1. For anyone that’s confused: she’s not a teacher. She hosts shows on sports gambling.

  2. There is nothing wrong with you not wanting your kids to fill out brackets. My "out of their minds" comment was aimed towards the anti-gambling group that overreacted, resulting in this woman losing her job.

  3. Who lost their job? Taylor Mathis? You should look her up: she hosts a sports gambling show. Her gimmick is being the cute busty girl that can talk point spreads.

  4. It’s not though. Where are the upvotes? No one over there upvoted support. One nut job posted it, that’s it.

  5. I’d stake good money that the comment section for this post on that happened is mainly along the lines of “this is completely plausible” as is the case with the majority of things that get posted here.

  6. Looks like he was trying to help her get set. Then he gets distracted and starts talking to the other guy. Once she started her back swing, you can see he kinda stoops down and says something. Then boom.

  7. That guys should have moved too. If someone is playing with a club near you, you move.

  8. I don’t know if I completely. I’ve stood in front of my son or wife when they address the ball and to check their form. I trust them enough not to actually swing it.

  9. 4.8. Long face and uneven skin tone. More pictures from more angles might give us a better idea.

  10. One look at her told me she had some substantial work done to that face. At least she’s not hiding it.

  11. I'm sure Kirk signed an autograph for a 14 year old Natalie Wood before he raped and beat her in that hotel room he lured her to with the promise of a role in his next film

  12. That's the logic of rapist and criminals the world over, I' m sure if she had photios in 1954 you'd have another reason why it didn't happen even though her whole family and everyone she was friends with knew that it happened from day one

  13. None of these people are being funny, or even look like they know what humor is. Reddit is such a fucking shithole, the comment section jokes looks like it gets written by multiple instances of very bad AI.

  14. Ok, since you requested it. We will miss you.

  15. Yeah, I took it to be he was escorting them back. But now that I think of it, why would they need an escort…

  16. And if Trump did say he pardoned himself for a state crime? What would anyone do about it? Would Garland come running over to a press conference and tell the world that what Trump just did was illegal, and that he has no authority to pardon himself for a state crime? No, he wouldn't. Everyone would let Trump get away with pardoning himself, just like we've let him get away with every other crime on that long list that he's committed... If anything, I can see a number of states changing their laws to allow Trump to indeed pardon himself for state crimes. There are far too many people who believe Trump is Jesus, or a messiah, or "God's Imperfect Vessel".

  17. I don't remember any law that says you can't elect a president who is in jail. We're playing with Air Bud rules now.

  18. Yeah there’s a common misconception that any felony conviction prevents someone from running for President. Look up Keith Judd. He’s a convicted felon and runs every cycle.

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