1. This is me currently with Warframe. It looks like a fun game, I played it a bit a while ago with a couple friends, but had no clue what I was actually doing in it. Made a new account recently to try again, and after the intro levels, I just became lost having no clue what I should be doing.

  2. The game changes so much I am completely lost every time I try to play it again

  3. My kids were all excited about this. I told them, fill out the forms but don’t hold your breath. I didn’t think it would hold up to legal scrutiny.

  4. Zero-risk loans also don't hold up to legal scrutiny

  5. Why does it have to be one or the other??

  6. I feel like you didn't read my comment

  7. I'm on the side of returning to pre-2014 borders if that's what you mean.

  8. Why do we fight so hard to fight ‘climate change’ when the rest of the world. Especially developing could give a shit. I wonder who we’re actually hurting..

  9. Whats this even mean? "Yes the house is burning down with all of us inside, but if THEY won't get off their asses and grab an extinguisher why should I?"

  10. I kinda think the same. I wouldn’t want to have sex with someone pressuring me like that either.

  11. Pressuring? By asking occasionally over a year and a half? With ongoing promises of want. They aren't compatible, that's fine, but this comment was uncalled for based on the info we have. It's not like these are teenagers going through puberty.

  12. Fuck what russia wants and fuck uefa too. Both as corrupt as each other

  13. Wait why fuck uefa? Did you read the article?

  14. Read between the lines. She first said no and she panicked afterwards. He wanted the video and pictures - that's why they were only on his phone. She never wanted this material. I find it laughable people consider phones more sacred than someone's comfort levels regarding video and pictures of them naked and/or having sex. It's total bs.

  15. I'd argue you need to stop reading between the lines as you seem to draw incorrect conclusions from your assumptions. She stated In replies that he didn't coerse her and he has not gotten angry at her in the past. You need to seriously sit down and think about how you bring your own bias into these situations. People like you are the real problem

  16. I mean, ive said no to things on which ive said yes after they explained it more. I didnt feel coerced.

  17. Yup, almost everyone in this thread is disrespecting OP by treating her like a child and making assumptions on the BFs behavior. Maybe he simply reassured her it wouldn't be shared and she decided to trust in their relationship.

  18. That is the prevailing view among left-wingers, and it’s one of the reasons I think it’s hypocritical when left-wingers say conservatives are “science-deniers”. Conservatives deny scientific facts when they conflict with their views, and liberals do the same. Liberals often have a view that people are almost entirely a product of their environment, but this goes against scientific reality. Yes, it is true that our environment plays a huge role in shaping who we are, but so does genetics. I’m not going to claim that we understand exactly how and to what degree genetics determine life outcomes, but humans are just biological organisms, and genetics are a huge factor in determining the fate of any biological organism. The view of humanity you are describing is one that neglects the fact that we are fundamentally biological organisms like any other.

  19. Can you explain how your genetics are anything but luck?

  20. First big coding project in general and with pygame. Attempting to make a sort of idle space sim.

  21. For edge grain, sure. Less so for face grain.

  22. Isn't this a myth? People believe it because grain end to end is so much stronger the glue breaks first, but still at a much higher pressure

  23. I'm not sure this bill is as bad as its made out to be. If anyone can better explain please do.

  24. Yes they should be extracted and sent back to Russia.

  25. To be fair how is this the kids fault? I doubt he listens to them even if they were paragons of virtue.

  26. I’m working on GUI and menu stuff right now and it’s so much work with pygame! What was your experience?

  27. In just terms of the GUI its been a pain getting everything aligned properly. Lots of trial and error and tiny changes.

  28. let’s not blame the store manager who is also just trying to get some much needed time off for the holidays. it seems like the decision to promote this kid was a result of the store not having enough staff to fill the managerial role when the one single person they had for the job needed any time off whatsoever. that doesn’t seem like enough for me to shit on the dude who wanted time off to see his family for christmas. sounds like someone from corporate or operations should have come down and filled in since they’re the ones on salary making the big checks

  29. Why is this guy being downvoted so much? How is it the fault of the manager who probably does barley any better and wanted some time off? Not to mention the connection from "being promoted" and suicide is a loose one at best. We can certainly say it put undue stress unto him with the lack of training and such but to say he's culpable for his death feels disingenuous.

  30. Because he didn't read the article and original post from almost 3 months ago. This was nothing to do with the holidays. He asked a question purely based on ignorance of the context.

  31. I don't see how the holiday changes the point being made

  32. Yeah, this is a rational approach to someone you're about to marry. /s

  33. So many things to unpack here oh boy.

  34. As a happily married man I can confidentially say this is the most childish response here.

  35. NAH (Except friends) although your wording seems incredibly obtuse. Why would she be bringing up how to get rid of a baby... It seems naive but not AH intentionally.

  36. NTA I literally stopped reading at "drunken physically abusive". You owe him nothing. Hard stop.

  37. I know I don’t owe him anything. You’re absolutely right. Think I needed to see that honestly. Another thing is, what if I regret not having it out with him when he dies? I don’t think I will but who knows? Empathy and anxiety make you question everything

  38. I wasn't trying to say you can't. Just that he lost that "right" per se. If thats something you want to take a rate comfortable for you then go for it, but you shouldn't feel pressured in the slightest.

  39. She didn’t get mad but it did seem like she deflated a bit at the idea. However she already has different studs and rings bought already and she hasn’t even gotten the piercings done yet. I would never prevent her from doing anything, she’s a grown woman and can make decisions on her own. I do have to ask though, would something like this be something to break up over? I don’t want to but she has stated she has wanted to do other things (tattoos and piercings) that I also don’t feel too great about.

  40. She isn't violating your trust or relationship in any way so no its not "a thing to break up over". But that doesn't mean it can't be a reason for you personally to want to leave her.

  41. I'm not sure how you think you could be the AH here.

  42. NTA It sounds like its very much your business since you basically raised the child. But I understand that there's little you can legally do. I think you did the best you could for the child given the circumstances.

  43. Based on your writing I think you're leaving out a lot of negativity regarding your own behavior. Best case I put this at INFO, but most likely YTA.

  44. Yeah but I advise them to not do so so much, especially that they're still 16. It will cause bad effects on their health in adulthood

  45. And nobody is saying smoking is good. This is about understanding our roles in each other's lives and our autonomy to make our own decisions. They aren't pushing you to join them, only you emotionally manipulating them to stop. I say this because your break from them feels like a ploy to get them on your side. But even without that, if it genuinely bothers you to the extent that you can't be around them then its on you to find new friends.

  46. Age isn't really relevant here. Kids do things they shouldn't, the above stands.

  47. I am still a child so do feel free to correct me, I'm certainly not well versed in this kind of stuff, but NTA simply telling your team that a new member will be joining doesn't seem that sensitive to me? There will be a new person around and they deserve to be told rather than some person just randomly appearing to join them. It's not like you were risking someones life or giving out information with the potential to be dangerous to anyone by telling your team they would be having a new member

  48. It very well could have, and most likely did based on his bosses reaction. If word got around and there were multiple people wanting the spot it can spark a lot of drama before the official announcement.

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