1. First of all, I love your short hair! It reminds of Mia Farrow's pixie! I had a slightly similar situation happen where I got my hair cut into a pixie (because my hair has always been a source of anxiety and bullying for me) and it gave me great confidence, I got loads of compliments from people etc. Eventually, when asking my boyfriend directly for his opinion on my hair, he mentioned he liked it and that I would look good even bald but that it wasn't his favourite style of mine. Now, I didn't take this badly because he was respectful and I directly asked for his opinion, and also because he said I would still look good no matter what and that my opinion was the most important in this case. I decided to keep my hair short, even though I'd like my bf to think I'm the prettiest I can possibly be, because it made me happy. Eventually, he got used to the pixie and he now loves it as much as I do. Going from a longer style to a short pixie can sometimes take an adjustment period because it is such a drastic difference, so I would refrain from growing it out if it makes you happy. Also, the way your partner talked about it was very unkind and I think you would have not felt as bad about it if he stated his opinion in a way that was less undermining to your confidence - and I think you should tell him that. Ultimately, do what makes you happy and if your partner cannot see that they should be supporting you and finding you pretty regardless of hair and outside appearences, it is time to have a nice long chat with him.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment! Your boyfriend sounds great. I think in my case it was less “ i want to change my style” more “ i need to do this to stay sane” type of thing. Its not that i dont care about his opinion its that my hair anxiety was so bad i felt it was something i had to do at this time. Maybe ill feel differently later and want to grow it. Does that make sense?

  3. It makes complete sense! My pixie was initially that - I had a trip to the beach planned and didn't want to waste precious time I could be spending with friends (who I hadn't seen for years due to covid) worrying or stressing about my hair, so I just chopped it off. I ended up loving it and the practicallity and have decided to keep it - going on a year this month. You should tell him how much better you feel now you've got your hair, and how in some months time you might feel you have a better relationship and want to grow it out, but for now you need him to be mindful of your feelings and help you in your decision.s

  4. There is another Rina Sawayama who I believe was a figure skater and is a “Tarento”, which is the Japanese equivalent of a media personality. I believe that is why people thought the singer Rina was a FG, because the media personality is within the height limits of FG.

  5. absolutely! I knew she was a model and always thought strange someone so short could be modelling but I thought hey! maybe it was all camera tricks! but she does seem way more like a D than FG

  6. I'm gonna say DC...she seems super balanced with an extra bit of angularity.

  7. Mao is truly such a well rounded impressive skater. I hope she isn't plagued by injuries because she seems to be what the skating world has been waiting for - extremely good quality content with proper technique. Mone was also very nice and I loved the coreography in her free

  8. I'm not sure but I do think you tick most boxes for FG. I don't see much roundness anywhere for you to be SG. My fave outfit is the red top + black skirt combo. very cool girl style

  9. there is no such thing as 'lines' for specific types, or even specific styles that can be worn by specific types. there is only your own personal lines and the accomodations you have to make on your own body. Remember, clothes don't have types. Try accomodating the width and curve you found on your body and think less about the 'sn lines' the internet claims to exist

  10. FG here, my body is a bit more similar to jennifer love hewitt but a FG whose style I LOVE is zoe kravitz, there's also this brazilian influencer named Stephanie Noelle who I don't know if she is FG or not but she dresses in styles that are quite gamine appropriate and I looooooove her style

  11. Maybe im saying something crazy, but, could it be the big breast? The 'usual' FG dont have that much and since this two have, maybe thats why you dont see them

  12. I'm FG and I have big breasts lol any type can have big boobs, but people on the internet love to spread misinformation about it

  13. I'd lose the fabric belt and use something chunkier in black or brown (whichever you prefer) to create more of a line break. I'd cuff the sleeves a little bit to show more wrist and style with chunky shoes, maybe translucent black tights could look cool as well? you could also wear the dress as a shirt and try tucking it into a black skirt. and chunky accessories and a fun bag. On a completely personal note, I find that I feel a bit constricted when I don't pop open the top button in button downs so I'd do that as well but this is completely just my personal preference lol

