1. Mark Lee is a rapper rapper tho, not an idol rapper. I feel like he's proven himself enough to be seriously considered one.

  2. Honestly I don't get why people think it's so creepy. Their dynamic as they are right now is cute, and people interested in that would want to see how their relationship will expand as they grow up. That's not weird. Some of these people spend too much time on the internet.

  3. I love Damian here. He's willing to sacrifice himself for Anya even though he's scared shitless.

  4. (I think it's actually published in a shounen magazine but I couldn't find a better sub-reddit to gush about this manga. (And there's actually very little fan-service I was genuinely shocked.))

  5. My guess would be that the author is using the shota trope instead. There are quite a few ecchi/hentai mangas with the premise of the boy (aka the shota) is feminine looking, usually good at housework and cooking and takes care of a group of girls (usually older than him) but they all fall in love with him. This is not an uncommon trope, and if you're right that it was published in a shounen magazine, this is most likely the case. But you said the author for this particular manga didn't do fanservice, so I guess that's good.

  6. Even so, you shouldn’t print a work with out trying to get the authors permission

  7. Dude seriously if its just for personal use printing the fics is FINE. Telling the authors abt it is nice gesture, but not required to get permission.

  8. cha eunwoo gives first lead and lee dongmin gives second lead energy

  9. Lee dongmin gives side character at best not even second lead lmao

  10. Assuming your friends are fine with blood and gore, safest bet would be Demon Slayer. There's a reason why the anime was so huge. The animation is great and the plot does just enough to hook people in. There's not a lot of ecchi stuff that people unfamiliar with anime would be uncomfortable abt and the siblings caring for each other (without incest undertones) may appeal to them.

  11. I tottally see the demon slayer thing but I dont want them to be like the "Animation is the most important part" people yk

  12. Well yeah but animation is a big part of any show. It doesn't have to be amazing, just decent is enough to introduce people to anime. While demon slayer has the advantage of having great animation that was able to support its storytelling, ultimately people stay for the story and characters.

  13. Perhaps 'Bokura ga Ita'? Very drama filled and angsty shoujo manga, I remember teetering on the edge of my seat because of how dramatic and complex the male character was. It's been a while since it came out (so not recent by any means) but do give it a try if you haven't.

  14. I think it has less likely to do with the VA themselves and is more likely a result of the mixing and editing process. Iirc, a lot of voice acting work is done alone in the booth and they don't record with another VA at the same time.

  15. How We Do shouldve been the title track imo. I'm not saying that because of Mark's featuring but I think the whole song has just way more potential AND suits Xiumin's strength's and vibe much better. Maybe without Mark's feature as Xiumin deserves to have the spotlight for himself.

  16. I can't help but feel the same way. How We Do was the song in the mood sampler, and I fell in love with that upon first hearing it. I like it better than Brand New. I think the chorus part of Brand New is growing on me, but the "put your hands up" bit is still jarring even after several listens.

  17. love the vibes and that amazing adlib! He rly showed his vocals here. The only thing I don't like is that jarring "put your hands up" at the beginning and at some places in the song, its so weird. but otherwise, love that xiumin is showing new sides of him!

  18. I agree with your post in principle BUT I want to point out an important shift that you didn't mention - physical album sales.

  19. I know this btw. It’s more that every group I come across is seemingly doing v well so I’m not seeing the ones who are struggling/not well known I guess.

  20. You wouldn't come across those groups precisely because they aren't doing well. Nugu groups that don't have good company support (financial or otherwise), great social media presence, have gone viral, strong dedicated fanbases, any kind of presence really.

  21. Last Game. The female lead who is quiet and pretty much not social tries her best to be more like the male lead who is very social and likable by others. Female lead is also seen taking initiative a lot of times, featuring the male lead as a flustered tsundere (not aggressive). One of my favourites!

  22. Twice’s Jihyo! She is incredibly beautiful. She is the first one I noticed in Twice. God Jihyo supremacy.

  23. Wonyoung IS a visual tho. Izone has several official visuals - Sakura, Minju, Hyewon & Wonyoung. Wonyoung is the visual center.

  24. Xiumin was offered a main dancer role and he turned it down; that’s why he isn’t officially part of the dance line.

  25. What is your source for this? Xiumin is my bias and I've never heard of that

  26. I didn't forget. I'm not demanding fast scanlations when I know these things are done out of the free time and good will of the people working on them. They can take all the time they need. But I never noticed how much time it took on a regular chapter before, so it's nice to know a frame of reference for once.

  27. Just open the raw, point your phone, open google glass and hit translate

  28. Takari at the top of the list with Koumi not too far behind? I'm with you OP! I agree with a lot of your rankings here.

  29. I'm excited to see this! The character designs look so good.

  30. I actually just finished 4 years of university and I'm still watching miraculous!

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