1. LOL I thought it's gonna fill the area with flat cobblestone or something and a fucking mansion pop up

  2. 那要是先审判菜是分裂国家的反动分子,通过反分裂国家法在法院审判后,上岛抓人,台军会开第一枪吗

  3. 中國人來台灣沒帶護照就是遣返, 軍隊進12海浬就是開戰, 沒那麼複雜好嗎

  4. 但是不是说地方选举就决定了接下来大选的方向吗?从结果来看民众更加看重经济而不是独立的名分

  5. 並不是, 地方選舉以國內議題為主, 大選才看國外政策, 以目前國民黨死性不改的狀態很有可能和前幾年一樣小輸

  6. first 10/10 episode of the season for me. That thick lineart and animation, gave me season 1-3 vibes . The characters were so on model they looked just like their manga counterparts for once! The direction of the episode was amazing as well! That cut of the camera spinning around Dabi was insanity

  7. I don't know why but that clap right before his dance is like a switch, and I go "oh shit!".

  8. It's pretty much the what everything is building toward ever since All Might's fight with All for One

  9. Guess I am extremely lucky that this is my first shonen experience, so none of the "generic shonen" stuffs matters, cause it's literally new for me.

  10. The voice acting and ost were definitely the highlight of the episode.

  11. Lmao, I don't know why but my gut feeling says they put all the budget toward Deku vs 1A and Uraraka speech, considering that those chapters peaked the fuck out in terms of reactions.

  12. The budget for the next episode better be through the roof

  13. Waiting for Yutaka Nakamura to show up, wonder which fight he will do.

  14. A rough overview of situaction, credit to snownow on PTT forum.

  15. The translation is a bit weird, and frankly I think the title itself is shit.

  16. 幹, 如果一改前朝死板跟台灣建交合作中國還不他媽超英趕美, 跟一個小島鬧面子鬧到高科技產業被搞死還真是世紀級笑話 (別跟我來歷史或人民那套, 都能捅你鼻子2年了還管你對台海的意見, 小粉紅頂多般個下大棋, 不承認台灣不建交不是為面子就是腦殘)

  17. 这算什么女权进步?你可能不知道在中国传统观念里,当母亲是件很神圣的事情,当街哺乳再正常不过,不会有异性意淫哺乳期母亲,也不必刻意避讳异性。社会观念里女生的“羞耻心”只限于未婚女子,不包括已育女性,成了母亲就意味着原来束缚在女性身上的耻感丧失。至于后来不建议公共场合这么做,也多是出于避免被猥琐男骚扰

  18. I believe DLSS 3 that comes with 40 series has frame interpretation so it does help in CPU bounded situation.


  20. Because they don’t actually recognize Taiwan, because recognizing Taiwan means they recognize they are the government of mainland China and Mongolia and few other territories in other countries.

  21. Doesn't Taiwan have a stronger claim on mainland China?

  22. Heya, Software Engineer here and have worked in both Unreal Engine 4/5 and Lumberyard recreationally.

  23. Yeah... Not even going to touch the Star Citizen topic here. I will say their servers are still capped to 50 players though and it runs on the lumberyard engine.

  24. SC use lumberyard "license", but the underlying codebase has been modified so heavily that it's barely recognizable(Large portion of original CryEngine crew are in their frankfurt studio, allowing them to further develop engine to fit their specific needs).

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