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  1. This proves again that Treyarch is more transparent and more honest than Infinity Ward in every way, the heads of the studio are responsible for the whole mess they are making with the gameplay philosophy, that's why it doesn't change the gameplay in a positive way.

  2. I didn't expect the official Pokémon account to hide my response on Twitter when I mentioned the series as a Journeys 2.0 but fresh and new.

  3. I've always played COD since MW3, but I'm going to give something completely fresh a try.

  4. I recommend analyzing and listening to the lyrics of the openings and endings (especially 8 and 14) after this chapter, because you can tell that they were foreshadowing of what is coming next

  5. This guy took it so seriously that he will bring a lightsaber the next day for sure

  6. They are precise, I would also say the same with the ending 14 in particular, because it fits perfectly.

  7. I'm going to tell God to come down and take away the person who did this.

  8. I liked his character in the John Wick franchise, it's a shame he won't be around for The Continental series.

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