1. When you push your religious beliefs on others by taking away human rights, you no longer have a religion, you have a cult

  2. Religions should be moral philosophies tied to a belief in the divine. Not political texts. Or science books.

  3. If only there were some… rule…. Creating a sort of…. Separation… between church and state…. Created because all of this had happened before and so we learned from it….

  4. Before the mightiest he shall fall, before the mightiest wolf of all.

  5. Hey, Isildur's been asking! But then he threw his apple into the sea half eaten, and Beratar resolved to craft a gift his rider would never discard.

  6. “Thou wouldst deny me this, the least of apples, and so it came to pass thou tossed it to the depths of Ulmo beyond mine reach. To thy mockery I say Lo! an hour shall come when the son of Elendil finds the spoils of war to be a bitter fruit indeed!”

  7. Whenever people post about the "obvious" romantic chemistry/sexual tension between Galadriel and Halbrand, I'm like "tell me you've never been on a date without telling me you've never been on a date". Two people can make sustained eye contact and have an intense conversation without any romantic or sexual overtones.

  8. To be fair, a lot of modern writers feed into this. Two people are friends of the opposite sex? No. They’re really just discovering their romantic feelings. Same sex? They’re discovering their repressed homosexual/bisexual feelings.

  9. Aragorn and Brego have the highest sexual tension. Anyone in that line apparently really digs horses...

  10. Elendil shockingly reveals next season that Isildur’s mother was a horse. Anarion finally appears as a Welsh Cob.

  11. Means a computer that has stolen other artists work is pulling from said collection of stolen art work to build the piece you see before you.

  12. Just like Morgoth, which makes this the perfect picture of the subject at hand.

  13. If you wanted dental you should've gone with the guy who calls himself lord of all that is golden. Crowns left and right with that guy.

  14. Replacement teeth, replacement arms, extra arms, dragon arms… but the deductible is enormous.

  15. No, but i go with halbrand in tinder tho... girls like that cover

  16. If it weren’t for the highly pronounced boob outlines and skirt slit, they look like nuns to me with the wimple and veil.

  17. Aren't nuns by their very nature forbidden?

  18. When Halbrand says, “Remember me,” we get Adar’s negative response. Halbrand’s face looks a bit pissed on that moment.

  19. I was a big fan of Bloodhound Knight Floh. The way they would jump all over the place was a lot of help with distracting the enemies lol.

  20. His best feature is attacking IMMEDIATELY anyone in the area.

  21. That sounds nice. I summon the mimic tear and he just stands there watching the boss stroll up to me.

  22. Most ashes wait for you to attack or for you to be attacked. It helps prevent aggro if you are trying to be stealthy in the open world, but it stinks for bosses sometimes.

  23. I believe it may be a bit over-rated, in spite of it’s already low rating

  24. First Hobbit film? Actually pretty good. Second? Solid, but it had some odd moments, boring moments, and then stops right before the climax with Smaug.

  25. I really hope it doesn't end up turning true. The irony of Sauron saving Elendil will create endless memes. I really like Halbrand as a character, and would get more enjoyment if he were the Witch King. If he does end up being Sauron it'll have to be executed perfectly, and explain some plot holes. Otherwise I would strongly consider dropping the show.

  26. It would also add a second “repentance” phase for Sauron, which I don’t like. If Adar is telling the truth, Sauron went through his phase and then turned back to evil, sacrificing orcs to seek secret dark power over flesh. Adar kills him, and then Sauron… reforms as a human in the Southlands? Kills the heir to the Southlands throne, steals the pouch crest, and flees the Southlands by boat? And then has a desire to start a new life (but only after killing the Southlands heir) in Numenor?

  27. Counter-point: Adar killed Sauron in the north if we believe his story. Halbrand came from the Southlands area on a boat, and he has the pouch/crest of the heir of the Southlands.

  28. Sauron at one point repented to try and do good.

  29. He repented briefly with the goal to fix all of Middle Earth. Nothing Halbrand has shown so far.

  30. Who is more corrupted: an elf tortured and twisted for thousands of years by Morgoth or a guy who bites an apple covered in horse slobber?

  31. I wonder is the ash cloud helped blast the horse slobber out of Isildur’s mouth from earlier.

  32. She's being used as a mirror to Sauron - doing what they believe to be correct and dutiful, and becoming darker and more prideful with each success.

  33. The real problem that everyone is overlooking is Isildur sharing an apple with a horse and clearly biting into the same part that was in the horse’s mouth.

  34. Oregon/SC game gave me too much hopium.

  35. I came into the season thinking we’d be two loss, but who cares because we’re the defending champs. Then I jumped onto the hype train. Well, Mizzou was my last stop on the hype train. I’m officially back to expecting a good season but not a dominant season.

  36. Imagine having $90+ million to blow, and instead of helping the people of your state (or hell, even using it to help disaster relief in Florida) you decide to spend it to fire a guy who coaches a fucking sport played for entertainment.

  37. A world where issues like that are not their responsibility.

  38. Money is power, and with great power comes great responsibility.

  39. Yes, everything is impossible other than what he did, got it. LOL.

  40. Not impossible, but I think you’re ignoring orc scouts in the woods. The elves didn’t account for that a few episodes back, and the watch warden ended up with two arrows in the chest.

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