1. If I get in a PVP round full of whales, we all sit and let the whales win.

  2. I say it every once in a while, but it’s actually embarrassing how inflated the Ohio %s are. Do people not get how rare an actual 30%+ strain is? And we have loads of product listed in the high 20s. You’d think Ohio was the weed connoisseur state or something.

  3. People know our testing is inflated. I have made sure that they see it all the time.

  4. I actually liked the Bloom waitlist system. I could add myself to the waitlist once I'm 10 minutes out or so and usually would be up by the time I arrived. Word is that too many people were adding themselves to the waitlist and then never showing up, so they killed it.

  5. No one was using it in Columbus except for on busy days. You would sign up on the wait list, get to the dispensary and then they put you on the list and ignore the waitlist unless they were using it specifically that day to manage the amount of patients coming through.

  6. +/- 10% is the margins but this strain hits. I tried it in 2020 tho.

  7. So the lowest it could be and still be within allowed tolerances would be 36.34% THC.

  8. I think it’d be between 30.38% and 50.38%

  9. One of the main distributors of the luster pods, like the title of the post says.

  10. Grow Ohio mac and cheese live resin just did the same thing today. Came to this post seeking info on what to do

  11. No it won't. Unless you can show me proof of them marking anything less than MSRP, then I don't believe it. When klutch announced their new live resin prices a month or two ago, they just matched the price.

  12. I think it’s BR live resin cart “branding”, the strain is Durban poison, but the”just the sauce” means it’s a live resin. They also have a strain Straight sauce, which could be confusing.

  13. They do not have a real Durban. Look at its THCv testing results - its not real Durban.

  14. They get irritated if u just ask to see the terps.

  15. The MMCP/Dispensaries/Cultivators/Processors could have this issue corrected by having the full lab results that are generated get uploaded into METRC. Iheartjane and some of the other menus are capable of pulling terpene information from METRC if it is present.

  16. Explain confident cannabis to me if you would, plz

  17. Unions provide protection for the employees and better pay increases than most get from a majority of employers.

  18. I straight up asked Klutch two seperate times on their IG why Josh D strains haven't made it to Columbus and they finally messaged me saying that they aren't allowed to respond to comments on posts and that Botanist had it all last week. I told them well that's news to me because I have alerts set and check online menus daily as well as Reddit and haven't seen anyone get it from Central dispensaries. I responded that it has been the general consensus and point of discussion online for Columbus patients that Josh D strains have yet to be sold/on menu at any of our Columbus dispensaries.

  19. How would I feel? It seems like it should be part of the job description. Frankly the fact that the regulators are not doing this already is a problem.

  20. They are not. It's why I have complained since the program started about lab testing and will continue to complain about lab testing in our state.

  21. I'm so tired of the F'ing horse shit this state and its ass-backwards, corrupt, gerrymandering, half-brained GOP government keeps doing to our people. I've spent the past year informing everyone I know that this is on the path to the polls this November so vote. Honestly just feel stupid for living here at this point. Hey everyone, sign the petition so the Senate and House can decide if they want to wipe their ass with that or the check from big pharma.

  22. This is why so many people just go to Michigan now and why all our local cultivation shops have been doing so well the last few years.

  23. That's the issue, expecting the younger generation to do something productive. But yeah I did later read that They are able to keep their signatures next year that was the deal they cut. It's still bullshit next year it'll be something else. Mark my word!

  24. We could always do what the French do and go stand outside their homes and bitch.

  25. I love cannabis and growing cannabis and was super excited to finally go "legit" so to speak and join this industry. I DO love my job and many of the people I work with, but I do have those days where it leaves me questioning my role in the company and if there is any potential for upward advancement beyond a tach II.

  26. I work as a cultivation technician for what will remain an un-named large cultivator in this state and they start cult techs out at $17/hr with a $2/hr raise once you get your Cult Tech II. It's hard to believe Klutch pays less than this particular cultivator when you compare quality of finished product. For shame Klutch🤦‍♂️

  27. That is more reasonable for the kind of work they request of entry level cultivation employees.

  28. UPDATE: They emailed me back & idk how to add another picture but here’s what the email said: “ We can offer a discount of $35 on your next purchase. What is a good Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp to send it to?

  29. I just posted the info to Facebook. When the admins approve it in Ohio Medical Marijuana, Certified will see it and hopefully reach back out to this patient.

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