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  1. The most direct evidence we have are the choices he made, the way he characterized himself to detectives and the conversations we've read and listened to in his own words. Secondary evidence would be the shared way that his family, his girlfriend, his wife, his coworkers, friends and neighbors described him to others.

  2. Wait... He asked NK what to do with Shannan's wedding ring???

  3. It couldn't be proven because of her uterus prolapse during the coffin birth, so literally her vaginal and internal (uterus) area was inside out, degraded and covered with sand. So no, they were unable to swab her for fluids vaginally

  4. Does it even really matter when even the previously permanent form of it already has a cure you can buy from India for 15 bucks.

  5. Someone please pay for my ticket to go and throw things at him.

  6. My ex husband reminds me so much of CW. He ended up having an affair and divorcing me to be with her (thank god, fine by me!). I'm stuck with him bc we had kids together but funny now he will blame everything on me and go on and on about how unhappy he was and all this BS, when we were together he never said a damn thing, just went along with whatever I wanted to do.

  7. I'M glad you got out. I'm sorry, but what a loser.

  8. Going off of this, as they get older the mom will stop going in there in the middle of the night to feed the baby and use a cry it out method to get the baby to sleep through the night. so the goal is to have the baby sleeping 8-10 hours through the night at like 6 months old which isn't normal for a baby, they need to be eating every few hours, even in the middle of the night. starving them over night has been known to cause attachment issues.

  9. Christ, that sounds awful. Thank you so much for explaining.

  10. The Mummy. Not the new one, but the one with Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz in peak hotness.

  11. Watched this recently with my 4 year old.

  12. Kids are hard these days. Used to shite my pants at this film when I was a kid.

  13. You live in a house, 2 doors down from you is a crazy dude that said he is going to burn your house down. Your neighbor between you and him ( Ukraine) told you don't worry my house is between us but I need to be a sorta friend to the crazy dude so he don't burn your house down. Well now, you see crazy guy in your neighbors backyard with torches.

  14. There is one thing i do not understand. If your marriage fell apart and you only travel to your spouces country for love and marriage why would you have an issue going back home? Isn't this the first thing you should be doing when you know this is it? Why is Mike obligated to file papers for her when she isn't even trying to mend their marriage. Also as far as i know Mike would be responsible for her only if she ever seeked goverment assistance. Since he never filed for changing her status, she is not eligible for that either. Mike did her dirty but she deserved every little of it.

  15. I agree. She also used to talk so much about how she loved her country, how it was great and she missed her mother etc.

  16. Aww... princess Lauren can dish it, but she can't take it.

  17. Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha. I love that. Reminds me of that American pie when he says to filch or whatever his name was motherfucker....yes I am. Except that he's not. So just like that but different.

  18. Maybe he will buy her a real Gucci holdall instead of that god awful thing.

  19. He does fall into the American Cheeto category.

  20. She has a disgusting man voice. I swear you idiots argue just to argue. Her voice is awful and if you asked most straight men they'd agree.

  21. We weren't asking straight men.... Or you funnily enough.

  22. When I was watching Ben's segment and it gets to the part where Mahogany doesn't want him to come, and he tells her he loves her and he's coming anyway, all I could think of was DW from Arthur: "This sign won't stop me because I can't read!"

  23. The weirdest part when he says about their age difference and followed by she "radiates innocence". Like...

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