A raccoon getting unwanted kisses from dad

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  1. Owls are supreme predators, but what is it about giant eyes that makes anything adorable?

  2. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. I can understand if the long theological sections and constant dropping of Latin would annoy some people, but I adored it.

  3. It is so dense in the philosophy that Eco packs in, but in a way that allows you to learn something new every time you re read it. It’s probably my favourite book.

  4. One of my favorites of all time. The cold, clinical prose. The juxtaposition of soft flesh and jagged metal -- where do humans end and machines begin? There is some stuff about body disfigurement in there with the

  5. Check out Brand New Cherry Flavour if you haven’t. It’s a horror miniseries.

  6. Ahaha fair enough, its just funny to me thinking about reading this gay fan fic as a fully adult man that was most likely written by a teenage girl.

  7. You’d be surprised how many are middle aged women instead

  8. Yet another post where I wonder if the eater has teeth

  9. I really like your room and I think it looks great but here’s my suggestions:

  10. Thank you for these very thought out suggestions :) I love the idea of green bedsheets. I think that color would look great in my room, I was even thinking of painting the walls that color? Do you think the rug makes my room look messy? I wouldn’t mind swapping it out.

  11. When I do that, my wife is simply questioning how to remove the arse smell from the couch.

  12. Facial hair or none. I think generally straight women will prefer one or the other.

  13. Love a beard. It’s v cute to gently scratch there.

  14. How is there an entire website dedicated to the science of furries?!?!?

  15. I knew from the screenshots that Coco was going to be a feisty lunatic and I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken

  16. I love it honestly. You look like a flapper.

  17. Internet points. I mean, I'm currently eating a bowl of canned whipped cream with a spoon and I briefly contemplated posting it here before deciding it's not really shitty enough.

  18. Also good to keep in mind that inkjet printers just love breaking for no damn reason.

  19. Yours lasts 8 months? Easily the best uptime I've ever heard for an inkjet.

  20. Scanner lasted a solid four years. They always end up as a chunky scanner.

  21. You are being abused. You need to end this marriage. If you need motivation, think of the example this is giving to your children. Find a lawyer that has experience with abusive wives and prepare yourself. Things will probably get worse before they get any better. Please be safe.

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