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  1. Sadly reinforcing one thing means the weak point is now elsewhere. Reinforced door and frame that can't be broken down? Move to the nearest window. Plexi glass window? The wall next to it won't have studs for at least 3ft. Obviously this is only for determinated people, but unless you want a windowless fortress, it's only as secure as the person's willingness to give up.

  2. Years ago we had a couple of teenagers kick in our backdoor, the doorframe splintered and the door popped open. Fortunately, our German Shepherd dogs got them and pinned them to the ground crying for their mamas. We upgraded the door frame!

  3. Funny you say boots. My aunt use to get my dads old work boots from him so she could leave on the porch. She’d kick them around when she would leave so they weren’t always in the same spot. But she also had a 38 special she kept in her nightstand.

  4. Yes, if the boots aren't enough warning. Then a couple of bullets in the boiler will dissuade most assholes

  5. What you're feeling to consider is that in real life you don't control the fighting style that your opponent is using. Again, I think this advice is very well meaning, but I think you're very overconfident and I think that's dangerous.

  6. De-escalate if one side has no interest in this? Then what? If you do not want to be armed, then get a large protective dog.

  7. The author probably believes it, and has no idea that citizenship cannot warped with his ideas. Actually I'd be fine with the age of majority being 21 again, it was a Democrat idea to drop it to 18. They thought all of these boomers would vote Democratic. They hated Nixon.

  8. 21 should be the rule To vote To drink/smoke To get drafted To get a loan To buy a gun Can not have it both ways. Its 21 or 18

  9. Oh, no, this was a drunk middle aged man when I was 16 who I'd never spoken to.

  10. I'm not talking about Trump. I'm talking about the man that played a very important role between 1939 and 1945

  11. And a lot of tourist destinations have historically had restrictions on carrying, so a lot less people do. New York, DC, California, Chicago, all historically very restrictive to CCW.

  12. If you took a poll of what people carry everyday. It is mostly pocket pistols, 9mm, .380, even .22.

  13. The main reason to carry is exactly this. Anyone with basic strength and fighting skills who knows how to carry themselves should never need one

  14. We all age, so to your view. Should a old person lock themselves up in their home, because they no longer can defend themselves adequately.

  15. Not sure Stephen King is a reputable source for marksmanship training, but I DO appreciate the effect it would have on him if he inadvertently became one.

  16. Sometimes you need your firearm in a safe area. Greenwood, Indiana is not a crime ridden city. But some people were likely saved from a Goblin with an AR. By a young man who was concealed carrying in a Mall.

  17. They had whiskey, sometimes the doctor might share.

  18. There was some Morphine around. But the Docs often kept it for themselves. The fastest leg removal cost an assistant 3 fingers.

  19. I would think in NY, NJ, or CA you might have an issue. You might not, pretty much fine everywhere.

  20. Even if the Senate goes nuts and passes Brandon's bill. It will immediately have an injunction placed on it and eventually be smacked down in Court.

  21. Possibly Mom is worried that Nathan might be gay. So this is something that she came up with to put him off of it. My Aunt bought her Son a Playboy subscription after his Dad ran off with a guy.

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