1. 12.10 means that my 8/0 adc actually stands a chance against the enemy 4/2 toplaner. Personally I think the durability patch was the best thing to happen for LoL gameplay in years.

  2. Now I got a different voice here. I'm actually an adc player, and I think inspite of the initial changes, the environment actually made adcs worse.

  3. Hmm...that hasn't really been my experience. I think durability stabilized the game enough that adc's actually have time to come online before the match is completely outta control, but while it's harder to make kills happen early bot, that still feels pretty doable.

  4. This has been my experience especially in the case of an enemy tank top. Because I play both adcs and toplanes, I know how quickly they can build tank items because

  5. >So I've found bork to be very unviable this patch

  6. Yeah I'm Dia what are you turd head? Even Irelia KR and CN Challengers say bork is only good for early damage now. Simple math:3400 for 40 damage 7% lifesteal (only useful thing) 12% max health physical 25% as, tanks easily will have 50% reduction by lv 9~10, which is 20 + 6%. It only work with DS, and DS is being nerfed to 3% pen. For 3000 Wit's provide just as much damage and 40 as.Why do I even bother you are just Iron. Maybe stop playing league bc your life is BS.

  7. Explanation on why DS is complete shit: 5% (soon to be 3%) pen is near nothing this patch unless you already have a full build of legendary to boost it up, but then DS is not a late game item, basically render the item completely pointless and very BS.

  8. The design team isn't the balance team. The design team lacks the empirical evidence required to fine-tune a champion to be balanced, which means that it's unreasonable to expect them to make a champion balanced on release. Historically, it's the balance team's job to balance the stuff the design team makes. This principle applies to not just new champions, but to old champions as well. Ask any LoL veteran how Xin Zhao and Jax were on release.

  9. Make sense, usually it's up to the community to discover the uses and playstyles of a champion and the balance team works accordingly. But it's just uncomfortable and counter-intuitive by nature. In game design (MTG is a perfect example) it should always be stressed that all functionalities have a certain cost and when they add up, it doesn't deviate from the standard strength too much. Which isn't the case with Bel, or Nilah from what youtubers like Vandrill have released.

  10. Plz say your rank first before commenting. In some cases your education level too (at least understand how statistics work). I'll not deal with the toxicity of this sub, discussing with bronzes and toddlers/kindergarten dropouts because there's no point if they don't have the basic knowledge level to take part in the discussion.

  11. As Top my prediction is that she will be in a much worse place due to following:

  12. I would have thrown the key outta window in the yard, and ask u to fetch it, no cloth allowed

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