1. Seems like the kind of guy to use Jesus to justify why he’s always right. This is freaky. Madi if you don’t want to have sex don’t have sex. It’s not the devil showing up. Dear god he’s saying the quiet part loud. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. And this is why a woman should never marry a man who believes he is the "leader" of the relationship. Big yikes.

  3. Disclaimer: obviously stealing from anyone is wrong. I'm happy this was a wake up call for the son and that they are pursing legal action against her theft.

  4. We monitor our credit card charges very closely. We'd notice $17!

  5. Same! With online banking/apps, there is no excuse for not noticing for so long.

  6. Riseborough self-funded her own campaign because her studio couldn’t afford to and chose the perfect time to do what she could with it, and that, to you all, makes her a “weasel” who “stole” someone’s “rightful” Oscar nomination because she “asked her friends to vote for her”. What do you people think campaigning for an Oscar is? It’s literally asking your friends to vote and campaign for you and strategically promoting yourself. But Andrea Riseborough is now to blame for the industry’s lack of diversity because she did exactly that effectively? Ffs you people hate women just as much as the entertainment industry does.

  7. Pretty much everything about Hollywood and fame has changed over the last 5-10 years because of streaming, social media, covid, etc., so why wouldn't the nature of nominations for the Oscars also change? The outrage is odd and performative.

  8. question: spring 2023 is my last box, and i’ve decided to skip it because there’s really nothing that interests me. when would be the most opportune time to cancel, after i’ve spent this box’s credit or another time?

  9. IMO one of the many benefits of being childfree is that you don't have to be close to your inlaws. You seem like very different people and they are actively judging you (negatively, obviously) for your choices. Take a step back and let your spouse lead on his relationship with his family.

  10. Honestly, I think it's too much. I live in a HCOL area, and I would be comfortable at about 40% take home (which is way more than recommended) at the most and I don't have the expenses of kids. I would wait until you can save up more for a down payment to bring down the monthly payment. It's also a bad time to buy a house - interest rates are high and housing prices are plateauing/going down in many areas, so waiting a year or two may be in your best interest.

  11. Be careful of the supposed "moderate" men out there. I've seen so many posts about men who claim to be moderate until they are in a relationship with a woman and then they slowly reveal they are definitely conservative.

  12. Never understood the love for JoJo on here. She acted like a mean girl on Ben's season and she seems very vapid.

  13. She and her homophobic husband also dodge taxes by living in Puerto Rico. Yet she's pretty and white, so I guess it's fine.

  14. The Hills cast? Doing a rewatch for the first time in yeeeaaarrrs

  15. Not real tea but Lauren is living back in Laguna Beach with her husband and kids. Stephen and Kristen have a rewatch podcast but they haven't really spilled anything that good.

  16. Perfectly put. We are all complicit in consuming entertainment that is inspired in some way on bad things. The virtue signaling is ridiculous.

  17. I have no idea why comments saying that Scream is not true crime are downvoted, it is absolutely stupid. Agatha Christie heard about the celebrated case of the Lindbergh Baby and it gave her an idea, but we do not call Murder on The Orient Express 'true crime' although it takes its plot point from the Lindbergh case.

  18. Every violent script was likely "inspired" by something true, but apparently that is the same as true crime now lol. Oh, well, who doesn't love a pile on?

  19. This episode hit home. As a guy who just got out of a 12 year relationship that was toxic and I was constantly emotionally abused, my friends and family would call me “pussy whipped.” I got no sympathy, but almost bullied about my relationship, which made me regress and insulate myself further into the toxicity because everyone else was telling me I needed to get out and I was being convinced they were the bad people, not her.

  20. When Dax spoke about his childhood abuse and how, for his own healing, he had to forgive himself (as a child), it it made me tear up. Really impressed with him and Anna's vulnerability in this episode.

  21. I was hoping these two people were 10 years younger. Yikes. I hope Lauren leaves and doesn't look back.

  22. I was just thinking... obviously the OOP is TA but so is the BIL because "most vegan foods" encompasses so many different types of foods.

  23. Posting for the ones looking for screenshots. We love you Troy!

  24. Thank you for posting! I cannot believe how delusional Molly is - these emails make her look like a condescending idiot and Troy's response (while understandably salty) is not offensive or that bad. I can't believe she thought this would make her look good.

  25. Spineless woman going to end up going to her grave defending her awful husband. It's not unusual at all to see that the two siblings have found different coping mechanisms for dealing with their dad (one instigating a fight instead of walking on eggshells, the other keeping a low profile).

  26. Reasonably protective!!? She allowed her child to be nude and sexualized at age TWELVE!

  27. The credit card company (in this case, Chase) decides how much money they want to extend (the risk they want to take that the card holder will pay back). Do not pay a cent in interest. You can build great credit by paying off a small amount every single month and not missing any payments.

  28. There is a very common misunderstanding of what a gift tax is. Is your dad going to give away more than $12 million over his lifetime? That is when he would need to worry about taxes. The yearly exemption is so that the giver does not have to file paperwork with the IRS.

  29. It was different back in the days when men were the breadwinners and women were the homemakers. You figured the men had a well deserved day of rest and relaxation coming to them. No more. Women work just as hard, just as many hours and very often for less money. Married people are supposed to be partners, on the same team. Everyone needs to pitch in and especially the able bodied kid. Don't teach him that this is how society is supposed to work or he'll never have a decent relationship of his own.

  30. Some of these modern women not only have to work full time and take on full responsibilities of the home, but they are accused of being gold diggers if they expect their husbands to at least contribute financially. In some ways these men "back in the day" had more respect for their wives.

  31. -As someone who moved from the South to the Pacific Northwest, prepared for culture shock, but in a good way.

  32. Brandy Brazeau. From Tacoma and lives here, super knowledgeable and always ready to answer questions, no pressure whatsoever if a home didn't feel right. She also negotiated for us in a really tough market (early 2021).

  33. OOP is an obviously horrible person. I'm glad we can all agree.

  34. Yeah what the fuck, what a terrible person. Imagine having the thought even cross your mind that you DESERVE even a penny of that money, that you didn’t contribute to, earn the right to or otherwise while you didn’t attempt to put a college fund together for your “woe as me” reasons. Where do people get this massive sense of entitlement?

  35. Agreed 100%. To answer your question: my mother, sister and aunt are telling me that I did the right thing. That my son deserves that money.

  36. "Talking shit about other people is NEVER going to make you look like a better person!!!" The lack of self awareness 🤣🤣

  37. Do you have a relationship with your nieces/nephew? Do you want one? With my niece, I give her experiences (airfare to visit me, for example) rather than gifts at Christmas/birthdays.

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