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  1. He says look near the edges of buildings. He can find them anywhere though. He can go to a patch, and while standing point out three or four in the time it would take me to find zero on my hands and knees. He's done it at my house.

  2. As a kid me and my friends were picking four leaf clovers in a big field outside our school. Nobody had found one yet, so I decided to pretend I found one to mess with everyone. I declared I found one, bent down to pick up a random clover, and as luck would have it, it turned out to actually be a four leaf!

  3. I think you forgot to bring potions of Slow Falling.

  4. I think people are forgetting Zoroark’s ability, Illusion. Even if Annihilape just starts running Night Slash, it’ll have to make the gamble on whether to click Rage Fist on what could be a disguised Zoroark.

  5. the sides of acacia log don’t look bad with the right palette

  6. Flat Earth? It's worse than that, Tevyat is supposedly an old world gnostic firmament which is upside down, which is why the sky is fake and descending into the abyss gets you closer to stars.

  7. could explain the starry patterns in the spiral abyss

  8. same exact name of a neighboring country’s currency that shares the same language and culture

  9. Dollar? I’d guess America and Canada are pretty similar.

  10. Lowest worth currency in the whole fucking world

  11. What'll happen to Pokemon Rumble for the Wii without Ratatta :(

  12. Wii. It was my first console I had as a kid and I loved playing Wii Sports and Smash Bros on it.

  13. should i get into mining? it seems boring but also really good for money. (tips appreciated)

  14. Assembly. I'm about to write the most efficient game on the planet.

  15. Can we just not make it a contest? They're both great content creators who both deserve their fans.

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