1. Knowing Putin he will just duct tape a nuke to a conscripts face and have him run into a Ukrainian city

  2. In 2002 in France, Jacques Chirac won the second round with 82,21% of the votes. His opponent was Jean-Marie Le Pen, BTW.

  3. quite understandable honestly, when you get Jean-Marie ''JEANNE, AU SECOURS'' Le Pen as a second choice

  4. Heya, I don't know if it'll be seen but I'm in the middle of a Prydain game rn, and in the mission tree there's one called ''The Breton Renaissance'', which tells that the Bretons are the last remnants of the continental celts

  5. All the people on here posting propagandaporn over the Ukraine situation, enacting all these scenarios which are never gonna happen because they get a hard-on making up these Ukrainian endsieg situations where they can maximally punish and cripple Russia to own potin. So obvious what's going on here. No shred of creativity or ingenuity.

  6. indonesia going wkwkwkwk makes me think of pacman

  7. This is truly Keanu chungus wholesome 100 reddit moment. I would give it reddit gold if I could. Very wholesome Very chungus

  8. i was gonna say ''stfu d*ngist 💀'' but thank god it's ironic

  9. Too small. Moar to the east. Soon. <3

  10. ''soon'' buddy these territories are never coming back to greece, local population ain't even greek

  11. o shit you guys' minimum wage is like ~13 on average? here it's 8€/h

  12. I never really understood the backstory of this, can somebody clear things up for me? What were the Khmer Rogue and what were their goals and what have they done?

  13. The republic of what? Can't see anything apart from a void

  14. wasn't that a ytber that did videos like ''sjws owned'' or something like that a few years back

  15. Imagine being so absolutely butthurt about a country simply existing

  16. Special military operation on deislamisation and dearabisation of Spain

  17. ? Some Nazis used it, so what? The flag predates those cunts (twas used in 1918 ffs)

  18. What's with the recent trend of pro-r*ssia twitter posts getting like 30k likes

  19. has /pol/ gone full circle now? this looks like something that could possibly come from this hellhole

  20. Basarabia is România, not Ukraine.

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