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  1. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… and sometimes a cigar is a big black dick…”

  2. Anyone else read so many posts in this sub that they’re starting to wonder if a chiropractor actually does work? I mean, it gets suggested for EVERYTHING. How does something have such great recommendations for everything?

  3. Who else goes to chiropractors but idiots, of course it solves every problem, it’s a quack science for quack people.

  4. Did it on the nest app on the kitchen display

  5. Doing the obvious math… you produced only 147 kWh which doesn’t offset a significant fraction of your usage regardless of off peak vs super off peak

  6. Thank you! No one ever believes me! I was a kid when they opened. I realized how they got everyone hook line and sinker, and we just put up with this shit.

  7. You are 100 correct on this - been commuting and following related news for quite a while now myself

  8. If your serious about doing it right, do it yourself. Get a 1x30 grinder from harbor freight ($60) and an angle guide from amazon ($10) and you can sharpen anything in your arsenal better than most "professionals". Then you can charge your coworkers and fellow chefs to sharpen theirs.

  9. Most people use whetstones to sharpen kitchen knives - a grinding wheel is too harsh for delicate blades

  10. With all due respect you are completely wrong. 99% of the time if you take knives to a professional cutlery sharpener they will be using belts, not wheels or whetstones.

  11. maybe for some serious reprofile work but a belt is totally unnessary and I personally would never let anyone with a belt sharpener touch any of my japanese knives

  12. It seems longer now. I’m going against that traffic for my commute. Several months ago they put up those white rubber poles the last 1/2 mile or so before the 91 connection to stop people from cutting in at the last second. Since then I’ve seen the line of cars past that last toll booth at the top of the 241. It’s insane.

  13. That's just your average everyday traffic, it was that way even before the cones

  14. Really? Seemed like it got much worse. Then again, I’m going against the traffic so all of it just looks miserable.

  15. P.S. My wife and I are moving to THE OC from Canada - what kind of house can we afford if our budget is $10,000,000 on Balboa Island?

  16. Erdogan’s bodyguards beat up protestors in America because they were protesting Erdogan. No one has thinner skin than a dictator.

  17. My grown-up adult self has never been randomly tested for THC at the hospital, so it is deeply worrying as to what the circumstances must have been to test a 5year old.

  18. I'm pretty sure people who work at the hospital don't order a bunch of random tests for no reason, they must have suspected something either by looking at the child or parents or both.

  19. They seem like they'd be handy for ice fishing scenarios.

  20. You don’t cast when ice fishing you let it sit and wait, how would anyone jig a big lure effectively through such a tiny hole

  21. OP must not be a fisherman because lures made of wood that are 50 years old move the same way

  22. I live in yucaipa. Traffic can be heavy here but other than that there's not really a major crime issue. We have a number of homeless people because of the set free church but it's really a nice and quiet area with a busy main street area

  23. Ive been using a space heater, it has helped a lot, but im wondering how much more electric im using.

  24. Wouldn’t gas still be cheaper? Those things use a lot of electricity and heat a small area.

  25. Go to the spot the trick was filmed at, open the replay editor, pause and then load a replay.

  26. yeah I liked the TV better but that's the only way (for now at least)

  27. Trans people look like a more convincing woman than this horse face bigot

  28. If any 16 year old runaways are looking for free fast food and $50 in Venmo Matt Gaetz would love your number.

  29. George told Matt they were over the age of consent.

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