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  1. Ok Im back with more information for you ... You are going to need to get the MX49 data list from the Yamaha web site to understand any of this... So do that then read on...

  2. Sorry I actually had some luck when I changed 'PROGRAM', is that what you meant by INSTRUMENT?

  3. Hi Cap10NRG, thanks for your response. I have subscribed to your Youtube and think if you did a video on this it would help a lot of people.

  4. I've seen that in shows and I thought the same. I would imagine they are very disciplined with theirs and their guests drinking. Sometimes a drink or 2 can help you make that phone call and be more honest about what you want. Any more than that you are having a party and probably no work would get done.

  5. Maybe is cubase (or the midi controller) applying a scale to the midi notes and therefore only allowing some notes through?

  6. I figured it out, Stokesy was right. Basically the drums sounds I was hearing was the 4 drum sounds, assigned across the 4 drum tracks in the project. You can only have one sound per track and you choose which sounds by selecting them on the drum tracks on the Circuit Tracks. Playing the 4 keys will trigger the 4 different drum sounds you have assigned to each track, if that makes any sense. :)

  7. The drum tracks work a bit differently to the synth tracks. Each of the 4 drum tracks only responds to one midi note each, and they will only play the sample that is currently assigned to that track. I believe you can send some kind of midi cc command to switch the assigned sample over midi, but you can't play all of the samples using a keyboard.

  8. He was the fucking pillar of Y!/A. Always helped me. Just like you, Brother Gary, and Matt. Folks who gave a damn, before the trolls took over. I am forever grateful for men like the three of you. I am here today because you cared enough to answer me.

  9. Give God some credit. He was the one who made the prawns, you just prepared them.

  10. But I don't believe in God... it doesn't make sense for me to give him credit.

  11. Okay, evolution made the prawns.😝

  12. Ages ago, watching cassette boy's edit of Dragon's Den on Youtube.

  13. It's supposed to be an 'element'.

  14. No but they can make a person very depressed, which is similar.☹️

  15. Did this resolve? I’m experiencing something similar - my right forehead above my eyebrow has been twitching non stop for a week now. Worried what it might and how to stop it.

  16. Yeah it hasn't happened for a while now. I would phone the helpline/see a doctor just to be sure though.

  17. Lol I was worried for a second there.

  18. Yeah. Taste-wise they are probably my favourite common fruit.

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