  14. wow her skating is lovely but I've just read about her mother...seriously so upsetting to hear it and I hope she has somewhat managed to put some distance between her and her mother

  15. Gamines will get easily overwhelmed by fabric that is too flowy or just...excessive fabric in general.

  16. She's also voting Lula! Great to hear (lol sorry but I'm brazilian and this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture)

  17. I long as the acting is fine I don't really thinks it makes any difference whatsoever.

  18. can't we ban these types of posts? OP is an antisocial douche who cannot tolerate interacting with other humans who do weird shit even if that weird shit does not affect them at all. I mean I'm brazilian and I've had to interact with smelly ass european/american tourists who do not understand the concept of showering more than once a day and that STILL didn't stop me from taking public transit lol

  19. I'm a true summer and FG, I don't know how much my season relates to my type, I just tend to avoid warm undertones on anything I wear near my face and that works well for me. I'm also not supposed to wear a lot of black as it's not in my palette but I dot it anyways and I don't feel it makes me look as bad as wearing stark white or warm tones for example.

  20. I would try tucking it in a high waisted, structured bottom (although the fabric might be too thick and make the tucking in a bit difficult) and then style it with some chunkier accessories like big earrings.

  21. Could also wear a sports bra under it and try tucking the hem up under it if it’s too bulky for pants tucking

  22. True summer, hexagon face shape, wavy hair (cut into a pixie so it looks straight but when it's longer it is definitely wavy, mix of 2A/2B), conventional hourglass and my kibe image ID is flamboyant gamine!

  23. She doesn't seem petite, which would eliminate the petite types like TR or G family...I'm torn between SD and SN because I'm not sure she needs to accomodate for vertical, although the more vertical outfits like 4 and 7 look great on her. Also I can kind see what people mean by saying she looks a bit like like Salma Hayek, but she seems way more frame dominant than Hayek and absolutely not as petite

  24. As much as I agree with some of what you said, to me what it feels like is that Eteri and co abandoned Kamila to the wolves during the olympics, but then came back to her with the 'you're the victim and all of these media people hate you, we are the only ones who can see how amazing you truly are' so it seems obvious why she would go back to them, trust them, etc. Kamila is still very young and was raised in this environment where she has no control over herself, it might be very scary to then stand up to these people and it is just easier (emotionally, financially etc) to believe them. I don't think it would have been as simple for her, at that moment in time when it must have felt like the whole world was against her, to deny the affection of Eteri which is something she has been groomed to seek. I suggest reading a little bit of the book 'I'm glad my mom died' by Jennette McCurdy to understand how difficult it is for people in such manipulative situations to see their abusers as such.

  25. The only way kami is still believing her coaches after this trauma is a) if she was willingly doping b) If they told her the drug was from one of the vitamin she took on her own I.e outside of what the coaches recommend. I'm still amazed at how much they must havs brainwashed her during and after Olympics

  26. I mean she was in a terrible place after the olympics and with the 'evil west' narrative they pushed onto her, it's easy to see why she still believes her coaches. She's so enmeshed with them it must be very hard to see that they were the ones who put her into that situation in the first place

  27. I'm a fg with short legs and I dig midi skirts. Kibbe is all about embracing and highlighting your features, not hiding them. I'm short and have short legs, if midi skirts make me or my legs "look" be it? I "look" short because I am short and there's nothing wrong with that 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. FG, anything that is too unstructured - slip dresses usually look terrible on me, unless I find a way to offset the flowyness with other pieces like belts. also pants that aren't cropped on the ankle look horrible on me. It's amazing what a couple of extra inches on the ankle can do for a FG

  29. wow, didn't she just become senior as well? how sad, I was really excited by her performances because they were all always so beautiful! hope she is well

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