ruiter said on 92.3 The Fan today that he was not going to ask any football questions and had five questions just on that allegation that he has ready already.

  13. I think you could grab him if we trade both seconds for a first.

  14. Media uses the Browns as a punching bag. Every other team does the same shit we are doing. All the Browns have done is look into the one elite QB available. Don't know how it became the end of the world.

  15. It didn't. But we have a QB where his entire life is controlled by his emotions. He was the one who made that letter, then demanded a trade. Jimmy G and Tua did not say a word when their teams were looking to upgrade at QB. Only Baker

  16. It's almost like he played despite injuries and then once we were eliminated he was shut down to start his recovery.

  17. Under that logic why did he play against Pittsburgh? We were eliminated before the game even took place

  18. We might be punting this entire season and going nuts in FA in 2023. But then it is really crazy to be pinning your hopes on 2023.

  19. Maybe hire a HC that doesn’t fuck around and blow games. If Stefanski blows this year then he’s gone.

  20. Yeah the best Browns coach we have had in years will be gone Lol. Baker is gone dude, stop simping.

  21. Here is the packers fan wanting us to give up draft capital so they can get out of Love's contract. Nah, you can keep him and pay his salary while also paying Rodgers 50 million a year.

  22. Baker is a top 10 QB. I'm not a Baker bro I'm a disgruntled Browns fan and realize just how far he's lifted us up and can't believe so many of you just don't see it.

  23. You must not watch the NFL if you think he is a top 10 QB

  24. I think we are all going to be shocked when we see a competent offense will look like after the past four years. Even if we rank top 25 in offense that is miles better than the last year. Defense was top 10 without Mack, and I think the secondary will be better. Throw in a schedule that does not look as tough as last year. I think this team could go 8-9/9-8 and get the 7th seed.

  25. Chargers fan here. How much does Mack have in the tank? Von’s resurgence gives me hope

  26. He’s good. Just has been injured a lot. But got surgery which should help.

  27. Chargers are taking the whole contract, makes more sense why the picks maybe a little low.

  28. It does not seem like they will have dead cap now. Probably the reason why they only got a 2nd and 6th.

  29. Well … while the phone is a beast, given what it costs do you think it is worth it?

  30. The 13 has great battery life. I am a heavy user, and I usually can get 8 hours of screen time. And I used the MagSafe Battery Pack, and I get 7 hours of screen on time with it, and then if it is dead by the end of the day, my 13 still has 91% left.

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