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  1. This was our experience. It took a couple months for us to figure it out. But her baseline was anger, and rage was frequent. Therapy helped, but most importantly, Zoloft was a game changer. I got my wife back. She felt normal again. It was a game changer for us.

  2. And, even though it seems like we don’t enforce this with any other family, and even though it will give you a daily internal struggle of deciding if your child is well enough yet and what the hell you’re going to do if they have to stay home one more goddamn time, your child may not attend if they have even a whiff of one of the following symptoms:

  3. I must be lucky. Our daycare’s rule is: fever. If they have a fever, no go. Anything else… I think they recognize that little ones in daycare will chronically have sniffles and minor coughs

  4. Californian here. Depending on traffic, that would get you from Southern California to the Northern California border.

  5. I don't know how true it is, but when I was in a Hostel in Japan we met a guy from France I think? But anywho at some point he mentioned he could tell we were from USA. He said it was because we talked loudly. Like our normal speaking volume was louder. And now I can't help but notice that sometimes when I speak to someone from a foreign country. I do feel like I talk louder than them.

  6. My wife’s family takes that up to 11. Californians with genetic hearing disorders. More than half of the family wear hearing aides. And it’s a HUGE family. My wife’s normal volume is most people’s yelling. Makes her easy to find in a crowd.

  7. There was a post on social media going like 'yup, they started dying, somedoctor™ confirms it, those who got the 3rd shot will die in about 2-3 years max and those with one or two shots will likely survive up to 5.' so I guess you have your answer. Between 2 and 5 years.

  8. Someone already posted this, but Bill Burr hit the nail on the head. If this WAS true, why would the government to conspire its most “compliant” people? I love the crazy conspiracy theory logic. I mean… it makes me sad for the future of our society, but at least we can laugh at it.

  9. Don't forget the dudes who will tell you you have no idea wtf is in it so how do you know if it's safe or not but at the same time they know for a fact it'll kill you all or give you AIDs in exactly 13 years after being vaccinated.

  10. And they tell you that they aren’t going to put that mystery shit in their body… while drinking Bang energy drinks and smoking cigarettes. That’s my favorite part.

  11. As a couple that used to live the same lifestyle prior to having kids, we don’t travel as much anymore. But I still love hearing about my (DINK) friends getting to travel. Zero jealousy, we chose different paths and my family will travel in time, when the kids are older.

  12. I’m tempted to do it. I did it in 2016, 2017 and 2018 but as we’ve added kids (had 2, then 3, and now at 5) it’s gotten harder!

  13. 5 kids?! I commend you just for surviving. Anything beyond that is extra. Hang in there! (I fucking love being a dad, but I’m more exhausted at the end of the day, every day, than anything I ever experienced in my 20s).

  14. Grandma gave him marshmallows off of the candied yams, right from the start. So guess what became the only thing in the world he wanted? Thanks grandma.

  15. I know this is an old post, but thank you for posting this! My wife is pretty cautious, but this one got her. She brought it up to me once they asked for more. It’s a very thorough scam. The pictures sent, the video chats, etc, everything is very convincing. Thanks again for the post, this was the most in depth I had been able to find.

  16. Started similarly. For the sake of illustration, let’s assume my pain was 100 at untreated flairs. Diet, lossing weight brought me to c 95. Ibuprofen to 85 (being able to walk to the loo by yourself). Salazopyrin to c 75. Humira came in like a baseball bat and pushed it to 5 all in.

  17. Funny you mention that. 3 years ago, I would have said, “no f-cking way.” After tweaking my back a couple of years ago, I realized that I need to have a backup plan in case I couldn’t work manual labor anymore and have been working on solidifying that ever since. I truly hope I’ll never need to leave the job, but it’s good to know that I’ve got a plan, now that this is potentially a thing.

  18. There are a few things that I have found work for me, or at least give me a placebo effect and a placebo effect is still relevant to improving my daily life, so screw it.

  19. Thank you for the thorough response! I’m going to look into all of it! I’ve started working on embracing an anti-inflammatory diet and it’s going pretty good. I hadn’t thought about trying to stay warm, I’ve always been a t-shirt in winter kind of guy, but staying warm makes sense.

  20. Okay, I gotta ask: where are you guys learning about all these people? This is all super interesting, and while some of the names are familiar, many of these are names I’ve never heard of. Does anybody have any good recommendations on where to learn this kind of stuff? I’m gonna look on YouTube for historical math figures or something, but if you’ve got a good resource, that would be cool!

  21. Then she goes on to say she loves 80s metal, like Billy idol. No wonder she gets metal explained to her… by any and all genders. At some point it’s not mansplaining, it’s just explaining, right?

  22. Ok, thanks that's helpful. I remember that years ago 400 speed film gave me the best results. I know modern cameras have much higher ISO specs now so I have some learning to do.

  23. And 400 is conservative. Most things in photography are subjective, and with that, I’m fully comfortable and happy with images shot up to 8000 ISO. Granted, I’m currently shooting an R6, but even with older cameras I’ve never been afraid of a little noise. I’ve printed images shot at ISO 12800 and been perfectly happy with the moment that I was able to capture, even if the image wasn’t technical perfection.

  24. We’re in a 3 bedroom house with baby number 2 on the way. The baby will stay in our room for about 5-9 months and then will share a room with our toddler. The guest room gets used pretty often (grandparents every month as well as various friends visiting every couple of months). Plus its our office/study room and the only off-limits room in the house (which makes it great for storing things like the cat food, litter box, photography gear, etc).

  25. I'm in the minority here, but I think room sharing is the way to go when they're little. You keep the baby in your room until they're sleeping relatively well at night, and they share from then on. I think it helps them develop a closer bond, and it makes bedtime much easier cause everyone does it together. If they have different times they need to sleep you can have the older one read quietly with a nightlight until their bedtime. In my experience they adjust quickly to sleeping through occasional noise, and it helps them learn to sleep heavily.

  26. I’m surprised at the number of negative comments here. In fact, looking at the break down, the only 2 numbers that stood out to me are a hell of a lot of swipes and a relationship in the end.

  27. I love to dream about RF L glass. It’s not gonna happen for me in this decade, but a man can dream.

  28. You can buy the Sigma 105 1.4 for halve the price or an Sigma 135 1.8. They are also very very good.

  29. I LOVE my Sigma 105 1.4. It’s magical. I’m saving up for the 40 to go with it. And I appreciate that Sigma will change the mounts when the RF gets developed. But… there’s also something about native glass that’s just nice.

  30. I watched a friend, in one month, divorce his wife, move out, buy a brand new Jeep Rubicon, max out 3 credit cards buying stuff for his new apartment and new girlfriend, buy her a car, and agree to child support/alimony more than half his regular paycheck. 6 years later, he’s still struggling with debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

  31. Oh man. Glad I read this. Our son LOVES this. It’s gonna be hard to break the habit, but I didn’t realize there was even a risk

  32. Bath time at 7, out by 7:15, lotion, butt cream, onesie, and a story by 7:30. We’ll sing to him, scratch his back and say goodnight.

  33. Yeah I've been trying to get her to see someone. As I said she's very resistant. I might go on my own to see someone and get their professional opinion, maybe they can help me with some tactics of how to better approach her about this.

  34. I don’t know if this would help, but my wife and I went through some shit that popped up during pregnancy and we started seeing a EFT (emotionally focused therapy) couples therapist and have had good results combined with Zoloft. We had some dark days, but that combo has turned our lives back around.

  35. Oh man, the eternal debate. Gas can’t be beat for convenience. Wood pellet will give you a nice smoke flavor, but many brands suffer with any high heat cooking.

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