This storm-themed spa room

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Mother and Father’s choice together

  2. I get what you’re trying to imply, but this is something that should be the sole decision of the mother. There are too many single mothers and deadbeat dads to justify the father having a legally binding say in this matter.

  3. Actually say if the mother didn’t want the child and the father did the mother should have no legal ties to the child and the father should get full custody unless there is a change of heart.

  4. Bayern Fan for Life! Lewandowski ruined his image with Bayern!! His age plays a part but he really just burned bridges but hey he doesn’t care because he made his money


  6. In Korea there were a few saunas like this, they are cool!!

  7. Most countries sell alcohol in single shots

  8. It’s good if you are new to the ps4 or ps5 or else it’s games that most people got already! Everyone has Spider-Man, death stranding etc already

  9. rct1 says:

    My bundle was Ratchet and Clank and a black controller. No regrets here.

  10. GameStop forces you to open closed games which is dumb

  11. It's not actually making you pay more... In many cases you're paying less than you would if you bought each part individually. Sony is only sending retailers these bundles (not just GameStop) so they can offload excess inventory.

  12. The in game is bundled but GameStop is throwing in BF definitely as it is a shit game!

  13. I walked that bridge many times and lots of people on the edge

  14. They are restocking with horizon bundle because scalpers won’t buy it because it’s too big of a risk as not many people will buy it second hand

  15. Probably Canadians! They steal everything not nailed down!!

  16. China, Russia and the USA use Africa as theirs in the form of the U.N.

  17. Why wouldn’t Vader follow Reva to Luke? Makes no sense!!

  18. Used to be $9.99 CAD everywhere, bought a few copies for my wife back while it was that price.


  20. 70 percent true the man and the alien switched hair styles

  21. I could of sworn Scandinavia and German Europe were the happiest countries in Europe

  22. I need to memorize the answer key then it’s smooth sailing boys

  23. Believe it or not: Historically Accurate!!

  24. Who cares only almost everyone had it already

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