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  1. Georgia will do anything to keep their state red and build their precious cop city, even kill protesters by getting military units involved.

  2. Did that drive as a student at UCLA. It burnt me out to the point where I needed to seek mental health care that’s all I gotta say. The drive can take anywhere from 45-50 min with zero traffic to 2.5 hours with full traffic jams. Then the whole campus is super congested with people walking, scooters, bicycles, joggers, you name it. The best place for me mentally was laying on the grass surrounded by statues in the north campus.

  3. Oh yikes. I mean the program I wanna maybe do is remote. I was thinking of just visiting the campus once for fun but nvm. Idk why they want me to visit a campus but it sounds like I'm better off visiting UCI.

  4. Oh if it’s just once to see the campus, that’s fine. It’s a beautiful campus, it’s just very busy with students during the year except Summer quarter. If you’re like me and don’t like being around large crowds of people, it can feel overwhelming mentally because there aren’t many quiet places on campus.

  5. I’d rather starve than be seen with last years iPhone.

  6. I use a SE2020 and I find it serves my needs very well. I don’t use apps that totally drain the battery and I like the design. It’s small to carry in my pocket and it had a fairly new chip.

  7. I love Katie Porter, but if she leaves her House seat, it’s going to a Republican and I don’t know if we can afford that right now. I know it sounds selfish but she needs to stay put in Orange County

  8. I was at the Grand Canyon North Rim over the summer. Went out on.. Angels Point or something. Basically a spit of cliff you have to cross a narrow walk way to get to that's over a couple hundred? Ft drop?

  9. Yeah, I did North Rim last Summer and I think we did Angels Window overlook. I was probably too tired to even realize I where I was at that point since we did all the overlooks in one morning.

  10. Orange Crush or the 57/60 interchange right outside of La Habra and Chino Hills. I’ve seen way too many accidents there.

  11. Not sure if it’s actually Orange County or not, but the 57 to 60 is a special kind of hell

  12. Yeah, I'm super confused on that particular stretch of road where it seems like you're on both freeways for a second. I always feel like I'm entering the twilight zone and I'm not sure if I'm on the 60 or the 57.

  13. Yeah really.. mine come down the weekend after. My wife and kids love the displays, but my electric bill doesn’t… so I’m like ok Christmas over!

  14. Mine came down as soon as jolly ole Saint Nick got the fuck out of my house.

  15. At least they tried, I mean what did you want them to do? Spent 10 minutes trying to fix it?

  16. These things love living under pool skimmer covers. Use caution when cleaning out those baskets.

  17. Yeah I have more brown widows living under the skimmer cover than black widows but seriously, WTF? I can tell a guest, hey I predict a black or brown widow is underneath this skimmer cover... and reveal that in fact, 90 percent of the time, a widow is living there, sometimes with eggs.

  18. Had a jumping spider make my car its home recently and for the life of me couldn't get it out. One day a couple of weeks ago while driving it jumped on my leg. I tried to kick it away and nearly crashed my car (I actually hit a curb at speed). Managed to pull over and find and kill it. Wife was super pissed at me for nearly killing us. Couldn't help my natural reaction

  19. My worst fear is a big black spider surprising me as I'm driving down a freeway or something. I really think I'd crash and accidentally injure myself and others. That's why before I start my car, I inspect the cabin for 2 minutes, investigating a thread or string here and there.

  20. I'm also broke so I haven't been able to commit to season tickets yet. I hope to do so in the future when I'm more financially secure and get the section I want.

  21. The amount of celebrities that have a

  22. Usually those dumb redemption interviews are forced upon them by their publicists and agents. They still have money so they can afford to have a whole staff on payroll whose job it is to make them look good on social media and the press. As soon as the money dries up and those people leave, then it goes way downhill from there.

  23. And the company is probably going to put in the work to raise revenue from the property. Idk how much of that would have fallen to jb himself but it's definitely something to not have to think about.

  24. I don't know how smart he is since this is the first smart thing he's done besides not killing himself with drugs anymore. Likely, he'll blow it on dumb lifestyle stuff and probably have to fork over a bunch of money for the inevitable divorce from a wife he hasn't had any kids with.

  25. Particularly if you're playing Marathon. The gold from barb camps triples but the settler cost does not.

  26. 4D chess we are doing. Ertz returning and we're getting Jessie Fleming. Just kidding, just dreaming that this team could be so much better in one swoop.

  27. As an atheist I’d just like to point out that we are neither “religious” nor are we an organized “group”. We’re just people who don’t think fairy tales are something to take seriously.

  28. Atheists have a belief system, just like everyone else.

  29. No, we don't believe in anything but reality and scientific facts. If you want to call that a religion to give credence to your skydaddy by all means call it what you want.

  30. Does anyone know why In-N-Out and Chick-fil-a put locations right next to each other?

  31. Checking my sleep data on my phone at around 2AM and nope, was sleeping like a log the whole time in deep sleep bliss.

  32. I always check here first to make sure im not crazy.

  33. “Earthquake…looks like I’m dying…better check Reddit to see if anyone else is dying too…”

  34. Looks like Anna Morehouse, 6'1", who played for a few teams in the FAWSL since 2014 and then Bordeaux, or Kaylie Collins who was a 2021 draftee.

  35. Wait a minute…USC Trojan Kaylie Collins is in the NWSL? I was wondering whatever happened to her! I used to watch her in the PAC-12 for years. Cool! Glad she’s still playing

  36. Legally speaking who’s the mother if they get pregnant? Assuming this isn’t a situation where consent from both heads was obviously given (I.e a planned birth rather than a random pregnancy NOT RAPE) I wouldn’t be surprised if the originator of the idea is the mother, but I’m not sure. This is all assuming that the singular set of reproductive organs they have are functioning which I have no idea concerning

  37. Next on Maury, we have seen many situations where we don’t know who the daddy is but THIS TIME WE DONT KNOW WHO THE MOMMY IS. STAYED TUNED

  38. I wonder what they think about while shitting on the toilet together.

  39. I loved Tim Allen before his right wingedness took over. And i totally believe he did it

  40. Yeah it’s super sad he got so right wing conservative in recent years, I used to like him in the 90s.

  41. My aunt has worked for Walmart for over 5 years and is mad that new employees will make as much money as her. She wants to quit working at Walmart now and find another job that pays more.

  42. I have a meal plan for the week already laid out, otherwise I'd be in the same situation. So I write down a grocery list based on what I want to eat for a whole week. I try to buy things I'll use multiple times in different meals so I save a little money that way. If I feel the need to want to buy something I know I probably won't need, I just keep my list handy and tell myself no, OR maybe that's a product that I want to add to my list next week for my meal plan.

  43. Oof, yeah we are from majorly different worlds of film viewership then. I can understand not seeing Thor, especially after the first two movies in his series. But LotR is a pretty massive series and widely lauded as some of the best movies in recent memory…no?

  44. Yeah it happens. I got in an argument with this other guy a few days ago about the Avatar sequel. I shouldn't have been poking around the comments section anyways on a post that was about the movie finally making 2 billion dollars at the box office. Majority of the comments were boasting how great the movie is and how people who are critical of the film are in the wrong and blah blah blah.

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