1. Hi, I’d love to move to Amsterdam (I’m an EU-citizen), and am now looking for a (professional) job, what job sites you recommend?

  2. It would only be during weekends or when I feel like taking a vacation day (which I would pick a good weather day). From how you described it, it sounds grim. Is Amsterdam not worth visiting in autumn? Isn't there less people? I also plan to cycle and sightsee within the city.

  3. Amsterdam is great in any weather type (depending where you are from and how many times you have been to Amsterdam). The sights, the architecture, history and vibe makes it one of the best cities in the world to live in.

  4. There's a hole in the survey. At lower or medium doses, without an ego death, you won't usually have a mystical, paradigm-shattering experience and thus will not come into the challenging position of having to re-revaluate your worldview.

  5. True. Also the setting (i.e without a ceremonial aspect) the effect will be less influential.

  6. Depends on where you are staying in Purmerend what the best option is.

  7. Formulate a question that is specific so people can answer it. This question is to vague for anyone to be of service.

  8. Planning a visit to Amsterdam from the US in midddle of November with my wife. While I’ve been twice before, she has never been.

  9. If one thing is certain, dutch autumn weather can be everything in one day. Plan for the worst, be relieved if you can enjoy a moment without grey skies and rain.

  10. I have experience with psychedelics and have felt/met (difficult to explain in words) my deceased best friend and aunt.

  11. These are great images, but the Consul's ship is described pretty clearly in the books as looking like a 1950's sci-fi movie rocket ship.

  12. If you have a car Durgerdam is the best option. Moon will be rising above the horizon in the east around 21:31.

  13. Lame as hell. Saw a guy with a dead battery some time ago, the poor thing was hating life for having to pedal this crappy bike

  14. Haha! Had the same kind of thing with a girlfriend of mine. She was not sure of she was able to be on time for a meeting because the battery was dead and "normal" cycling was not an option with this monster truck of a bicycle.

  15. And if you are not feeling or wanting to be strong, that is also okay. To think and to act that you have to be strong after a loss will not help in dealing with the pain you are feeling and having. You will set it aside and its going to sledgehammer you back when you are not expecting it. To be strong is more what other people want you to be because it is difficult for them to handle someone who is in such pain. So dont be strong if you dont want to.

  16. Can anyone point to the rightfulness of that fine? The fine for cycling on pavement is 55 euro. Who has decided on the 100 euro and can they enforce it?

  17. Non-enforcement for decades has created a population that does not follow the traffic rules ("ik doe wat ik wil" -> I do what I want), that will not be told to stop doing things against the rules by peers ("bemoei je met je eigen zaken -> who are you to judge me) and doesnt accept authority when confronted ("ga boeven vangen" -> go catch some real criminals). Its parenting 101, but this seems to be lost on people who are in charge of this.

  18. I can't seem to get it to add some Shrike specific details but I think these look pretty rad anyway.

  19. Agreed! We love the effort you are putting into this. Haven’t read the books for a while now, but you are creating an itch again ;)

  20. Have you read articles/papers/books by Bernardo Kastrup (double doctorate in Philosophy and Computer Engineering)?

  21. No, I have not, but thank you for the reference - his background is more or less aligned to mine, except with two doctorates lol - thanks again.

  22. You are welcome. He has indeed the same background as you and has like you a fresh and (in my opinion) a more plausible take on reality that does more right to reality than “mainstream” opinion. As I am a natural sceptic, his reasoning using logic and findings from neuroscience, quantum mechanics, psychology and philosophy makes his argument strong. But he also reconciles these objective findings with subjective findings from meditation, psychedelics, nde’s and spiritual practices. This latter makes his argument very compelling.

  23. You, as a member of the VVE, have an equal amount of power to influence this change in either direction as any other resident does. VVE's don't have a "sheriff".

  24. If enough people from the VVE feel like you, you can make anything happen. So instead thinking the VVE creates all your problems, use is to fulfill all your wishes. But you have to use the structure that has been in place for a good reason, instead galling over it or walking out on it. It is using your democratic right (and of others) to make a change and “stick it up” to the “Sherrif (probably a vve member that is a volunteer and the voorzitter).

  25. I don't think you understood the post. They want to watch the film with English subtitles, not Dutch ones

  26. As Dutch as can be. We’re (in)famous in the Netherlands itself for complaining about the weather. The reason we win the weather complaining competition every year is the weather.

  27. Totally not uncommon to have a temperature in September below 20 degrees celcius and no sun. So to plan for this plausible eventuality bring trousers, hoody and jacket (next to full summer gear if like now the temperature is more in line with southern-Europe). Like others have said check the forecast a week or 3 days in advance. That is what we do also.

  28. Suprising he doesnt mention anywhere in the article that mischief seen by one is something else (e.g. an offence, act of cruelty, personal attack etc.) for others. Especially when a member of a dominant group does something to a minority (e.g. hanging a religious icon upside down) it can be seen as mischievous by the dominant group (“such harmless fun”) but is felt totally different by the minority. A total praise to mischievous in the article makes me ponder if the author is able to step in somebody else his/her shoes.

  29. Toen ik student was aan de UvA heb ik menigmaal zadelhoezen ongevraagd “cadeau” gekregen op mijn zadel van oa. studenten uitzendbureaus. Ik heb dit altijd als heel vervelend ervaren. Met name dat dit een enorme verspilling was van plastic (aardolie->co2) voor iets wat bijna niemand nodig heeft. De kwaliteit is laag en het was een overduidelijke promotie van zichzelf. Een dag later zag je nergens de zadelhoezen op de fietsen die de dag ervoor er wel 1 “cadeau” hadden gekregen. Je zag ze wel in de goot of de prullenbak.

  30. Check your splitsing akte, if the rooftop is indeed fully yours then it should be possible this also means you are responsible for all maintenance of the roof.

  31. But in most cases the VVE is the owner of the roof and you have to ask them for permission (which they probably won’t give you because of obvious reasons).

  32. Wait how can you agree with me that qualities cannot be deducted from quantities, and still believe that physical phenomena is all that exists? I would argue that physical phenomena don’t exist (at least in the way that we describe them - as purely quantitative), since we fundamentally cannot observe them. And how can you reject the hard problem of consciousness? Can you elaborate?

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