1. An assassin thrower dedicated to support teammates by healing them

  2. Says the Stu main. Because using 29 supers in a single match is very fun and DEFINITELY not god-awfully annoying.

  3. Because they need money to keep working on the game ???

  4. Its isnt a problem anymore,direction of knuckles automatically changes to not get stuck in water now

  5. It has always been like this, it just doesn't work as inteded a lot of times (btw for some reason a similar thing happens with gus' main attack, which can be hella annoying sometimes)

  6. No pls continue i'm loving this show you're putting on ☕

  7. Report button should absolutely fix it lol just like every other online game I still don't know why this can't be implemented in solo showdown

  8. Supercell itself already said that they consider teaming a "strategy", even if it's a dirty one. They wouldn't ban them even if report button was added to showdown, the best the devs team can do is implement mechanics to atleast nerf this strategy (modifiers, showdown+ were both a try to discourage teaming)

  9. The thing with ash he's can be countered very easily if you first pick him but if you last pick him on a fairly close range map (preferably bush with the speed gear) and your opponents have no counters he's a nightmare to deal with

  10. HOW i wished my teammates on PL stopped first picking Ash

  11. There isn't really a specific mode for Ash, he mostly depends on the maps and the enemy comp, but when he is viable, he is a B E A S T

  12. I just can't get over that Piper who just tought it would somehow a good idea to approach a 4 powercubes leon with damage gear and got evaporated

  13. Wow, it even blows up the lizhard temple? You might wanna check and make sure you didn’t nuke the altar to summon golem

  14. They don’t, they only convert other walls. Per the people who made the game.

  15. And they don't really spread the same way, up to what i have seen, they don't spread further than 3 tiles from the nearest corrupted block

  16. I'm just surprised there wasn't a wave of deltarune fans responding this

  17. I were trying to figure out what was missing on the brawler menu on brawl talk, i guess that's what was missing

  18. Its popular because of two reasons:

  19. And is way less luck based than SSD + no teaming

  20. Ik, have never cared of it. It’s fine for me. And I didn’t know how to do. Have never thought about use it.

  21. Redditors downvoting someone for no apparent reason chapter 194

  22. Yeah but strength and versatility is their ratings. She looks jacked and can fricken fly! S+ no doubt.

  23. This is not the rarest,I used to meet a temple which was located in the hell,it even blocked the way when I fought with the Wall of Flesh.

  24. LOL ME TOO, currently playing master mode FTW and that just randomly happened

  25. You managed to beat the game and craft the Zenith without ever using the ruler?

  26. Make sure to purify 100% of your world just to be sure

  27. Yes but it can be usable. It's the best strategy for Canal Grande because after you lose mid it's extremely hard to win the game. When you all go one lane you can ensure that you will at least get one side of the middle

  28. Nope it's completly accurate, every competitive game i see on this map always end up with one team controlling one side

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