[NSFW] New York Times Cover: Russia kills fleeing family.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. If you have capacity, I'd love to chat! I'm moving to a new position and could use fresh brains!

  2. You sure you are not Daniel? :-)

  3. Weird that you assume I'm not on his newsletter.

  4. It is weird that you especially picked out the issue of "real name" when I never specifically mentioned it in the above reply (that's exactly what he said in his reply too) ;-)

  5. What do you mean? What other issue could there be since he asks only for the name? I registered some time ago but I'm pretty sure he doesn't ask for any bank statement or TAX report. You get issues only if the name or email sound fake. But you wouldn't be complaining if you registered with a swipe email, so it's safe to assume the issue was the name - am I wrong?

  6. Hey we do email outreach campaigns but I am not a fan of cold emails cuz it’s considered as spam.

  7. Thanks. I'm afraid for my biz emails works well... But I was talking more in general of cold outreach indeed so if you could send me a link I'll have a look!

  8. You don’t “need” one but it’s good to have one if they are serious. Most “mentors” nowadays are horrible and just do it for their own satisfaction or gain. You might find better mentors searching for people who are passionate about their industry and soon dying.

  9. But how else could you find a mentor? I mean, I don't think just dropping them a message ("hey, want to mentor me plz?") would work great.

  10. I am not sure where you are located but if you are in the US, there is an organization called SCORE. It provides mentors, free of charge, and based on what industry you are looking to work in.

  11. That sounds amazing! Unfortunately, I'm not based in the US, but kudos to whoever thought of this!

  12. I'd come up to the list and just say something of the lines of "Hey, I haven't been e-mailing a lot but I plan to do so in the next weeks. here's what I'll talk about etc. etc."

  13. Apologies for the typo from the phone on the title: it's the Kessler syndrome, obviously, not Keller.

  14. The US dollar is backed by the world as it's the main international currency, and by petrol, as petrol is exchanged in USD.

  15. Yep, they did the same thing with Kosovo. Same country Cyprus doesn’t recognise

  16. There are not many countries recognizing Kosovo, not really a big case for international law as it's still being debated whether it's even legitimate. There are plenty of other examples where the UN clearly failed, unfortunately.

  17. Many countries have in fact recognised kosovo except those linked to Serbia (who killed over a million people in the 90s), the un is a joke though I agree

  18. That's overstretching it though. "Many countries" sure, but how many? Actually the opposite is true, only the enemies of Serbia and Russia recognized Kosovo. Population wise, barely a third of the world population. But that was not my point, my point was that Kosovo is not a very clear example, as the international law itself is very subjective on the matter. You can find international law experts telling you Kosovo's independence is not legitimate, and some that think it is. Far from clear. Nobody would ever tell you that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is legitimate, except maybe some advisor of Erdogan.

  19. Theres many that are blaming NATO for all this.

  20. The fact remains that we will never know the true ins and outs of any world leaders and what they discuss or their real reasons behind things. We can only go off what we see and hear and what comes to light later.

  21. Putin is certainly to blame. Whoever brings war is to blame. I was against the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I am against the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Recognising the causes will never mean - for me nor for any pacifist - to even slightly justify bombs falling on innocents.

  22. I honestly don't understand what it means. But then again, I might not be the target of your copy. You haven't told us who the target is, nor the product, so I have to judge from the copy alone. And to me, it seems too technical and not attractive. I wonder whether they went for more simple words.

  23. Haha, that's cool. I am coming to Limassol this weekend, is there any place you recommend to go to as a solo traveller?

  24. I'm an expat -- so no, I can't do that to be honest. But people got used to see me leave way before themselves I guess.

  25. The Mediterranean diet is definitely one of the most comprehensive and healthy diets. It's been linked to cancer and blood diseases prevention and it has been selected for 5 years in a row as the best diet by us news and world report. It's also UNESCO heritage.

  26. Modern books on the conflict will be sided. If you want to have an opinion of your own you should probably read about the recent Ukrainian history and about the collapse of the soviet Union.

  27. Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. Maybe Zorba the Greek too but it’s been so many years since I read it that I’m not certain of that one.

  28. Definitely Zorba the Greek. Great suggestion.

  29. Thank you, that is a good point. I see what you mean.

  30. Maybe the way you phrased it to me sounded like you're saying they were unhealthy. I apologize if that's how I saw it myself.

  31. I just said they don't substitute vegetables :)

  32. I'd disagree. Potatoes are extremely healthy. They're low calorie, great amounts of vitamin C and a decent amount of fiber, iron, select B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper just to name a few. Also a super satiating food

  33. What do you disagree with tho? I haven't said they are unhealthy.

  34. That's the Blockchain tho, not specifically crypto. Some Crypto currencies work differently. Although I assume that's what you were asking.

  35. I feel the exact same way about my lunch, i want high volume, low calorie, high protein, little prep food.

  36. For lunch, you can cook just once and make a good amount of beans (+one vegetable of choice between squash, zucchini or spinach) burgers. You freeze them and then you just hit them in the microwave when you want to have a quick lunch.

  37. Don’t think. Go for it mate.

  38. You're beginning your journey as a "freelance copywriter."

  39. Yep, not sure why I wrote it like that. I think I had it "Copywriter" only and then added freelancer.

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