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  1. I have one of these magnets and never once was there an unexploded ordinance down there or reason to expect one

  2. At this time it’s the Chiefs and Chargers because they both have a top 5 QB in the league. Any team that has a top 5 QB will be a contender and I don’t think that in the next 5 years you’re going to see a fall off with either Herbert or Mahomes.

  3. Great article again MIBPJ, but I think you may want to leave the photoshopping to someone else.

  4. I'm the Derek Carr of Photoshop

  5. Bravo to you. I bet you have a hell of a 6-pack!

  6. It’s alright. The running helps but my love of donuts and beer isn’t helping.

  7. OP has run 1,348.62 miles since starting this.

  8. 974 miles or 1558.5 KMs. Your post made me look up Terry Fox. Terry Fox ran 5373 in 143 days on one fucking leg. I’m truly amazed at the distance he covered.

  9. Tyreek seems like a good teammate. Have to be happy with that if you are the dolphins front office

  10. Just a thought. Is there any reason that all apes with Schwab couldn’t sign up for this program, wait a week and then DRS out?

  11. First of all, let me tell you that i love you.

  12. Same. I think most of Joe’s OG fans are just bewildered at how far he swung the other way. I think some pretty bad people got to him and he’s easily impressionable. I stopped watching when he had Milo on and I’m assuming it got worse aside from the vaccine stuff that has been everywhere.

  13. A lot of people stopped listening when he switched to Spotify and moved to Texas. Joe used to say he was fine with paying more taxes if it meant people got free college. He got Uber rich and moved to avoid taxes and suddenly the fanbase started saying he was smart to leave California because they can’t be trusted to spend your tax money. Joe saved maybe an additional 10% in money he would have barely noticed to ruin his podcast.

  14. As a neuroscientist I study the brain’s optic system and can assure you that Roka makes only the highest quality eye wear.

  15. Trump was also hanging around the race in 2012 but ultimately never ran. Trump used to go on Stern every presidential cycle and talk about what would be different if he ran. It wasn’t until 2016 that he got a real push and was able to get close to the nomination.

  16. So sorry to hear OP. I was there recently. Things were tight on the budget front, but luckily my wife carried us through and I was able to hold through. Times may get tough but we’re here for you. If all you need is for me to continue holding I’ve got you.

  17. I love my Tesla. Service has been spotty but not worse than Subaru service. It's a great drive. It's cheap to own.

  18. Agree with all your points, except that I think autopilot works quite well at its current state (I don’t have the FSD upgrade). I bought the vehicle because it’s fun to drive, saved me a bunch of money on gas, and for me autopilot works as advertised.

  19. To be fair Chevy recalled all Bolts because 3 of them caught a fire while doing nothing. As far as I remember Teslas also were catching on fire many times, but were not recalled.

  20. I have a coworker that has a Bolt. They had to software limit the battery capacity to 80% with the vehicles catching fire. The dealership ended up software limiting to 80% twice, so his battery is now software limited to 64% max. The dealership has had the vehicle sitting for a replacement for 3 months waiting for a new battery pack for a replacement and are paying for his gas in the meantime. The recall has been far from perfect.

  21. I doubt it. This person couldn't have just gotten off the couch and started running a 10k. I'm guessing their legs already be bussin

  22. You’re right that I didn’t go from couch to 10K, but there have been improvements.

  23. They’re a lot more defined. I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds and some of that has come from my legs. Specifically I can now see the muscles in my quad, calves are a little more thick, and my tibialis muscle has become visible.

  24. And giving up future picks that decrease increase in value without a superstar QB.

  25. The future picks are going to increase in value the more brisset plays, not decrease

  26. RC isn’t actually causing the squeeze. The squeeze is happening because a bunch of filthy rich pricks wanted even more and took risky chances they shouldn’t have, got caught by crayon snorters, and are now in for more than they can handle. RC isn’t a catalyst; he’s just a guy running a company :-)

  27. You forgot the part where they have continuously doubled down after getting caught making risky bets.

  28. This is why players should strive to go back to college and learn a fucking trade.

  29. There’s zero value in that route for a professional athlete. Learning a trade to sell your time for $40 an hour would never work for someone that was making multi millions per year.

  30. Nate Hobbs, dude did great for a rookie. If he can develop he could turn into a star and potentially elevate the team.

  31. Don’t be surprised if he comes back to earth. Gus Bradley has a way of making his slot corners look like studs and then they struggle in other systems. See Desmond King.

  32. I had a similar issue where the big toe tendon on both of my feet was getting inflamed. I would rest and then hurt it again in my next run. After trying harder shoes I went the opposite direction and tried Vibram barefoot style shoes. I was able to slowly build up to mileage in them and it’s fixed my issues.

  33. I’m a big fan of Ramit Sethi’s I will teach you to be rich. I only let myself listen to it while running. It’s a couples counselling session based on buying habits and I find it’s really helped clear a lot of roadblocks in my relationship by seeing similarities to the couples in myself.

  34. I would like to open it up more, but I’m worried about doxxing myself.

  35. Love it! I knew they would look smoking… (your face looks strangely familiar)….great job!

  36. Thanks ape. DM me if you want to let me know where you think you recognize me from.

  37. The Chargers page hasn’t been updated since 2016. Can someone please update to:

  38. Yea but your FO and everyone said they did their due diligence which would include doing their homework on something like this before signing off and giving him a huge bag and trading picks for him. That's on your team

  39. This is the right answer. The Texans issue seem to be on an individual basis (if it went higher there’s no evidence as of right now), but the Browns knew of Watson’s allegations and still gave up a bag to bring him in. The Texans arguably handled the situation well in forcing Watson to sit. It’s not the Texans fault that the Browns were desperate to get a grown up onto the team.

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