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  1. Yo I went to an ikea for the first time every last weekend and there were no Blahaj there. Yall lied to me

  2. They are sadly out of stock at a lot of stores right now. You should always check online first. Hopefully we should get more soon because the smallhajs are coming to the US soon

  3. Little do they know, this was actually first established in the Batman (2004-2008) in the Bane episode

  4. Man, I hope one day Kai will be on a streaming service

  5. As a femboy myself, these people are just mad about trans people existing and probably aren’t femboys themselves. I’m on

  6. Trunks SSJ Rage, he should’ve gone SSJ3 for the first time instead. They literally had Goku show SSJ3 to him earlier in the arc.

  7. It’s alright, I’m happy a lot of people love that show. Especially since it’s a female lead show, but the humor sadly isn’t for me. I’m a 22 year old boomer and the humor is too loud and obnoxious for me lol. I’m mostly a dry humor kind of femboy (I am very fun at parties) lol

  8. Boomer also has an online definition referring to the stereotypes of a boomer. That’s what I was referring to, plus it was a joke lol

  9. My favorite was the race war one. That was my first Splatoon 2 Splatfest if I remember correctly.

  10. Sorry, I was in an area with poor reception and I must of sent it twice

  11. In the US, you can get in trouble for that because most likely the parking lot or forest you are in is private property. Also, a fair amount of Americans unironically want you to suffer if you are homeless

  12. This is completely true! After my 6th rewatch of Jack and Jill (2011), I finally see the film as a masterpiece.

  13. Just a heads up, Prey was really good. I highly recommend it

  14. Bumper stickers could tell thieves a lot about you. Opportunistic thieves will keep an eye out for cars with stickers that might indicate a good target.

  15. Oh no, I have gay pride flag sticker on my car! That means the thieves know I’m gay and most likely have dildos at my house they could steal! 😰😰😰

  16. The dog and girl get fused together, but not in a fun Dragon Ball way

  17. Death Note is really good. There’s an unhealthy relationship in the show, but the show doesn’t glorify it.

  18. They are a happily married couple that adopted a baby! Extremely wholesome story! 🥰🥰🥰

  19. Hans Zimmer with The Boss Baby (2017) soundtrack.

  20. Yup, I was just about to mention that one lol. The score during the climatic fight went really hard if I remember correctly lol

  21. Wow. I’m reading this from a google search, thinking the post is years old, but here we all are, in July, tasting vanilla sertraline. I’m taking the 100mg tablets and I noticed the taste mid-late June.

  22. It’s alright, right? I went in expecting it to be really dumb, but the story was actually fairly good. I just didn’t really like the ending with his wife because it kind of ruins one of my favorite parts of the Killing Joke, where it’s up to interpretation if Joker’s origin story was real or if he just made it up because “If I want a backstory, I prefer it to be multiple choice”

  23. Meanwhile we've had an entire week deicated towards dbz posts

  24. Just a lot of people have been talking about Dragon Ball on here lately. It’s been really fun because I can talk to other people about the Granola arc (the current arc that’s on going in the manga) with people other than my best friend lol

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