1. He’s not a hero. I’m so tired of this narrative from people who don’t know what they are talking about. There are proper reporting channels in agencies like the NSA and he circumvented the whole process and released classified materials in the process. This release was detrimental to Americas defense objectives and bolstered our enemies ability to damage us. He sought asylum in Russia, yes, the same Russia that is currently invading Ukraine and calling for an end to the “western” world order and telling Russian citizens the Ukrainians were being overtaken with Nazis and committing unfettered genocide on the Ukrainian people. The same Russia whose leader is ACTUALLY stealing more and more political control and killing off oligarchs, etc. that oppose him. The same Russia that jails and beats citizens for speaking against the war. That’s where Snowden is. Do you think he gets asylum there for free? Most likely not. Stop thinking he’s some hero of the people.

  2. You’re a sheep lol😂 have fun being a follower the rest of your life fckin b*tch😂

  3. You’re not too far from 18 mile creek that runs through eden, lakeview, derby to the lake.

  4. Do you know if the owner is still kickin it? I’ve lived in derby my whole life until two years ago and drove by the shop this summer and it’s closed🥺

  5. Follow your dreams, but don't fucking ruin it for everyone else in the theater.

  6. I'm gonna be pretty upset if somebody in my theater is distractingly high. I'd say don't watch it high unless you know for certain that you won't annoy anybody there.

  7. Are you retarded? Have you ever even tried it? Anyone who has can testify that you would be way less distracting high than sober. Distractlingly😂 what a f*ckin retard😂

  8. My anxiety meds from the pharmacy cost $1300/month…not the best argument

  9. Fuck that! Get off that shit and smoke weed instead. Your doing your body a huge disservice

  10. treeses are the best not entirely sure where to get em anymore tho

  11. From someone making them @ home, all off these shops just sell distillate sprayed candies w/ fake packaging.

  12. This. Listen to this guy. Any edibles u buy from the Rez or any other black market shop around here just sprays candy with chemicals and repackages it in some bullshit Amazon Mylar “true exotic 1000 mg” bag😂 just make ur own it’s so damn easy to lol

  13. I wouldn’t be to conservative cuz if you didn’t buy those candies from a dispensary yourself, they’re no where near 35 mg.

  14. Just saying u should buy in bulk. I get ozs of top shelf for 100 when I buy in bulk. I j went there yesterday and they’re 20$ eighths looked and smelled trash. They’re 60$ eighths smelled nice but not very pungent.

  15. Nah u be copping Reggie exotics repackaged in an Amazon Mylar bag for 60$ fn😂. Just cuz u get taxed/overpriced by your plug doesn’t mean it’s good shit😂u just don’t know the right ppl so u buy overpriced mids😂. I get top shelf for 15 a p cuz I know the grower. U smoke mids and yo mom a hoe😂

  16. Dont mean shit.... wont pass next phase , never does but heres hoping 🤞🤞🤞

  17. Facts yo. It was even close in the house which just gives me less hope if anything. Nothing will change til we get these old simple minded fn politicians outta office.

  18. Absolutely not! A fridge is cool and dark but not dry. Your vial will have condensation in it within hours if you put it in the fridge. U don’t want water getting in so keep it in a cool dry dark place such as your basement

  19. Yes for sure. If you are having problems getting high on thc heavy edibles I know the trick. Instead of buying edibles straight up, go to your bud guy ask home for an oz of cheap concentrate, 2-300 for me usually and make a bunch of edibles that way. It literally takes 30 minutes to infuse a half gram into butter. The reason I’m telling u all of this is cuz u can choose to make more CBN heavy edibles by just letting the concentrate decarb for longer. The longer u let it decarb the more thc turns into CBN. CBN is similar to CBD in that it leaves a very sedating physical effect and when u combine that with thc it’s psychedelic imo. Buy an oz of wax and let it decarb for longer to get these kinds of edibles.

  20. Idk if u still need but I can get u ozs for 110 of some actual middle grade weed (20-23%) got some wedding cake in rn. When ppl say mids around here it’s usually shwag but ppl out west know real mids is actually pretty good stuff and more bang for your buck.

  21. I'm not sure if it's Fake, but I have seen many vendors selling their products and some legitimate businesses have these guys. Could be legit.

  22. I definitely agree with everything you just said, I'm not trying to be the one who decides what's safe or what's not, I'm just trying to argue that taking any substance before doing an extreme activity is risky, which it seems we agree on. This post is way too casual imo, 200ugs is a hefty hefty dose

  23. Yo with all do respect skiing on mushrooms/acid can actually make you better on a mini dose.I used to do this. Not saying u should take a lot but if your experienced that should be no problem. The nature is beautiful that’s why I used to do it. I’ve taken 5gs while skiing and was able to get down pretty easily. As long as ur a decent skier tho

  24. I find that baked goods get me higher than canna butter or straight distillate. Anyone else experience this? and if so what is the science behind it I don’t understand why. Maybe more fat bonded to it?

  25. Tub looks okay, hows your bodys iorn levels looking?

  26. Iorn intake in the human body. Low iorn can cause you to get light headed when standing up or moving fast. Might be something to look into if its a frequent occorance. Edit: typo

  27. Looks like a little bit on the side there but just keep an eye on it if there still fruiting.

  28. I apologize for the sarcasm but -It's almost like drug dealers and criminals aren't exactly the most trustworthy people or really your friends, and taking drugs is a bad idea...

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